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An inside-painted rock-crystal 'Liu Hai' snuff bottle, Ma Shaoxuan, cyclically dated dingyou year (AD 1897), 6.2 cm high. Provenance: Victoria private collection, acquired from Sotheby's in Melbourne in July 1989

Chinese crystal snuff bottle. Inside painted, lion & tiger decoration. Agate topped stopper, (top loose).

A rock crystal snuff bottle with a glass stopper, 19th/20th century, finely carved with bats & a qilong on front & reverse, height 7.5 cm. Provenance: private South African collection

A smoky crystal snuff bottle, 18th-19th century, well hollowed with Jadeite stopper, 6.3 cm high. Provenance: The property of the late Sir Tristan and Lady Antico

Chinese rock crystal snuff bottle. Inside painted rural scene with cattle, signed. Black hardstone stopper, height 7 cm

Two rock crystal snuff bottles, 19th century, the first, a compressed bottle, well carved with flowers, the carver using the colour inclusions in the stone to enhance the decoration, the second bottle incised overall with shou characters, well hollowed, in

A box of 10 Chinese snuff bottles, 20th century, including agate, rock crystal and glass (10)

A glass snuff bottle with artist signature, the crystal glass interior painted with floral decoration and portrait of China's last Emperor, 8.5 cm high

An unusual rock crystal double snuff bottle, Qing dynasty, 19th century, the pear shaped body set with double animal mask and loose ring handles, with a smaller vase on one side, the black rimmed stoppers with lion and florette knops, (4), 14 cm high overa

A rock crystal carved snuff bottle carved with fish and lotus, 6 cm high

A hair crystal snuff bottle together with an agate snuff bottle each figurativley carved with contrast stoppers which are loose, the largest 6 cm high (2)

A group of five Chinese snuff bottles, Early to mid-20th century, of various materials including agate, nephrite, and rock crystal, some carved, some inside-painted, each fitted with a stopper of hard stone, coral, or jadeite, box, varying from 6.7 cm to 8

A rock crystal 'peach' snuff bottle Qing Dynasty, 19th century the peach form body carved in relief on the exterior with two bats in flight beside further fruits growing from a branch around the shoulders, and with lingzhi extending onto the reverse, stalk

A Chinese quartz crystal snuff bottle, in clear saginetic crystal with striking needles of black tourmaline, the body with a delightfully carved gold fish in high relief, surmounted with a red carnelian stopper and with a bone spoon. Height 6 cm

A carved rock crystal 'god of prosperity' snuff bottle, the god, or the lu star, finely carved with amicable expression, wearing flowing gown, his one hand holding a sceptre, the other the belt, the stopper in the form of a hat, 7.7 cm high. Provenance: pr

Two carved rock crystal snuff bottles 19th century, one carved with figures and aventurine quartz stopper the other carved with fish and cherry amber stopper small chips to each the figurative bottle 6.5 cm high

A hair crystal snuff bottle with cherry amber stopper 8.5 cm high

A carved hair crystal snuff bottle with onyx stopper carved in low relief with bats and deer amongst a the branches of a peach tree 7 cm high

An unusual rock crystal figure snuff bottle in the form of a bearded official standing holding a sceptre, the stopper forming his black hat, box 7. 5 cm

A rock crystal snuff bottle, Qing Dynasty 19th century of upright form carved in relief on one side with a sage beneath a pine tree growing from rocky cliffs and the reverse with a boy attendant and crane, stopper 6. 7 cm

A fine Chinese inside painted carved crystal snuff bottle by Zhou Leyuan, Qing dynasty, dated 1896, 7 cm high

A carved quartz snuff bottle, Qing dynasty With agate stopper and a carved rock crystal rabbit with lettuce 9.5 cm high and 7 cm long

A Chinese rock-crystal snuff-bottle, 18th/19th century, Qing Dynasty. Very finely hollowed, the stone with a marbled texture, ivory and coral stopper. 6.3 cm with stopper

A rock crystal snuff bottle, Qing Dynasty, 19th century, carved in low relief with a sage seated beneath a pine tree, stopper; together with another of peach form with fruiting branches and lingzhi fungus extending over the sides in high relief, stopper en

Eight hardstone snuff bottles 19th century and later, including six agate bottles, one rock crystal, and one other

An inside painted rock crystal snuff bottle late Qing Dynasty. Signed, jade stopper

A group of four snuff bottles, Qing Dynasty, 19th century comprising two agate bottles, using the brown markings to highlight the carving of figures fishing on one, and two birds on the other; an amethystine quartz bottle with long tailed birds on rocks an

An amber coloured crystal snuff bottle carved with Qilongs and bats with coral and brass stopper

Twelve Chinese snuff bottles, including six in glass and crystal inside painted with landscape signed Zhou Loguan, child and animals signed Ye Zhong San, monkey signed Ma Shou-Hsan, one in amber signed Yeh Shao-San and others in agate, hardstone and enamel

A large white jade Mongolian snuff bottle, late Qing Dynasty. Encased in silver with turquoise and coral inlays, silver an coral stopper. Height 8 cm, together with a quatrefoil faceted crystal bottle, 7.5 cm.