These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

Chinese enamel snuff bottle. Enamelled figures decoration. Red stone stopper. Character marks to base.

A Chinese enamelled white glass snuff bottle, six-character Qianlong mark, 18th to 19th century, 5.5 cm high

A Chinese Canton enameled snuff bottle. Gilt cover, European subject. Height 7 cm

Chinese enamelled silver metal snuff bottle mark to base 6.1 cm high

Chinese enamelled glass snuff bottle 7.5 cm high finely painted with bird and flowers

Combination inside painted glass and enamelled gourd shaped snuff bottle

A Chinese porcelain 'Pepper' snuff bottle, Republic era, an exquisite sky blue enamelled bottle with gilt highlights in the shaped of an elongated and lobed bell pepper, with a brass 'Stalk' stopper. Length 8 cm

Chinese enamelled snuff bottle. Fish decoration. Original enamel stopper. Character marks to base. Height 6 cm

Chinese enamelled metal snuff bottle. Original stopper. Length 5.8 cm

A Chinese enamelled porcelain snuff bottle, Daoguang mark and period (1820-1850), decorated with crickets on peony, Iron red seal mark

Chinese enamelled white glass snuff bottle. Polychrome blossom decoration. Height 5.5 cm