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Antique German oil lamp, converted to electric, 43 cm high approx.

Hinks & Sons silver plated converted Keroscene lamp styled as a Corinthian column, later electrified. Condition good, minor age related wear. Height 79 cm

Late 19th century Arts & Crafts movement pottery oil lamp by Hinks with tangerine shade

Antique Miller banquet lamp with heavy brass base, pink ceramic pedestal & ornate brass font, 93 cm high approx.

Pair of antique French porcelain bodied oil lamps, painted with ribbon tied cartouches of sprays of flowers, standing on bronze bases (2)

An antique oil lamp with hand painted floral porcelain font and column with blue glass shade (electrified). 67 cm

A ruby glass kerosene lamp with cast metal base & double burner

A kerosene banquet lamp with yellow vaseline shade and font, double black button burner with bayonet mount & brass Corinthian column base. 79 cm

An antique Miller oil lamp with brass front & base, onyx column & acid etched green glass shade. 65 cm

A kerosene lamp, double black button burner on brass front with shade and flue, late 19th/early 20th century. 39 cm

A classic 19th century oil lamp, with etched laurel wreath globe 83 cm high

A superb late nineteenth century banquet lamp on blue font with clear glass shade a brass Corinthian column on a black ceramic base with a blue glass font with enameled floral decoration, a duplex burner and a clear glass banquet shade

A extremely elaborate late nineteenth century parlour banquet lamp with a lemon font with an original matching lemon shade a fluted Corinthian column base mounted on a pyramid featuring stylised feathered masks. a lemon coloured font with duplex burner and

A Victorian ruby glass and brass duplex kerosene oil banquet lamp, with moulded vaseline blush glass font and shade, the pierced brass base with dolphin and star moulded motifs, 70 cm high.

A Victorian ruby glass and brass kerosene oil banquet lamp, with moulded blush glass font and shade, the brass fluted column with orb terminals on spread circular foot, 70.5 cm high.

An Edwardian banquet lamp, early 20th century, the lamp with a knopped brass stem raised on a broad stepped base supporting a waisted apple green milk glass reservoir painted with a continuous floral design, the original brass fittings holding a chimney an

A Bankers oil lamp, English, brass with acid etched glass shade. 19th century. 55 cm high

A white Doulton Burslem kerosene lamp, circa 1882-1902, manufactured for Phillips, London, the milk glass spherical shade over a globular porcelain font, supported by an acanthus, lattice and shell moulded candle stick base with a small vase; brown backsta

Antique French Louis Phillipe oil lamp, of baluster form, bronze mounts, gilt banding with central classical medallion. Ex Leo Schofield collection. Approx 56 cm high

Victorian duplex ruby glass kerosene converted lamp with both a ruby font & shade, with an Australian standard plug. Condition good to fair, age related wear, slight scratch to the font, would need a service. Height 52 cm

Kerosene bankers lamp, mid 19th century, purported to have been made on the goldfields or Ballarat. 61 cm. Provence: Private collection Ballarat.

Antique oil banquet lamp, with B. Cars double burner, and vaseline glass reservoir, height 73 cm approx

A late 19th century banquet lamp with moulded frosted shade, clear glass font on fluted bass column. Overall height: 74 cm

A Victorian brass kerosene lamp with pink glass shade and reservoir. 68 cm high

A pair of French sculptured and embossed brass kerosene lamps with engraved shades

A Doulton Burslem porcelain table lamp with an etched glass shade the font with painted flower decoration. 57 cm high (overall height)

Gaudard French ruby glass kerosene banquet lamp with a ruby floral well, flu & shade on a gilded metal stand. Condition good, small chip to the bowl rim. Height 71 cm

Two Victorian silver plated oil lamps with Hink's burners, marked FLAVELLE & ROBERTS, 15.5 cm high