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An Edward VII silver silver double handled tray, Roberts and Belk, London 1904, the surface engraving' data-content='The method of decorating or creating inscriptions on silver and other metal objects by marking the surface with a sharp instrument such as a diamond point or rotating cutting wheel.'>engraved with a rectangular band of scrolls and foliage, the sides repousse' data-content='embossing, also known as repousse, is the technique of decorating metal with raised designs, by pressing or beating out the design from the reverse side of the object.It is the opposite of chasing, where the decoration is applied from the front. An embossed or repoussed object may have chasing applied to finish off the design.'>embossed with fruiting vines with a gadrooned border, two applied bound acanthus leaf handles, on ball feet 2980gms approximately, 61 cm long

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