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extraordinarily important.'>highly important or extraordinarily important.'>An important 18ct gold pocket watch, by James McCABE, 1814, Salvaged >from the Wreck of the Loch Ard, with solid 18ct dial, serpentine hands, movement was used in clocks and pocket watches from the mid 17th century. The fusee is a cone shaped drum within the works that is linked to the barrel of the spring, usually by a length of chain.<br><br>As the mainspring loses its tension over time, the cone shaped barrel compensates for this by increasing the tension, by pulling the mainspring tighter, thus ensuring the time remains constant.<br><br>Use of the fusee in clocks was superseded by the "going barrel" in the mid 19th century and for pocket watches at the beginning of the 19th century.<br><br>The fusee continued to be used in marine chronometers until the 1970s.'>fusee cylinder movement, the glass covered case finely applied with tri-coloured gold decoration

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