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Austrian Secessionist hallmarks' data-content='A mark stamped on articles of precious metals in Britain, since the 14th century, certifying their purity. It derives its name from the Guild Hall of the Goldsmiths&#39; Company, who recieved its Charter in 1327 giving it the power to assay (test the purity) and mark articles of gold and silver.<br><br>The hallmark will consist of several marks, including the:<br><br>- silver standard mark, indicating the purity of the metal. Sterling silver is .925 pure silver.<br><br>- the city mark indicating the city in which it was assayed eg London, Birmingham, York etc.<br><br>- the date mark, usually a letter of the alphabet in a particular font and case,<br><br>- a duty mark, indicating whether duty had been paid to the crown, and only in use from 1784 to 1890<br><br>The piece may include an additional mark, the maker&#39;s mark, although not forming part of the hallmark, will be located in the vicinity of the hallmarks.<br><br>Sometimes silver plated items will bear faux hallmarks, often confusing those not familiar with silver markings.'>hallmarked .800 silver tray. Stamped Goldschmidt, raised greek key pattern border. Length 50 cm

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