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A Peter Raos, 1987 art glass scent bottle ' Lilies', four arum lilies in white with green and red encased highlights to the clear glass body, engraved marks and date, the original ball finial stopper with long dipper. Height 13.5 cm

A Peter Raos paperweight, decorated with flowers, signed and dated 1994

A Claire Bell (Garry Nash Studio) glass vase, squat ovoid shape, deep aquamarine with silver-gold shards. Height 15 cm

A Garry Nash 'Blue Reef' vase, ovoid shape, the blue and white ground patterned with scattered yellow shards, signed and dated '15. Height 19 cm

A Garry Nash 'Red Reef' vase, ovoid shape, signed and dated '15. Diameter 23 cm

A Garry Nash glass bowl, circular cerulean blue with lilac centre, drilled with scattered 'star-lights'. Diameter 32 cm

Garry Nash, 'Red Chip' series vase, ovoid shape, signed and dated '15. Height 20 cm

A Garry Nash 'green chip' vase, ovoid shape, signed and dated '10. Height 22 cm

Garry Nash 'Kowhai' series vase, ovoid, signed and dated twice '09 and '15. Height 23 cm

Peter Viesnik paperweight, dichroic and sommerso sapphire blue with controlled bubbles. Signed and dated '04. Height 9.5 cm

A Garry Nash studio glass bowl, 'Red Chip' pattern, deep hemispherical shape. Diameter 20 cm

Gary Nash, Handblown green glass vase, signed and dated 95. Height 195

Gary Nash, iridescent glass vase, unsigned, 20 cm, height

Peter Viesnik, encased glass vase, etched signature &, dated ‘91, 20.5 cm height

Ann Robinson, early encased glass flask, unsigned, 16 cm, height

John Abramczyk, cast glass canoe on stone stand, 28.5 cm, length

A Garry Nash N.Z. art glass large vase, flattened spherical form, banded colourway with dark rim, mid-green top section, red/brown banded middle and pale blue base, engraved signature and date '97. Height 37.5 cm

A New Zealand Peter Raos blue glass vase, of tapering circular section decorated with a 'Monet' millefiori design, signed c.2001. Height 16.5 cm

Peter Raos, New Zealand Art Glass vase Arum lilies encased on cranberry, etched signature & dated 1994, 12 cm height

A Garry Nash Red Opalino vase, flattened ovoid form, the bright red enhanced with panels of gold leaf. Height 27 cm

A Garry Nash iridescent vase, cylindrical shape with shoulder and flaring mouth. Unsigned. Height 18.5 cm

A Garry Nash 'Blue Reef' vase, ovoid shape, in azure cobalt blue. Signed and dated '15. Height 20 cm

Two N.Z. art picture glass paperweights, includes: one 'Hot Glass' Peter Raos Arum Lily weight, the other with various millefiori canes and a coloured base as an underwater seascape.

A large Garry Nash 'Peacock' vase, the green and iridescent decorated vase highlighted with golden 'wings'. Signed and dated '94. Height 24 cm

Garry Nash, green glass ovoid vase, the shoulder with engraved linial leaf forms and abstract angles, engraved signature and date '95. Height 16.5 cm

1977-78 World Series Cricket, notebook containing 40 snapshots of Australians v World XI with 15 signed including Richie Robinson, Greg Chappell, Ian Chappell, Doug Walters, Dennis Lillee & Tony Greig

Peter Raos, amber lily bottle with stopper, etched signature & dated 2005, 17 cm height

Lynden Over, shell bowl, etched signature & dated 2005, 36.5 cm dia

Lynden Over shell bowl, etched signature & dated 2005, 32 cm dia

Garry Nash, bottle vase, etched signature & dated ‘95, 24 cm height

Garry Nash, vase, etched signature & dated ‘95, 18.5 cm height

Three Science Fiction U.S. one sheet movie posters, including the Space children (Paramount, 1958); the day the earth Caught fire (Universal, 1962); and Robinson Crusoe on Mars (Paramount, 1964) all folded, good to fine (3) 104 x 68 cm

Two bottle tags Phipps and Robinson London 1809 and Charles Rawlings London 1828

A Peter Raos 'Koru Series' paperweight, in green glass, signed and dated. Diameter 9.5 cm.

A Garry Nash iridescent glass paperweight, the striking purple effects with dark spider-web type trailing. Engraved signature and date '91. 11 cm x 10 cm x 6.5 cm

A Peter Viesnik glass vase, small ovoid shape, green tinted with scattered marines and thread motifs in various colours. Height 10.5 cm

A Peter Raos lily vase, cala lilies and leaves on a blue ground. Signed and dated 2002 to base. Height 14 cm

A Peter Raos floral vase, conical form with wide rim, decorated in florals in the Monart manner, signed and dated to base. 14 cm x 15 cm