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1909 'The Victorian Football Follower', Vol.XII No.14, for Saturday July 24, 1909, covers matches Essendon v University, Carlton v Geelong, Richmond v Collingwood, South Melbourne v Fitzroy, St.Kilda v Melbourne. Fair/Good condition

Fitzroy: Members Season Tickets for 1980, 1982, 1983 (Adult, Pensioner & 2 x Junior), 1984 (Adult, Pensioner & Junior), 1985 (Adult & Junior), 1986 (Adult & Pensioner), 1987 & 1988. All with holes punched for each game attended. (15 ite

Fitzroy: c1959 original b&w cartoon by Age cartoonist Samuel Wells, featuring a Fitzroy victory over Melbourne, size 29 x 46 cm

C1955 Autograph Book, with c152 signatures, mainly VFL footballers, noted Fitzroy (15), Hawthorn (8), Geelong (8), St.Kilda (19), Collingwood (25), Melbourne (10), South Melbourne (10), Carlton (13)

1926 Craig & Hales 'Australian Sportsmen and Racehorses' [2/30 footballers] - A.Dickens (Fitzroy) & J.Kelly (Carlton). G/VG. Rarity 8.

Fitzroy: 1996 Fitzroy jumper, number 48, signed on front by John McCarthy who wore number 25. Player issue Centenary jumper, from their last year. One of the early printed jumpers, store replicas did not have the 'Clipsal' logo on the back.

Fitzroy: 1996 Fitzroy jumper. Rare Centenary jumper, from their last year.

Fitzroy: 1996 Fitzroy pre-season jumper. Rare pre-season Centenary jumper, from their last year. One of the early printed jumpers.

Fitzroy: 1995 Fitzroy pre-season jumper, number 3 Doug Hawkins, signed on number. Rare pre-season jumper, Hawkins only had one year at Fitzroy after 17 seasons at Footscray.

Fitzroy: 1983-84 Fitzroy training jumper, number 25 Michael Nettlefold. Rare player issue training jumper.

Fitzroy: 1977 Fitzroy jumper, number 4 Greg Parke. First year the VFL logo started to appear on jumpers.

Fitzroy/Brisbane: Fitzroy Annual Reports (21 issues, 1940-81); Brisbane Annual reports for 1987 & 1988; plus few other ephemera items. Fair/G (some annual reports with filing holes).

1921 McIntyre Bros. 'Football Champion Series 1' (1/18) - P.Parratt (Fitzroy). G/VG. Rare.

1921 McIntyre Bros. 'Football Champion Series 1' (3/18) - A.Rankin (Geelong), C.Rankin (Geelong) & W.Cubbins (St.Kilda); plus 1922 'Football Champion Series 2' - L.Gale (Fitzroy - trimmed). Fair/VG. Rare.

Football Collection, noted books (10) including history books for Carlton, Essendon, Fitzroy &. Sydney Swans; jigsaw puzzles (6); games (2); cars (7); bobble dobble. Also Autograph Book with tennis players Lew Hoad & Neale Fraser.

Fitzroy: 'Fitzroy/ Football' tram sign from W Class Trams (1923-56), overall 58 x 28 cm.

1929 Griffiths (black Crow) 'Football series' [10/210] - all Fitzroy players. Poor/G

1922 Thorp's Chocolate Fudge 'Football Captains' [11/19 known], comprising P.Daykin (Brighton), E.Jameson (Carlton), T.Drummond (Collingwood), S.Barker (Essendon), C.Lethbridge (Fitzroy), H.Craven (Geelong), P.Wilson (Melbourne), G.Rawle (Nth Melb), L.A.Do

Fitzroy: 1903 letter listing the players chosen to represent the Fitzroy club for the following season; also mentions 'Quite a rush has already taken place for members tickets, the first edition of 1000 is already exhausted & the record of last yea

1958 'Football Record', 1st semi Final - north Melbourne v Fitzroy.

