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Map, 'Royaume de Hongrie et Pays Adjacents,' par M.Bonne, Andre Scul. Engraving. 25 x 36 cm

Map, early Christopher Saxon map of Norfolk. Margins trimmed. Engraving. 37.5 x 49.5 cm

Two early maps, Wyld, James (1790-1836) 'East InDiameter Isles & Australia,' 1824, pub. John Thompson, Edinburgh. Wilkinson, Robert 'New South Wales, New Zealand, New Hebrides & the Islands Adjacent,' pub. 1808, incl. Lord Howe &

Map, c.1817 Eastern Hemisphere. Hand coloured engraving. 53X53 cm

Two early maps, Walker, J & C 'New South Wales compiled under the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge,' pub. J & C Walker c.1833 (1), & 1853 (1). Includes detail inset of Sydney city streets. Hand colour

Map, 'Australia and Islands Adjacent.' label verso dating item to 1835. Hand coloured engraving. 18 x 22 cm

Map, 'Asia (including Australia) 1839.' Allan, Bell & Co. 1837. Engraving. 35 x 30 cm

NSW print: Salmander, Bulkabra and Gooseberry, Charles Rodius. Printed by L. Austin 1830

Sidney Nolan (1917-1992): pair of lithograph limited edition prints 32/99 & 98/99, pencil signed lower right. 56 x 75 cm each (2)

Hand coloured lithograph 'A Bird's Eye View of Manchester 1889', supplement to the Graphic November 1889, drawn by H.W Brewer. Impressively framed. 120 x 57 cm

John Olsen (b.1928): Descending owl 1977 etching A/P signed, titled, dated and edition below plate. 24 x 20 cm

Map, Carte D’une Partie Du Grand Ocean 1871, lithograph, 34 x 49 cm

General Map of Australia, published Melbourne, 1869, lithograph, 59 x 79 cm

Rigobert Bonne (1727-1794) Nlle Galles Merid. Le Ou Cote Orientale de la Nouvelle Hollande Hancoloured copper engraving signed in plate 36.5 x 25 cm (plate). Literature: R.Bonne & N Desmarest. Atlas Encyclopedique, Paris 1788, vol 2, plate 137

Jan Theodor de Bry (1561 - 1623) Germany, very rare hand coloured engraving, from Florilegium Novum, 27 x 18 cm

Battaglia Navale from 'Delle Antiche' statue in Venezia, Published Venice 1740, copper plate engraving, 34 x 40 cm

Georg Balthasar Probst (1673 - 1748) Germany very rare antique hand coloured copper plate engraving, (vue d'Optique) Colossus of Rhodes, 31.5 x 42 cm. Fol no 43

Antique 17th century engraving, titled the Same Gladiator View'd half in profile and half from Behind, 29.5 x 26.5 cm

Edward Hill Lacey (1892 - 1967) England, Model with Artist, dry point etching, signed lower right, 51 x 18.5 cm

Herreyns, rare 18th century hand coloured engraving, Procession cornucopia, approx 35 cm x 71 cm

Salvador de Franceschi, (Italy) 17th century hand coloured engraving 'Hercules', Ex Mvseo Gvarnaccio, approx 33 cm x 19 cm

Antique 18th century French hand coloured engraving of, Palatium Luxemburg ex parte Viridarn, Le palais du Luxembourg du cote du Jardin, mounted in inlaid mahogany frame, 31 x 41 cm engraving

A rare and hand-coloured lithograph 'L'Anse De L'Astrolabe (Nouvelle Zelande)'. By Louis A. Sainson from Dumont d'Urville, Jules Sebastien Cesar, 1790-1842 'Voyage De La Convette l'Astrolabe Execute Pendant Les Annees 1826, 1827, 1828 Et 1829, Atlas Histor

A rare hand-coloured lithograph 'Monument to Te Whero's Daughter, at Raroera Pah'. By George F. Angas from 'Angas, George French 1822-1886: the New Zealanders Illustrated'. London, Thomas McLean, 1847. The lithograph depicts a very large and intricately ca

A rare hand-coloured lithograph 'Stranger's House (Houraki Pah)'. By Richard Aldworth Oliver, 1811-1889, 'A Series of Lithographic Drawings From Sketches in New Zealand '. London, Dickinson & Co. [1852]. This lithograph depicts a Ma

A leadlight paneled mirror with acid etching and timber frame 63 x 73 cm

Antique hand coloured engraving, 'Juno borrowing the Gestus from Venus', 28.5 cm diameter (image)

Antique coloured engraving, naval Battle, Published May 1783 by John Boydell, unframed, 54 x 72 cm

Pablo Ruiz Picasso (1881-1973), lithograph, 'Toros Y Toreres', signed in red crayon, 26 cm x 36 cm, certificate verso

After Antonio Canova, G Tognoli dis. Pietro Bonato aqua forte. Angelo Bertini Boif., Aiace, engraving, plate size 62 x 41 cm

Charles Blackman, 1-20 coloured etching, Petit Dejeunner, initialled L.R, approx 15 cm x 20 cm

Pablo Ruiz Picasso (1881-1973), lithograph Lady on a Horse, 25 x 36 cm, certificate verso

Pablo Ruiz Picasso (1881-1973), lithograph Matador, 180/500, 27 x 16 cm, certificate verso

Hans Heysen 'Two Trees' etching 21/50 (authenticity and signed by David Heysen) 17 x 22 cm

Allan B. Glover 'Hill Top' etching 20/50, signed lower right, 27 x 20 cm

Harriet Scott, Australian Lepidoptera, Butterflies & Catterpillar Amongst Flowering Eucalypt 1864, handcoloured lithograph S. T. Gill, Lithographer Sydney, Allan & Wigley Printers 42 x 32.5 cm

John Skinner Prout, (1805-1876) Wooloomooloo Bay Looking East 1842, tinted lithograph, with letterpress, signed lower centre in plate 18.5 x 27 cm