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A set of Chinese porcelain trio of round tea bowl, round teacup with simple handle and saucer, Yongzheng period (1723-1735), decorated in famille verte with black enamel, iron red and gold, each piece with a European city/river scene with European figures,

A Chinese porcelain tureen and saucer, 18th century, decorated in under-glaze blue and over-glaze enamel with a scholar and attendants in a garden scene, 12.2 x 13 cm (tureen)

Four Chinese porcelain saucer dishes in underglaze blue, a pair and two single dishes, moulded in a pie crust shape, [4]. Condition: the pair of dishes each have a restored crack, D14.5 cm

Qing Dynasty (later) cup and saucer, famille rose design, circa 19th century

Qing Dynasty (later) cup and saucer, famille rose design, circa 19th century

Two 18th century English blue and white items, includes one saucer bowl and one serpentine rimmed small dish, classical Chinese coastal landscape, one with two men in a courtyard, the other with two men on a bridge, gilt highlights.

Antique Chinese cup & saucer Ex Christies Nanking Cargo (Lot 5729), approx 4 cm high, 10 cm diameter

A doucai saucer dish, mark of Yongzheng, decorated in underglaze blue and enamels with a central medallion of flowers and lingzhi fungus growing beside ornamental rockwork, the underside with a frieze of similar plants and rockwork between double line bord

Chinese export ware cup & saucer, decorated with Court Ladies, circa 1800 (restoration to saucer)

A Chinese blue-and-white 'dragon' bowl and a saucer, Pictorial and Chenghua mark to the bases, Kangxi period 9.8 cm diam. 10.3 cm diam. (2). Provenance: NSW Private Collection, acquired from Micawber's, 1 December 2000, Sydney (receipt)

Chinese early Cantonese ware cup and saucer 'Famille Rose'

A lime-green ground 'famille-rose' saucer dish mark of Guangxu the interior decorated with a central gilt shou character medallion within the wu fu, reserved on a turquoise ground and repeated in a frieze around the cavetto, interspersed with ribboned wan

A wucai saucer dish mark of Wanli the interior painted in coloured enamels and underglaze blue with a central figure scene within a continuous floral meander around the cavetto repeated on the underside between double line borders, the base inscribed in un

A pair of yellow ground saucer dishes, six character Guangxu mark and of the period, 1875-1908, painted in green and aubergine enamels with two dragons chasing a flaming pearl in clouds and flames to the centre, stylized grape and leaf decoration to the un

Three Chinese celadon glaze saucer ishes, with blue underglaze butterfly decoration, symbol to base Provenance tan Soo hock and thence by descent. Diameter 11 cm, 11 cm, 15 cm

A Ding ware saucer dish, Jin dynasty moulded in the central band with a pair of phoenix amongst peonies, a copper mounted rim, 17.8 cm diameter. Provenance: purchased 1970's

A medium sized Longquan saucer dish, decorated on the interior with two carp, glazed overall with pale celadon glaze except for the foot rim, Yuan Dynasty 4 cm high, 21 cm diameter. Provenance: Moongate, Singapore, late 1960's

Two blue and white porcelain, one barbed kraak saucer dish decorated with floral cartouches, and a water bird on a pond on the interior, also a large deep bowl decorated with a continuous pattern of lotus and animated lions, encircled Chenghua mark on the

Two Chinese blue and white saucer dishes, decorated with floral motifs, Kangxi period 21 cm diameter and 21.5 cm diameter (2). Provenance: Yagi, Kyoto, late 1970's, Lee Chinese antiques Co. Hong Kong, 1982 (three flower steams)

A blue and white dragon bowl, Qing dynasty, 18th century, studio mark; together with a blue and white saucer dish, painted with a carp, 19th century, 18 cm and 24.2 cm diameter (2)

A Chinese blue and white tea bowl and saucer, the flared cup with a small foot rim, decorated externally with shaped figural and floral cartouches, with a chevron border to the inner rim, the saucer with similar decoration in radiating panels from a centra