1945-49 'Football Record's, Comprising 1945 Nm V Geelong; 1948 Nm V Fitzroy; 1949 Richmond V Nm, 1949 Nm V Melbourne, 1949 Geelong V Nm & 1949 Nm V Carlton. Fair/G Condition.

1987-96 duplicated range of Fitzroy cards in album (374); plus 2004-12 large accumulation of AFL Herald Sun base sets.

1954 Fyna Foods 'Victorian Footballer Caricatures' [2/24], no.2 N.Broderick (Fitzroy) & no.10 F.Flanagan (Geelong). G/VG. Rarity 8.

1953 Argus '1953 Football Portraits', large size (11 x 19 cm), the complete set of Fitzroy players [6/72]. G/VG.

C1940-51 Chas.Boyles real photo 'VFL Teams Postcard' for Fitzroy; and 'Victorian Footballers Postcard' for Bob Chitty (Carlton). Fair/G.

1926 Cain's Sweets 'Collingwood and Fitzroy Footballers' [7/36]. Fair/good condition. Rarity 9.

Carlton/Fitzroy: Carlton Member's Season Tickets for 1971 (2); VFL Members Reserve Passes for Fitzroy club Matches for 1979, 1982, 1983 & 1984; plus 'Centenary of the AFL' stamp sheetlet. Fair/good condition.

Norm Smith (Melbourne & Fitzroy): photograph of Norman Smith, window mounted with details of his career as a player and coach at Melbourne, overall 40 x 60 cm. From the collection of Stuart Spencer.

c1978 Peters 'VFL Club Mascots', almost complete set (9/12) - Carlton, Essendon, Fitzroy, Footscray, Geelong, Melbourne, North Melbourne, Richmond & St.Kilda. Mainly G/VG

c1970 Admiral 'VFL Tri Series Decals - Hotrod Series' (9/12) - Carlton, Essendon, Fitzroy, Footscray, Geelong, Melbourne, Richmond, South Melbourne, St.Kilda. G/VG

1949-50 Victorian Nut Supplies 'Leading League Players Caricatures By Bob Mirams' - No.4 Jim Kettle (Fitzroy). Fair/Good condition. Rarity 9

1934 MacRobertsons '½D Champions' (5/17 footballers) - No.57 Syd Coventry (Collingwood), No.58 W.Smallhorn (Fitzroy), No.61 W.Mohr (St.Kilda), No.66 F.Seymour (Northcote/Carl/Fitzroy) & No.71 Gordon Coventry (Collingwood). G/VG. Rarity 7

c1957 Greig's Honey Football glass for Fitzroy. Fine condition (with 'Greig's Honey' at base)

Fitzroy: 1945 'Souvenir Patron's Ticket', beautiful over-sized season ticket with wonderful graphics, unclipped and in superb condition

Fitzroy: 'Fitzroy Football Club, Season 1908' & 'Fitzroy Football Club, the Annual Report For the Season 1915'. Poor/Fair condition. 1908 with covers loose but inner pages intact; 1915 with covers intact but two pages missing. Very hard

1954 Fyna Foods 'Victorian Footballer Caricatures' (1/24) with club colours at base, No.15 A.Ruthven (Fitzroy). G/VG. condition. Rarity 8

1950-51 Argus badges 'VFL Club Mascots' (8/12) - Collinwood, Essendon, Fitzroy, Footscray, Geelong, Melbourne, North Melbourne & St.Kilda. Fair/G

Football Books, noted 'Lethal' by Leigh Matthews (signed) & Mike Sheahan (Melb., 1986); 'Frank Huggard - The Untamed Tiger' by Huggard (signed) (Melb., 1992); 'Jim Stynes - Whatever It Takes' (Melb., 1995); 'Hawk Manure'

Fitzroy: Attractive star-shaped badge/pin with 'Ffc' logo, and maroon & blue ribbons. Appears to be c1930

L.J. Sterne Gerry Gee Junior Fitzroy fan ventriloquist doll, circa 1960s, painted composition head and arms, brown mohair wig, painted eyes and moveable mouth, dressed in maroon and navy shirt and navy pants, one patent black shoes, some repainting, some f