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1905 'The Victorian Football Follower', Vol.6 no.8, for Saturday June 17, 1905, covers matches Geelong v Melbourne, Fitzroy v South Melbourne , St.Kilda v Carlton, Collingwood v Essendon, and team photos of 7 of the teams. Fair/good condition.

1946 'Football Record's, R2 Collingwood v Fitzroy, & 1st semi Final - Melbourne v Footscray. Fair/G condition

1935-37 'Football Record's, 1935 round 1 Stkilda v Fitzroy (missing middle pages), 1937 Footscray v Collingwood. Poor/good condition

1954 Fyna Foods 'Victorian Footballer Caricatures' [5/24] with club colours at base, no.2 N.Broderick (Fitzroy), 10. F.Flanagan (Geelong), 16.B.Wilson (Richmond), 22.B.Phillips (St.Kilda) & 23.N.Pearson (Hawthorn). Fair/G. Rarity 8

1904 W.R.Hamilton 'Victorian football postcard - Sketches of Leading Teams', postcard titled 'Trotter gets a goal' showing Fitzroy v Collingwood with players including Trotter, Condon & Proudfoot. G/VG. Rarity 10

Fitzroy/Brisbane lions: Fitzroy jumper signed on Fitzroy Team of our century 1897-1996 night, with c33 signatures including Kevin Murray, Paul Roos, bill Stephen & Haydn Bunton Jr, plus 3 'Team of our century' menu/programmes & old football

Fitzroy: 1996 Fitzroy football jumper with AFL Centenary & sponsors badges, signed by the whole squad of their final year, 33 signatures including Brad Boyd, Chris Johnson, Matthew Primus & Martin Pike, framed & glazed, overall 67 x 113 cm, wit

Collingwood: 1914 letter on 'Collingwood Football Club' letterhead from Bob Rush to Syd Sherrin, thanking him for his generosity in presenting Players & trainers with Straw Hats on account of Saturday's great win. (on July 11th 1914 Colling

1981 Ardmona 'Big League Series 1', complete sets [33] in original boxes for Fitzroy, Melbourne (2) & North Melbourne (2). G/VG.

1950 Argus Weekend magazine 'Colour Team Photos' [7/18] - Fitzroy, Footscray, Hawthorn, St.Kilda, Brighton, Oakleigh & Port Melbourne. Fair/G

1934-35 Star Newspaper 'Team Badges' [1/24 expected] - South Melbourne. Attractive star-shaped badge with ribbons. Scarce - we have previously sold one for Fitzroy

Fitzroy/Brisbane Lions: Fitzroy Team of the Century jumper signed by captain Kevin Murray, window mounted, framed & glazed, overall 77 x 108 cm. [Proceeds to Kids Under Cover]

Kevin Murray, nice signature on Fitzroy jumper, embroidered with details of his football career, good condition. Plus Bob Skilton display with signed photograph (signature faded) & replica Brownlow Medals, framed & glazed, overall 56 x 87 cm

Goldsmith 'Goldie' Collins (Fitzroy): Group with silver-plated oval plaque engraved 'Fitzroy Football Club, Presented To G.Collins, Best Player, Season 1934' (possibly removed from a piece of furniture), plus gold fob engraved on reverse ''V.R.F.C., Premie

Fitzroy Cricket Club, 1913-14 membership badge, made by Thomas Bros., No.921

Fitzroy Cricket Club, 1912-13 membership badge, made by A.C.Bowman, No.220

Fitzroy Cricket Club, 1909-10 membership badge, made by A.C.Bowman, No.744

c1910 Weekly Times 'Victorian Footballers Postcard' - E.A.Kneen (Captain, University). G/VG. [Played for Fitzroy 1904-06].

c1910 Weekly Times 'Victorian Footballers Postcard' - A.Newbound (Fitzroy). G/VG.

c1910 Weekly Times 'Victorian Footballers Postcard' - H.Milne (Fitzroy). G/VG.

c1910 Weekly Times 'Victorian Footballers Postcard' - H.McLennan (Fitzroy). G/VG.

c1910 Weekly Times 'Victorian Footballers Postcard' - G.Holden (Fitzroy). G/VG.

c1910 Weekly Times 'Victorian Footballers Postcard' - W.Dick (Fitzroy). G/VG.

