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An Edwardian satinwood, beech, polychrome decorated and parcel gilt towel rail, with columns, pilasters, legs. As a general rule, flutes are cut in the vertical, though they may follow a turned leg in a spiral pattern. In cross-section, they may be described as a series of &#39;U&#39; shapes, rising and narrowing at each end of the groove. Fluting is the opposite of reeding, with which fluting is often associated.'>flutedcolumn supports surmounted with pineapplefinial' data-content='An architectural decoration, found on the upper parts of of an object. On furniture they are usually found on pediments, canopies and shelf supports. On smaller ceramic or silver items, such as spoons, they may decorate the top of the item itself, or the lid or cover where they provide a useful handle for removal.<br><br>Finials have a variety of shapes and forms. They may be urn-shaped, baluster shaped round or spiral, but usually taper into an upper point. Many real life shapes may also be used as finials, such as pineapples, berries, pinecones, buds, lotus and acorns. Sometimes animals such as a lion are depicted, or fish and dolphins.'>finials. Width 92 cm. Depth 29 cm. Height 108 cm

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