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An American mahogany longcase regulator by Seth Thomas with a linked music disc player below, Seth Thomas clock Company & Regina music box Company/ Polython USA, circa 1895, in this superb original American case, the two makers cooperated to make a masterpiece with a regulator clock with maintaining power and weight lines skilfully riding on several pullies to give eight days arunning for a very short drop for both weights, time and strike, with beautiful original spandrels are usually of cast brass and may be additonally chased and engraved. On painted dial clocks the spandrels are also usually painted.'>spandrels, Arabic numerals on a fine lacquerware' data-content='Lacquer work originated in the Far East, principally China and Japan, and was most widely used in that part of the world. It consists of several layers of the resin from the "Chinese lacquer tree", Rhus vernicifera, which gows in China and Japan. Once the resin has been processed and air dried, it forms a hard smooth and almost impermeable surface. Once applied by a brush to a wood or composition base in very thin layers, the surface is then decorated and inlaid with different materials.<br><br>Chinese lacquer was first imported into Europe around 1600 and became popular in England, France, the Netherlands, and Spain. Its popularity was such, that it was imitated by the Europeans, who used a technique known as "Japanning". The "oriental" scenes onsome European lacquer work is naïve, and the quality is not as high as on the original.<br><br>The words "lacquered finish" may also refer to a finish comprising polymers dissolved in compounds such as nitrocellulose applied to a modern product, usually by spraying, The modern chemical based lacquers are much more durable than those of past years.'>lacquereddial plate in its superb original case with the Regina music box Company polython 17 inch disc player all visible through the glass fronted doors in the lower compartment, the clock presents splendidly. Height 250 cm .


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