Fitzroy/Brisbane Lions: Member's Season Tickets 1976-2005 (37); AFL Member's Season Tickets (10) & VFL Park Member's Season Tickets (8); plus badges (11) including Fitzroy centenary Club 1883-1983 (2) & Fitzroy Donor (2).

Fitzroy: c1951 Autograph Book with 29 signatures; 1952 'Fitzroy Football Club presents Kia-Ora Sports Parade' souvenir programme with 9 signatures; 2012 Brisbane Lions Hall of Fame - Inaugural Induction menu with 6 signatures. (3 items)

John Downton (b.1939) A Melancholy Mood, Fitzroy Ponds NSW 1989, oil on board signed & dated lower right, 12.5 x 22.5 cm

1909 'The Victorian Football Follower', Vol.XII No.14, for Saturday July 24, 1909, covers matches Essendon v University, Carlton v Geelong, Richmond v Collingwood, South Melbourne v Fitzroy, St.Kilda v Melbourne. Fair/Good condition

C1960s Protype Footballs 'VFL Colours Badges', part set [7/12] - Carlton, Collingwood, Fitzroy, Hawthorn, North Melbourne, St.Kilda & South Melbourne. Not previously seen

1922 Thorp's Chocolate Fudge 'Football Captains' [3/19 known], comprising E.Jameson (Carlton), T.Drummond (Collingwood) & C.Lethbridge (Fitzroy). Fair/G. Scarce

Fitzroy: Members Season Tickets for 1980, 1982, 1983 (Adult, Pensioner & 2 x Junior), 1984 (Adult, Pensioner & Junior), 1985 (Adult & Junior), 1986 (Adult & Pensioner), 1987 & 1988. All with holes punched for each game attended. (15 items)

Fitzroy: c1959 original b&w cartoon by Age cartoonist Samuel Wells, featuring a Fitzroy victory over Melbourne, size 29 x 46 cm

C1955 Autograph Book, with c152 signatures, mainly VFL footballers, noted Fitzroy (15), Hawthorn (8), Geelong (8), St.Kilda (19), Collingwood (25), Melbourne (10), South Melbourne (10), Carlton (13)

1926 Craig & Hales 'Australian Sportsmen and Racehorses' [2/30 footballers] - A.Dickens (Fitzroy) & J.Kelly (Carlton). G/VG. Rarity 8.

c1922-2008 cards, noted 1926 Cain's Sweets 'Collingwood and Fitzroy Footballers' [6/36]; 1963 Bryant & May 'Collingwood Match Book'; 1997 Yarraville Fc 'Yarraville Tigers' [36]; 1999 Pig Skin Promotions 'Melbourne Premiership Series - 1959' [21]; Team Zone

Fitzroy: 1996 Fitzroy jumper, number 48, signed on front by John McCarthy who wore number 25. Player issue Centenary jumper, from their last year. One of the early printed jumpers, store replicas did not have the 'Clipsal' logo on the back.

Fitzroy: 1996 Fitzroy jumper. Rare Centenary jumper, from their last year.

Fitzroy: 1996 Fitzroy pre-season jumper. Rare pre-season Centenary jumper, from their last year. One of the early printed jumpers.

Fitzroy: 1995 Fitzroy pre-season jumper, number 3 Doug Hawkins, signed on number. Rare pre-season jumper, Hawkins only had one year at Fitzroy after 17 seasons at Footscray.

Fitzroy: 1983-84 Fitzroy training jumper, number 25 Michael Nettlefold. Rare player issue training jumper.

Fitzroy: 1977 Fitzroy jumper, number 4 Greg Parke. First year the VFL logo started to appear on jumpers.

Fitzroy/Brisbane: Fitzroy Annual Reports (21 issues, 1940-81); Brisbane Annual reports for 1987 & 1988; plus few other ephemera items. Fair/G (some annual reports with filing holes).