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1948 'Football Record' s, 1st semi Final - Collingwood v Footscray & 2nd semi Final - Essendon v Melbourne. Mainly G/VG

1946 'Football Record's, R2 Collingwood v Fitzroy, & 1st semi Final - Melbourne v Footscray. Fair/G condition

1942 'Football Record', 1st semi Final - South Melbourne v Footscray. G/VG

1935-37 'Football Record's, 1935 round 1 Stkilda v Fitzroy (missing middle pages), 1937 Footscray v Collingwood. Poor/good condition

Bob rose: 1971 (8th November) letter from Bob rose to Collingwood President Tom Sherrin resigning from his position as Collingwood coach. [Bob rose coached Collingwood 1964-71, Footscray 1972-75, Collingwood 1985-86]

Footscray: c1954 Weg poster showing Bulldog, signed by Weg in image lower right, size 50 x 41 cm. Unusual. Folded, otherwise G/VG condition. Plus rare 1954 Premiers' dinner menu, signed inside by 14 players

Footscray: Football jumper embroidered with details of Footscray's 1954 Premiership team, signed by captain/coach Charlie Sutton. With CoA.

Footscray: Pennant 'Footscray - First Grand Final Souvenir 1954'.

1961 'Football Record's including 1st Semi Final, 2nd Semi Final, Prelim Final & Grand Final (Hawthorn v Footscray). Fair/Good condition. [Hawthorn's 1st Premiership]

1998 Pig Skin Promotions 'Fyna Food Serigraphs' [4/24] - C.Sutton (Footscray), J.Spencer (Nm), J.Coleman (Ess) & L.Richards (Coll). Mainly G/VG

1950 Argus Weekend magazine 'Colour Team Photos' [7/18] - Fitzroy, Footscray, Hawthorn, St.Kilda, Brighton, Oakleigh & Port Melbourne. Fair/G

Western Bulldogs: Western Bulldogs jumper No.32 worn by Adam Morgan in Round 3 2004 v Melbourne, window mounted, framed & glazed, overall 75 x 106 cm. With Western Bulldogs CoA

Football Club Badges/Pins, noted Carlton, Footscray (3), Melbourne 1964, St.Kilda, Clarence, East Ballarat 1947, Glenorchy, Golden Point, Golden Square (2), Hobart (2), Merino-Digby, Metropolitan Football League, North Hobart, Ormond, Penola, Pimpinio, San

Footscray: Western Bulldogs jumper signed by 2006 team, with c34 signatures, window mounted, framed & glazed, overall 78 x 101 cm

Footscray: c1954 Weg poster showing Bulldog, signed by Weg in image lower right, size 50 x 41 cm. Unusual. Folded, otherwise G/VG condition

Footscray - Harry Hockey Team of the Century Jumper: 'Western Bulldogs/Footscray F.C. Team of the Century' display comprising special Footscray Team of the Century jumper embroidered with the players in their positions; window mounted with plaque for Harry

Weg Posters & Annual Reports: Weg posters for 1970 Carlton, 1972 Carlton, 1973 Richmond, 1974 Richmond & 1976 Hawthorn in Poor condition; plus 1969-91 Annual reports for Essendon (8) & Footscray (10)

Melbourne: 2007 Melbourne home jumper, number 7 Brad Miller. Some clubs (Melbourne, St.Kilda, Footscray) were still sewing numbers on jumpers (instead of printed) as it was more economical.

Footscray: 1996 Footscray home jumper, number 39 Tony Liberatore. Player issue home jumper of the 1990 Brownlow Medal winner.

Footscray: 1995 Footscray pre-season away jumper. Rare pre-season away jumper.

Footscray: late 1970s/early80s Footscray jumper, number 36. Rare player issue jumper (small hole in front).

Fitzroy: 1995 Fitzroy pre-season jumper, number 3 Doug Hawkins, signed on number. Rare pre-season jumper, Hawkins only had one year at Fitzroy after 17 seasons at Footscray.

