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Chinese zitan wrist rest carved with water cranes measures 25.7 cm long

A Chinese ivory wrist rest, early 20th century, deeply carved on the underside with immortals riding on mythical animals, with wooden stand. 24.6 cm high. Provenance: Collection of Dr. Henry Cyril Adams

Chinese carved bamboo wrist rest, carved in relief, 25.5 cm long

Chinese carved bamboo wrist rest. Pheasant and blossom decoration, edition on carved pierced wooden stand. Length 32 cm

A hardwood wrist rest, late Qing Dynasty, in the form of a qin, the upper surface carved with details and inlaid with a row of studs; together with a pear-shaped gourd container and stalk cover, one side carved with a figure conjuring a bat, below a contin

A group of three Chinese bamboo wrist rests, comprising a pair carved with Chinese characters and another with the figure of a draped woman carved in low relief and incised Chinese characters. Length 34 cm, and shorter

Two bamboo wrist rests, Qing Dynasty, one carved in relief with figures poling a boat through a mountainous landscape beside pine and willow trees, below an inscription; the other with flowering peonies and foliage partly eaten by an insect, another on the

A bamboo wrist rest, 20th century, the curved surface incised with a Luohan seated reading a book, with others at his side, inscribed with a two line poem above, signed Qiongchi Yufu, dated bing yin, 1926, the tenth lunar month 24 cm

A Chinese bamboo wrist rest 19th century. Inscribed, 'Playing the Qin in the Evening', dated Autumn 1802 or 1862, signed Zhu shi

A Bamboo wrist-rest, late Qing,19th century, well carved with a scholar, inscribed

Two bamboo wrist rests, each one carved with rocks and flowers, both inscribed

Chinese wrist rest. Carved with dragonfly, aquatic plants & Chinese characters. Length 30 cm

Chinese wrist rest. Relief decoration of temple bridge, coast & Chinese characters. Length 30 cm

A bamboo wrist rest, Daoguang, 1821-1850, Relief carved with a poem, two seals, Shu-shi and His-shang (art names of Sun Wei). 22 cm long. Provenance. F.W. Bodor Collection. Purchased from Nicholas Grindlay, London, 26th Oct 1979

A bamboo wrist rest, Qing Dynasty, inscribed with a poem in hsing-shu, signed Jui-feng (art name Chou Shao-lung). 27 cm long. Provenance. F.W. Bodor Collection. Purchased from Nicholas Grindley, London, 26th Oct 1979