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Woosley Pintail A Classic 1968 pintail shaped by Rod Teys for Woosley, one of Queensland's big names in surfboard manufacturing for that decade, and very popular both on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. Condition-very good 8/10 Comes with the original black S

West Coast Surfboards Single Fin 5 feet 7 inches long x 20 inches. Has 'S' deck. Very thick with high nose rocker. Interesting shape. 1971

West Coast Bonza Swallow Tail 6 feet 10 inches long x 19 inches. An unusual board from West Coast. Clear top with blue jel coat bottom.

Wallace Single Fin Tear drop 5 feet 7 inches x 22 inches, 1969. Single stringer pintail, tear drop shape with fin box, signed by Bill. Some sun damage.

Trigger Bros. Twin Fin mid-70s Victorian twin fin by the well known Trigger Brothers. At 6 feet 5 inches x 20 inches with a flyer pintail and the fins right on the flyers this would be an interesting board to ride. Overall condition is good.

Trigger Bros Single Fin Pin tail double flyers, great logos. 6 feet 11 inches x 20 inches. Lovely display board, circa 1977.

Tony Olsson Competition Special 8 feet 7 inches x 23 inches vee bottom diamond tail by Tony Olsson from late 1967. A great looking original board from Victoria, and displays very well in unrestored condition.

Surfing's New Image Shaped by Donald Takayama. This board is 7 feet 8 inches long x 19 inches, single fin with 2 side glass fins on rails at rear, approximately 1 1/4 inches high. Single stringer, light green deck with slight tinge on bottom and pin stripe

Surf Line Hawaii Mini Gun Shaped by ex-Hawaiian Duke champion (1972 and 1976) James Jones in 1975 for Randy Rarrick's label 'Surf Line' Hawaii. Length 7 feet 6 inches x 18.5 inches, a mini gun.

Sunchaser 6 feet x 20 inches. Channel bottom flyer pin. Condition 9.5/10, unrestored, original, Circa 1981.

Strapper 6 feet 1 inches x 21 inches. Turbo quad fin with scoop deck, circa 1981 model. Excellent condition.

Steve Lis Fish 5 feet 8 inches long x 20 inches. 1979. From the man who created the 'Fish' phenomenon. A super clean Steve Lis Fish. This board is a refined version with fluted wings, parallel wood foiled fins and red air brushed rails, with unique hand dr

Southernman Surfboards 6 feet x 20 inches. Shaped for the Corner Surf Shop in Geraldton by Greg Antcliff, who was an ex-Newcastle boy and represented New South Wales. Named the Kalbarri Model, this was No.2 board that he shaped in 1976/77 while working at

Sky Stinger by Chris Brock This 6 feet 4 inches x 20 inches Brock designed stinger round tail is a very complex shape with various planning surfaces and subtle concaves. 1975. Chris Brock is one of the most innovative shapers in Australia and was influence

Sky Chris Brock A very unusual and original shape by Chris Brock that we'll call a double ender. 5 feet 8 inches x 20 inches with a round nose and two glassed on fins plus a glass removable tail fin, which would make it a versatile rider. Condition-7/10.

Shane Stinger by Bob Kennerson Here's a rare crescent head single fin shaped by Bob Kennerson in the early '70s for Shane. Several of the Sydney manufacturers opened outlets in country areas to get in on the soul scene, and this is a great example. C. 1974

Shane by Paul Holmes Very rare shape by Paul Holmes with the famous MP tube logo and Shane surfboards overlay on the decal makes this a very collectable item. 6 feet 8 inches x 19.5 inches and about 3 inches thick. Condition : outstanding deck with no plug

San Juan Single Fin by Frank Latta 5 feet 10.5 inches long x 20 inches. Wide area pintail, shaped by Frank Latta. Yellow rail deck, red pinlines, blue fade spray. Famous script log. Circa 1978. Good condition.

San Juan Gun by Bob McTavish The bottom and rails have been sprayed with the deck left original, and then a fresh gloss coat applied. It had been hanging on the top of McTavish's shop wall 15 feet off the ground for four years. 6 feet 11 inches x 18 inches

Sam Egan Egg by Neal Purchase This is an original example of a super short S deck egg that was meant as a standup board, measuring 4 feet 8 inches x 19 inches, circa 1970. As short as you could go and still stand up, and very rare along with the first gene

Ron Custom Longboard 9 feet 9 inches x 21.5 inches. Estimated 1961, triple stringer D fin. Excellent condition.

