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A cased His Masters Voice' data-content='"His Master&#39;s Voice", abbreviated HMV is a trademark in the music business, the image coming from a painting of the same name by English artist Francis Barraud. The American rights to the picture were purchased about 1899 by the Victor Talking Machine Company founded by the inventor of the gramophone, Emile Berliner after the painting had been modified to show the dog named "Nipper" listening to one of Victor Talking Machine Company&#39;s gramophones.<br><br>Further capitalising on the logo, an additional trademark, "Little Nipper" was later registered and used for children&#39;s records and radios.<br><br>Ownership of the HMV trademark was transferred through a number of companies in the music business during the 20th century including RCA (Radio Corporation of America) and EMI.<br><br>Barraud, the artist died in 1924 and the painting is now in the public domain, although the trademark is still valid.'>HMV phonograph No. 4, with spare needles

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