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Marklin 3776 diesel railcar train in digital HO in original box (E-M box E-M)

Marklin HO gauge 334 shell tank wagon yellow with red lettering in box with illustrated red and white lid (E box G)

Marklin 5521/9 Volkswagen, dark/drab blue body, metal hubs, black plastic tyres, loss to one front pillar, unboxed (G)

Marklin 'Grossbaukasten Wiener Riesenrad' large Modular Ferris wheel no.10821 in original wooden box with instructions (E-M box E-M)

Marklin (Germany) HO gauge 7029 engine house, one bulb broken (E Boxe G-E)

Marklin 5521/9 Volkswagen, blue body, metal hubs, black plastic tyres- three Melted Away, in original Marklin labelled box (VG-E box VG)

Marklin 8031 Autokran Magirus Mobile crane, red (E-M box E-M)

Marklin 0500 50 year Anniversary set, HO gauge (E-M box E)

Marklin tinplate Kiosque de Journeaux, white painted tinplate Kiosk with yellow trim, two windows, duck egg Counters, red roof, two opening doors, Newspaper racks, including three miniature Newspapers, some paint loss, Particularly to roof, 10 cm high x 10

Pre-war Marklin HO gauge R700 0-4-0 locomotive and tender, three rail electric, repainted red LMS livery, in partly faded card box with lift off lid and maker's label to one end (E box VG)

Marklin HO gauge 418/1 station, circa 1950s, cream tinplate station with clock Tower section, including clock and flag pole, orange roof, mounted on grey base, in plain card box with lift off lid, maker's label, stamped 'K', minor Rubs, 15 cm high x 35 cm

Three Marklin stations, including 415 station, beige, green roof, brown doors; 423 platform, grey and cream, cream and brown roof; and 428 garage, cream, brown doors, red and grey roof (VG boxes VG-E) (3) Provenance Ex lot 90, film posters & toys, 15 March

Marklin HO gauge RE 848/4 electric train set, comprising RE 800 20 volt locomotive, 3 x 3481 SBB CF passenger coaches, 1 x 348/1 baggage car, 374 Esso tank wagon, 2 x stop block tracks and 1 x piece of track, in red box with picture label to lid, with inst

Marklin O gauge 20 volt electric Twe 12930 Bo-Bo diesel Railcar. Maroon and cream, olive green roof 1st/2nd (VG)

Marklin O gauge electric passenger train set, including 0-4-0 locomotive 0-35 and tender, 2 x 8-wheeled Pullman cars with internal bedding, 1 x restaurant car with 2 x seated figures and 1 x guard's van, in original box with picture label to lid (G-VG box

A boxed Marklin German four Coach set #42281 DB Express Gluckauf set in DB blue and a red and gold lined restaurant coach. Mint and unrun.

A boxed Trix German Loco #22712 SBB CFF FFS Series 460, 1992 in Marklin sponsorship livery. Mint and unrun.

Marklin HO gauge no. 3154 electric loco, Bobo series, Austrian Railways, circa 1979, red/orange body, boxed (VG box G-VG). Marklin HO gauge no. 3154 electric loco, Bobo series, Austrian Railways, circa 1979, red/orange body, boxed (VG box G)

Marklin 7051 HO gauge remote controlled slewing crane with lifting magnet, untested; and unboxed Marklin Railway figures (VG-E box VG-E)

Marklin HO gauge St 800 MT Railcar, 1948, extension part for ST 800, ivory and Carmine, (VG-E box VG-E)

Nine Mettoy Joytown unboxed rolling Stock, A/F; chassis of Marklin racing car Kit, A/F and HRCAA souvenir loading gauge in home-made box (F-E box G) (10)

Large collection of Trains and train accessories, including Hornby Dublo; Marklin; Hornby O gauge (A Â Lot)

Marklin HO gauge no.3001 electric tender loco, DB series, circa 1964, red livery, E6302 to sides, boxed (VG box G-VG)

Three Marklin carriages, one repainted (G boxes VG-E) (3)

Marklin pre-war R 841 K set. Black and red livery loco and tender, touched up, Possubly repainted; one green carriage; two maroon Mitropa carriages; 12 x curved track segments; and 4 x straight track segments in red box with colour illustrated label to lid

Four Marklin HO gauge coaches, including two 351 and two 353, one possibly repainted (F-E boxes E) (4)

Four Marklin HO gauge 354 coaches some touch ups to 354 J (F-VG boxes VG-E) (4)

Four Marklin HO gauge 352 coaches, 352 J with one set of wheels detached (F-VG boxes VG-E) (4)

Marklin SK800 deep red loco and tender, possibly repainted and an unboxed SLR800 loco, black (VG-E box VG) (2)