Rip Curl Single Fin Wayne Lynch Shaped and signed by Wayne Lynch, circa 1976/77 5 feet 11 inches long x 20 inches. Swallow tail with flyers. Very clean and attractive board.

Richard Harvey Triple Stringer Thruster 8 feet x 21.5 inches. Made by Richard in 2008. This very attractive board has three stringers and a timber tail block. Attractive red board with white pin stripes surrounding the stringers.

Reno Abellira Gun 9 feet 5 inches x 19.25 inches. Hawaii Surfboards pintail gun, attractive yellow gloss. Shaped by the master shaper, Reno Abellira in 2011.

Red Hot Sticks Single Fin Pintail-Barry Day 6 feet 11 inches long x 21 inches. Red Hot Sticks is Ian Cairns' own label and this board was shaped by him for Barry Day, a WA Champion, circa 1975. Quite rare

Phil Usher Double Flyer Swallow 5 feet 10 inches x 20 inches. Double flyer swallow channel bottom single fin Circa. 1978 Phil and Nev Hyman were originally based in WA doing Odyssey Surfboards.

Outer Island Penta Fin Flextail 7 feet 6 inches x 19.5 inches x 2 11/16 inches. Shaped by Mitchell Rae, this flextail twin stringer. Finished in a very attractive red. Retro model. Excellent condition.

Odyssey Thruster Thruster with flyers. Bruce Smith design. Unusual Bell shaped tail with channels. 6 feet long x 20 inches. Good condition. Very unusual board.

Oceanic Single Stringer 9 feet 6 inches x 22 inches. 'D' fin, circa 1961 Custom built, orange and brown striping on deck. Clear bottom. Excellent condition.

Nipper Wiliams Circa 1969 short board by Nipper Williams of Brookvale, Sydney., measures 7 feet 8 inches x 21 inches and features a resin glue-up and a fabulous Greenough inspired plastic fin. Condition-very good with later added leg rope plug.

Natural Joy Bamboo Twin Fin Crafted by the elusive Addy J, c.2009 from bamboo etc that he has growing on his property in the Tweed hinterland. This 6 feet x 21 inches twin fin was custom built for legendary Billabong and Reef 'free surfer' Brendan 'Margo'

Morning Star Stinger Fin 6 feet 9 inches long x 21 inches. Swallow tail, shaped by Col Smith (Narrabeen), circa 1975 scarce design example.

Morning Star Col Smith model Twin fin with flyers. 6 feet 4 inches long x 20 inches. Shaped by Col Smith. Has star logos top and bottom. Immaculate condition.

Michael Petersen-Morning of the Earth 5 feet 10 inches x 20 1/2 inches. M.O.T.E. model surfboard by the great Michael Petersen. Excellent condition.

Michael Peterson-Fangtail (Replica) 6 feet 2 inches x 20 inches. Fangtail replica of the board that Michael made famous in 1974, when he won the Pa Bendall Memorial Contest on the Sunshine Coast. Michael says he only built 5 fangtails in '74 as they took s

McTavish Tri Fin. An original tri-fin or 3 finner from the early 1980s period and shaped by Bob McTavish. It measures 6 feet 1 inches x 19 inches and features a regular single fin along with two small stabilizer fins. Bob was at the forefront of the whole

McTavish Sky Bluebird Twin Fin 1979 model. Swallow tail with flyers. Signed and shaped by Bob McTavish. 5 feet 11 inches long x 20.5 inches.

McGrigor Single Fin Swallow Tail 6 feet long x 20 inches. Shaped by Barry King. Restored, white pigment deck, blue pigment bottom with pin lines, circa 1970 model.

McGrigor Pintail single fin made in Brookvale. 7 feet long x 20 inches. A speed machine with original old style leg rope fitted through fin, circa 1973

McCoy Tri Zap. An original unrestored three finner design by Geoff McCoy., measures 6 feet 2 inches x 19.5 inches and a custom order from 1983 in amazing condition. Great period spray, lots of cool decals and one of the longest tri zaps. Condition-9/10. Ra

McCoy Lazor Zap Only 5 feet 6 inches X 19.5 inches. An iconic shape by Geoff McCoy from 1982/3 Made famous by the outrageous surfing of Cheyne Horan. The fact that they got together with the late Ben Lexan on the winged keel style 'star fin' makes these li