A Chinese blue and white porcelain tea bowl and saucer dish, painted with a willow pattern, the saucer with some faults. Together with a blue and white saucer dish with gold overlay. Diameter 13 cm

A small celadon saucer dish, Song Dynasty (960-1279). 14 cm Diameter

A Chinese shipwreck blue and white tea cup and saucer, Qing Dynasty, circa 1725. a Ca Mau Binh Thuan shipwreck piece, the slightly flared cup and associated saucer with a freely painted figure in a pine tree landscape within a decorated border, brown colou

A Qingbai six-lobed saucer-dish, Northern Song (960-1127), decorated in the centre with a carved and combed peony spray. 3.3 cm high; 14.8 cm diameter. Provenance: K.Y. Fine Art, Hong Kong. Literature: Simon Kwan, Song ceramics from the Muwen Tang Collecti

A Chinese ink-cake saucer-dish, Qing dynasty, Qianlong mark and period (1736-1795), decorated in the centre with incised confronting dragons, four pair of dragons around the inside and outside cavetto in relief, a nine-character mark impressed onto the bas

A Chinese pair of iron-red decorated 'Ruyi' dishes and another similar saucer dish, Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), Daoguang mark and of the period (1821-1850). The pair potted with shallow rounded sides supported on a slightly tapering foot rising to a flared r

A Kangxi blue and white shipwreck cup and saucer. Qing Dynasty, circa 1700, unknown shipwreck, the delicately modelled porcelain cup and saucer with finely lobed cells and ribs, each decorated in underglaze blue with various phoenix or cranes, centred with

Fine antique Chinese Qianlong, famille rose saucer dish and tea bowl, decorated with various figures and blossoming branches, bamboo, paper label under saucer Qianlong, saucer approx 15.7 cm dia and bowl approx 10.5 cm dia (2)

A finely-potted blue and white saucer-dish, early Qing dynasty, early 18th century, decorated with a river landscape Chenghua mark Bluett & Sons label attached. Provenance: A Private Canberra Collection

A pair of Chinese blue and white peony and insect saucer dishes, Chenghua mark, Kangxi Period (1662-1722), 15.2 cm diameter

A pair of yellow-ground 'famille-rose' dishes, marks of Guangxu each of saucer shape, painted on the interior with a composite floral meander of brightly enamelled blooms among scrolling foliage reserved on the bright yellow ground, the white glazed unders

A 'famille-verte' saucer dish, 19th/20th century with shallow rounded sides and everted rim, painted on the interior with figures seated at a table beside a large gnarled tree in a rocky landscape, approached by a man carrying a banner and another on horse

A Cantonese porcelain cup and saucer. Qing Dynasty, later 19th century, brocade decorated in famille rose enamels with gilt highlights, the saucer with four cloud shaped reserves enclosing flowers with birds and figural domestic scenes, the tapering coffee

A Kangxi blue and white shipwreck cup and saucer. Qing Dynasty, circa 1700, unknown shipwreck, the delicately modelled porcelain cup and saucer with finely lobed cells and ribs, each decorated in underglaze blue with various phoenix, a loosely drawn lingzh

A Chinese saucer dish, decorated with two underglazed blue dragons chasing a pearl. Kangxi mark to base. Diameter 13 cm

A pair of Chinese blue and white barbed saucer dishes, Kangxi period 1662-1722. 10.7 cm diameter

Nine Chinese tea cups and saucers, decorated with figures in domestic scene (18), teacup height 5 cm diameter 7.5 cm, saucer diameter 12 cm

A Kangxi blue and white shipwreck cup and saucer, Qing Dynasty, circa 1700, unknown shipwreck, the delicately modelled cup and saucer with finely scalloped rims and lobed cells, each decorated in underglaze blue with floral emblems and butterflies, the sau

A group of three antique Chinese cups and saucers, Qing Dynasty, probably 18th century, in the mandarin palette with iron red, puce, blue, emerald and touches of yellow, depicting interior figural narrative scenes to the saucers in roundels and to reserves