Chris Grant (Footscray): Display 'Chris Grant - A Bulldog Through & Through' comprising signed Western Bulldogs jumper, window mounted with photo montage, limited edition 41/100, framed & glazed, overall 81 x 115cm. with CoA.

Footscray/Western Bulldogs: 'Team of the Century, Western Bulldogs, Footscray F.C.' print by Jamie Cooper, signed by the artist and numbered 164/500, window mounted, framed & glazed, overall 111 x 77cm.

Footscray: Framed displays, noted 'Team of the Century' cards [25]; Ted Whitten displays (2); Western Oval - The Final Siren; signed displays of Doug Hawkins (3) & Scott Wynd. All framed, various sizes. (9 items)

Footscray: Collection with rare 1966 Practice Match 'Football Record'; 'Sherrin - E.J.Whitten' football; signed 'Team of the Century' covers (19) including Ted Whitten, Charlie Sutton & Doug Hawkins; 'Team of the Century' jumper; 'Team of the Century' prog

Collection, noted 1960s 'Footy Fan' magazines (20); 1960s folk art Essendon foil display; footballs signed by c1995-96 Melbourne teams (2); 'Football Record's including Grand Finals (6); Footscray 'adidas' bag; soft toy mascots, photos, signed items, annua

Footscray: 1954 original Weg poster, 2nd edition with '1954' on Bulldog's nose, window mounted, framed & glazed, overall 65 x 74cm. Extremely rare and sought after. G/VG condition (two small pin-holes in top corners).

Footscray: 'Footscray Football Club, 1961 Victorian Football League, Runners-up, Souvenir Program of Celebrations' signed inside by Ted Whitten & John Schultz; and with nice 'Ffc/ (Bulldog)/ Cede Nullis' enamel badge affixed to top left corner.

C1998-2008 programmes for pre-season & practice matches (58), nearly all clubs represented Adelaide (9), Brisbane (6), Carlton (6), Collingwood (10), Essendon (10), Fremantle (2), Geelong (8), Hawthorn (3), Melbourne (8), north Melb (9), Port Adelaide (6),

1929 Griffiths (black Crow) 'Football series' [18/210] - all Footscray players. Fair/G

1924 Don photo series postcard 'C.Mccarthy, Footscray F.C.'. G/VG.

Signed Footballs: group including footballs signed by Collingwood, Footscray, Bob Shearer golf day; Adelaide with facsimile autographs; also two display stands. Fair/good condition. (7 items).

c1970 Admiral 'VFL Tri Series Decals - Hotrod Series' (9/12) - Carlton, Essendon, Fitzroy, Footscray, Geelong, Melbourne, Richmond, South Melbourne, St.Kilda. G/VG

1954 Fyna Foods 'Victorian Footballer Caricatures' (1/24) with club colours at base, No.19 C.Sutton (Footscray). G/VG. Rarity 8

c1957 Greig's Honey Football glass for Footscray. Fine condition (no 'Greig's Honey' at base)

1950-51 Argus badges 'VFL Club Mascots' (8/12) - Collinwood, Essendon, Fitzroy, Footscray, Geelong, Melbourne, North Melbourne & St.Kilda. Fair/G

Western Bulldogs/Weg Artwork: 1998 preliminary artwork for losing Weg poster, in black with colour overlay, signed by Weg in image, size 51 x 76 cm. Good condition. Unique

Football Books, noted 'Lethal' by Leigh Matthews (signed) & Mike Sheahan (Melb., 1986); 'Frank Huggard - The Untamed Tiger' by Huggard (signed) (Melb., 1992); 'Jim Stynes - Whatever It Takes' (Melb., 1995); 'Hawk Manure' by Doug Hawkins (leather bound & si

Footscray/Western Bulldogs: Footscray jumper embroidered on reverse with details of Footscray's 1954 Premiership Team, with 5 signatures - Jack Collins, Wally Donald, Herb Henderson, Jim Gallagher & John Kerr, window mounted, framed & glazed, overall 91 x

Footscray/Western Bulldogs: Footscray jumper signed by 8 legends including Charlie Sutton