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Two Chinese Ming blue and white bowls, D15.5 cm approx (one as inspected)

A Chinese blue and white porcelain bowl. The tapering bowl of slightly ogee profile raised upon a small circular foot rim, decorated externally with underglaze floral bunches and sprigs beneath a narrow border to the rim; a Guangxu character mark underside

Three Chinese Ceramics, including a cafe au lait glazed porcelain bowl, six character mark to base, 7.5 x 15.5 cm diameter, a blue and white dish, 12 cm diameter, and a porcelain bowl, four character mark to base, 6 x 12 cm diameter

Two 18th century English blue and white items, includes one saucer bowl and one serpentine rimmed small dish, classical Chinese coastal landscape, one with two men in a courtyard, the other with two men on a bridge, gilt highlights.

Four 18th century English blue and white tea bowls and saucers, traditional Chinese coastal landscape decoration with one man on a bridge, gilt rims, one bowl with old staple repair, another with single frit.

Pair of Chinese blue and white fish bowls. Decorated with dragons in clouds and mythical beasts (2). Height 40 cm. Diameter 46 cm

A group of ten Oriental blue and white porcelain wares. Qing Dynasty to people's Republic of China era, 19th to 20th century, utilitarian and decorative wares including four dishes and a bowl (with inscribed family name), two tazze, a moon vase, lattice bo

A Chinese blue and white export ware bowl. Qing Dynasty, circa 1,800, the finely lobed bowl with a scallop edge raised on a ringed foot rim having a central scene of pavilions in a landscape within concentric blue rings, and decorated externally with alter

Bowl. Mid 19th century Chinese blue & white decorated with buffalo & flute player. Diameter 26 cm

A Chinese blue and white porcelain bowl, with Chenghua mark, with exterior decoration of children playing, 19 cm diameter

A late 19th century Chinese bowl with blue and white painted interior scene, brown glazed exterior. 16.5 cm diameter.

A Chinese blue and white tea bowl, the exterior decorated with 'Ancient animal' pattern, with everted rim and mark to base, 11.5 cm diameter.

A pair of Chinese blue and white porcelain bowls, with Guangxu mark, the body decorated with lotus flowers, 16 cm diameter.

Two Chinese blue & white porcelain items. Plate (label verso indicates 'Ming - excavated Phillipines), also Shapiro Auctions label for K.R. Bernard-Smith collection (surface crack); & bowl with character marks to base. Diameter 20 cm (plate)

Early Chinese blue & white rice bowl. Horse & rider decoration. Two cracks to rim.

An unusual blue and white bowl mark of Kangxi, Qing dynasty the rounded sides painted with a frieze of jardinieres of fruits and flowers, above a continuous lotus scroll at the base and a band of the babao around the lipped rim, the interior with two drago

A blue and white hexagonal bowl, Qing dynasty, Kangxi period the flared sides painted on the exterior with flowering plants and rockwork, the interior with a similar central medallion and a formal border around the rim, sprig mark, 15.5 cm diameter

A Chinese Jiaqing blue and white bowl, 18th century, with certificate of identity from the Hong Kong Society of Antiquities, 8.2 cm high, 16.5 cm diameter. Provenance: Private Collection, Geelong

A large Chinese porcelain bowl in underglaze blue and white, 20th century, with straight sides, the inverted rim with a key fret pattern, the exterior with a continuous scrolling, flowering vine. Provenance: Private Collection of a gentleman. Diameter 47 c

A fine Chinese porcelain blue and white bowl, 19th/20th century, a vine with flowers and spiky leaves, a six character Ming mark to base. Provenance: Private Collection of a gentleman. Height 6.5 cm. Diameter 14.5 cm

A Chinese provincial blue and white bowl, early Qing Dynasty, decorated with a continuous floral scroll and Buddhist knots. Condition: firing crack to interior. Provenance: a private collection of an Australian diplomat. Height 7 cm. Diameter 15 cm

A Chinese provincial blue and white bowl, 19/20th century the exterior design of a phoenix and dragon, with stylized pearl and flames. Condition: small rim frits. Provenance: a private collection of an Australian diplomat. H 8 cm, D 28.5 cm

A Chinese blue and white bowl, Qing Dynasty, decorated with phoenixes in flight, six character mark to base. Diameter 17 cm. Height 8 cm

A blue and white bowl, very fine china, depicting a man inside and on sides. Inscription at base. Diameter 20.5 cm. (tiny chip at rim)

A Chinese blue and white bowl, Kangxi period, 17th century, 'Shangyu' mark to the base. 11.5 cm diameter

Two Chinese blue and white bowls, 20th century, together with an Imari plate, the bowl 25 cm diameter (3)

Two kraak blue and white vessels, Ming dynasty, 16th-17th century, comprising of a lobed bowl, a dragon dish; together with a small aquatic dish; 14.2 cm diameter, 15 cm and 14 cm diameter (2)

A large blue and white bowl decorated on the interior and exterior with landscapes, Transitional period, first half of the 17th century, 16 cm high, 34.5 cm diameter. Provenance: Collection of Rajah Watan Bone, King of South Sulawesi Rustam, Ujung Pandang

A pair of shallow blue and white bowls, Kangxi mark, 19th century, decorated with prunus, 11 cm (2). Provenance: Hong Kong early 1980s

A Chinese blue and white bowl and cover, Late Ming dynasty, 17th century decorated with flying horses galloping amongst clouds, 14.8 cm high, 13 cm diameter. Provenance: Ujung Pandang, 1960s-70s

A Large Chinese blue and white bowl with a border decorated with auspicious symbols and peaches, below are the five roundels with cranes and deer, an encircled six characters Xuande mark on the base, Ming dynasty, late 16th century, 13 cm high and 28.5 cm

A Chinese deep blue and white bowl decorated with peaches and cranes on the exterior, studio mark on the base, second half of the 16th century, 17 cm diameter variable. Provenance: Rustam, Ujung Pandang, 1970s

Two blue and white porcelain, one barbed kraak saucer dish decorated with floral cartouches, and a water bird on a pond on the interior, also a large deep bowl decorated with a continuous pattern of lotus and animated lions, encircled Chenghua mark on the