These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

A fine ovoid jadeite snuff bottle, late Qing dynasty, late 19th-early 20th century, a good apple green colour supported on a small flat foot, nicely hollowed, silver and rose quartz stopper, 5 cm high. Provenance: The property of the late Sir Tristan and L

A smoky quartz snuff bottle in the form of a recumbent horse, its head turned to the side looking towards a monkey crouched on its back, the removable tail forming the stopper, 6.5 cm long

A rose quartz snuff bottle, carved with a goldfish and a waterbird. Height 7 cm

An old Chinese carved rose quartz snuff bottle, flattened oval form body with chrysanthemum branch, leaves and flowers in high relief, minor losses. Height 9.5 cm

A Chinese quartz crystal snuff bottle, in clear saginetic crystal with striking needles of black tourmaline, the body with a delightfully carved gold fish in high relief, surmounted with a red carnelian stopper and with a bone spoon. Height 6 cm

A smoky quartz snuff bottle 19th century. Finely carved with a sage, jade stopper

A good inside painted smoky quartz snuff bottle late Qing Dynasty. Finely painted with a landscape signed Ye Zhong San

A rose quartz snuff bottle carved with figure, green jade stopper. Height 4.5 cm .