These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

A Chinese gilt-bronze figure of a seated Manjushri, 25 cm high. Provenance: Western Australia private collection, acquired in Hong Kong in the 1980s, hence by descent (by repute)

A Chinese gilt bronze figure of a seated Manjushri, 30 cm high. Provenance: Western Australia private collection, acquired in Japan in the 1960s

A Chinese gilt bronze Manjushri, Qing dynasty, 16 cm high. Provenance: Perth Private Collection, inherited from current owner's grandfather who had acquired the piece in Kyoto during the 1950s, by repute

A gilt bronze standing Manjushri statue, the left hand holding a flower and right hand showing Dharmachakra-Mudra, wearing armour and standing on a lotus seat, 15 cm high

A large and impressive Tibetan Gelukpa school Thangka, the Thangka painted on linen with figures of Amitayus, the Buddha of long life, Manjushri, the Buddha of wisdom, white Tara, the female Bodhisattva associated with compassion and long life and Shakyamu

A good Pala style figure of Manjushri, 11th-13th century

A Manjushri Buddha Thangka painting the buddha representing a grand wisdom, intelligence and achievement. Frame. Height 52.5 cm. Width 42.4 cm

A large polychrome terracotta tsa tsa 18th century. 26 x 18 cm, of Avalokitesvara with Manjushri and Vajrapani

A group of three Thanka, china-Tibet, 20th century 58 x 40 cm, 70 x 49 cm, 81x90 cm,104x32.5 cm respectively each painted in colours on paper, one depicting Manjushri as the central figure seated on a lotus throne flanked by peony flowers, three character