These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

Peter Marinus Schipperheyn 1955 "Autumn leaves" 1979 bronze by lost wax method. Edition 3/6 49 cm x 64 cm

Theresa Walker (1807-1876), a wax portrait of Sir John Franklin, circa 1846 the wax portrait after David D'Angers, framed in a musk wood box frame 9 cm high, 6.5 cm wide (portrait) 19 cm by 17 cm (frame)

A box framed wax relief portrait 19th century, housed in a hexagonal frame, initialled G.W, 17 cm x 3.5

Wax cameo portrait of the 3rd Earl of Albermarle, late 18th century in oval frame, 15 x 18 cm.

A good painted wax profile bust of Napoleon, in mirrored circular oak frame. 34 cm high

Early 19th century wax portrait of a Gentleman mounted in original oval gilt frame.

Early 19th century coloured wax portrait of a Military Gentleman mounted in original gilt frame.

Captain James Cook wax relief: wax portrait relief of Captain James Cook, by Thomas R.Poole (active 1791- 1815), mounted in oval wood frame, overall 23 x 20 cm. Manuscript label on verso 'Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, Modelled By T.R.Poole, Med

C1820 wax portrait of Queen Caroline in profile, in gilt frame

Georgian Wax Profile Portrait Inscribed verso 'Elizabeth 2nd Wife of Edward Johnstone Md Daughter of ........ Pearson of Tottenhall. Died 3rd April 1823. Great Grandmother of Capt. Andrew Johnstone Dso.' Detached from backing. Original convex glazed frame

Rare Captain Cook wax relief: Thomas R.Poole (active 1791-1815) wax portrait relief of Captain James Cook, in oval wood frame overall 23 x 20 cm. Manuscript label on verso 'Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, modelled by T.R.Poole, medallion Modeller

A painted wax portrait miniature of a gentleman in relief, subject unknown, recessed oval mounted under domed glass in a rectangular ebonised frame. Note; some faults. Frame. Height 15.4 cm. Width 12.2 cm

A rare 18th century coloured wax relief portrait miniature of a gentleman wearing a powdered wig caught with a blue ribbon and dressed in a blue coat with gilded braiding and buttons, circular mounted on a textile (distressed) ground under flat glass in a

Owen Davies (b, 1961) Mermaid and two Cobras, lost wax cast bronze, together with a cut limestone plinth Height: 89 cm (bronze only)