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Large antique oil on card, 'New Zealand' school framed signed J Hutchings LR, approx 54 cm x 85 cm

Gyorgy Nemeth (1890-1962), Unloading the cart, oil on board, signed lower right 16 x 23 cm

Zorn, portrait of woman, 191?, oil on board, signed lower right 50 x 40 cm

English school, Windsor, oil on artist's board, monogrammed lower centre 23 x 27 cm

European school (19th century), the lovers, oil on tin, unsigned 31 x 26 cm

Johnson Settlers cottage, oil on canvas on board, bears signature lower right 24 x 29 cm

Robert Johnson (1898-1964) Riverside Gums, blue Mountains, oil on board, signed lower right 21.5 x 28 cm

Joan Purves, pink Hills, oil on board, signed lower right 52 x 63 cm

Amber Jane Stirling Muse #4, after Gentileschi 2005, oil on canvas, signed lower right, inscribed signed & dated verso 152 x 121.5 cm

Viktoria Thompson, Summer fire, oil on canvas, inscribed verso 131 x 183 cm

Anton Holzner (b.1935) painting August no. 2, blackwood 1967, acrylic & mixed media on canvas, signed & titled verso 113 x 175 cm

Jefferson, evening beach scene 1969, oil on canvas board, signed & dated lower right 50 x 60 cm

Artist unknown, Morpheus the God of Dreams, oil on panel, unsigned 54 x 26.5 cm

Anthony Priddle, night Revels 2002, oil on canvas, signed & dated lower right, 97 x 97 cm

Hugh Olivero, Village by the Ocean, collage, ink & acrylic on paper, signed lower right 28 x 40 cm

Kevan Hardacre (1927-, Australian), 'Cricket at Como', oil on canvas, signed by the artist, overall 60 x 60 cm

Liz Coats (born 1946). Cicadas B3 1992 acrylic on canvas signed, dated and titled verso. 111 x 111 cm Provenance: Corporate collection, Melbourne

Liz Coats (born 1946). Cicadas B4 1992 acrylic on canvas signed, dated and titled verso. 111 x 111 cm Provenance: Corporate collection, Melbourne

Clinton Nain (born 1972). Untitled 2001 diptych mixed media on paper. 76 x 56 cm signed lower right (each) Clinton Nain 2001

Wendy Stokes (born 1957). Upon Reflection 1986 mixed media on paper laid on canvas. 135 x 242 cm

Stephen Langdon (20th century). Two abstract paintings acrylic on canvas

Pro Hart (1928-2006). Abstraction 1971 oil on canvas unsigned. 66 x 71 cm

Josie Petrick Kemarre (born 1963). Bush berry Dreaming acrylic on canvas. 182 x 125 cm

Bruno Leti (born 1941). Port Emblem 1984, triptych oil on canvas signed and dated right: Bruno Leti 84 152.5 x 200 cm

After Albert Lee Tucker (1914-99), oil on cigarette lid, man & woman, 12.8 cm x 20.8 cm

Peter Forester white, 3 oil on cards Landscapes, signed lower right, 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm approx

T Groves, oil on board untitled, hut in landscape scene, signed lower right, 30 cm x 30 cm approx.

V. Barami, acrylic on canvas 'Ghost Gums', signed lower right, 136 cm x 166 cm

Willmotte Williams (1916-92), oil on canvas board 'The white house, Glebe', signed lower left, 36.5 cm x 29 cm approx,

Jane hall, oil on canvas 'Hu-Hum', signed lower left, 24 cm x 29 cm approx.

Norman Robins, oil on board Forest Track, signed lower left, 52 cm x 36 cm

J Friedl, oil on board mountain river, signed lower right, 31 cm x 45 cm

Dutch school, two portraits, oil on boards signed lower right,33.5 x 26 cm approx

Jean Derrin (1904- ), oil on board 'Corner at Wildes Meadows (near Robertson NSW)', signed lower right, 24 cm x 29.5 cm approx.

Willmotte Williams (1916-92), oil on board 'Blue Roofs: Street scene At Woollahra' 1977, signed lower left, 50 cm x 75 cm

Kevin Charles (Pro) Hart (1928-2006), oil on board 'Landscape in green', signed lower left, 28.5 cm x 29 cm

Pro Hart (1928 - 2006) 'Orchid' oil on board, signed lower right, dated 89 on left. 31.5 by 29.5 cm

Pro Hart (1928-2006) 'Mining series' oil on board, signed & dated 1985, 21 by18 cm.

Pro Hart (1928 - 2006) Mining series 21 cm by 19 cm, oil on board, signed lower right.