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A Tibetan ritual water bottle, Ming Dynasty and later, 16th and later, the Chinese silk and fine gold thread kesi cover with a front on Imperial dragon in pursuit of a flaming pearl, mounted with a silver stopper and a woven cotton band attached to an ambe

Chinese silver dragon decorated pepper pot, height 8 cm approx, 30grams approx

Pair of Chinese Tianjin silver candelabra, with removable sconces and impressed STERLING LINSKY marks to base, 12.5 cm high, one has candle branch detached, Linsky's was a jewellery store owned by a local Jewish jeweler Mr Linsky, in Tientsin, Northern

Chinese Tianjin silver serving tongs, with decorative piercing and beading, impressed LINSKY STERLING maker's mark to inside rim, 16.5 cm long, 60 grams approx

Chinese sterling silver serving spoon, with impressed mark to back, 21.5 cm long, 65 grams, tested 900/1000 purity

Chinese silver and bone buckle, with etched figural decoration, width 7 cm approx

Chinese Yu Chang pierced silver basket, (Shanghai and Hong Kong) decorated with scene of dragons, impressed YUCHANG STERLING mark to base, 25.5 cm diameter, 4 cm high, 356 grams approx

Chinese export silver platter, mark of Yuchang, 20th century, of oval shape, marked, approx. Weight 659 grams

Chinese export silver three piece tea service, mark of Zeewo, Shanghai, 20th century, comprising a teapot, a sugar pot and a cream jug, decorated with cherry blossoms, stamped, missing two lids (3), approx. Weight 861 grams

A Chinese silver filigree stone set necklace, set with 5 cabochon tiger's-eye plaque links.

A vintage Chinese silver and stone necklace, set with coral, turquoise and prase beads, length 100 cm.

Chinese silver part fruit set, comprising of 11 knives 16.6 cm long, 11 forks, 5 teaspoons and 1 sugar spoon, impressed STERLING YCC marked (including knife blades), 780 grams approx, tested 950/1000 purity

Chinese silver pierced basket, with scalloped rim and ball feet, impressed maker's mark to base, 31.5 cm x 23 cm, 3.5 cm high approx. 322 grams approx, tested 950/1000 purity

Chinese LIFENG & CO pierced silver bowl, with floral and calligraphy scalloped sides and 3 ball feet, impressed marks to base, 23.3 cm diameter , 5.8 cm high, 267 grams approx

Chinese silver 3 piece dressing table set, with impressed STERLING Y.C.C. mark to side of brush

Chinese silver swing handle basket, on 4 feet, with impressed mark to handle, 16 cm wide, 11 cm high approx, 111 grams approx

Chinese silver lidded dish, with pierced side base, bamboo engraved lid and whisky bottle base glass insert, 11.8 cm x 11.8 cm, 144 grams silver approx, tested 950/1000 purity

Chinese silver glove stretchers, with impressed maker's mark, 24 cm long, 136 grams approx, tested 950/1000 purity

Six Chinese silver coffee spoons, with pierced calligraphy finials, 10.7 cm long, 45 grams approx, tested 950/1000 purity

Chinese silver swing handle basket, by Yu Chang of Shanghai and Hong Kong, impressed maker's mark to base, 'RT' engraved to handle, 22 cm x 13 cm, 14.5 cm high, 192 grams approx

Pair of Chinese antique silver napkin rings, decorated with applied dragon figures, tested 950/1000 purity, 73 grams approx

Chinese dragon decorated silver serving trowel, with pierced utensil and raised decoration to handle, 21.4 cm long,, impressed maker's mark, 102 grams approx, tested 950/1000 purity

Chinese silver swing handle basket, with 3 ball feet, impressed mark to inside of handle, 15.5 cm wide, 11 cm high approx, 107 grams approx

Six Chinese Ye Ching silver spoons, with calligraphy finials, with impressed YE CHING STERLING marks, 14.3 cm long, 92 grams approx

Chinese silver swing handle basket, with pierced dragon design, impressed STERLING mark to base, 18 cm wide, 12 cm high

Pair of Chinese silver vases, with maker's mark to base, vase bases out of shape, 21 cm high aprox, 325 grams approx

Pair of Chinese Ye Ching silver napkin rings, with impressed mark to inside, 4.8 cm wide, 56 grams approx

A collection of thirty Chinese hairpins, late Qing dynasty, late 19th-early 20th century, in silver, gilt, coral and semi precious stone and kingfisher feathers

A Chinese Jianyao hare's fur temmoku tea bowl, Song dynasty (960-1279), the heavily potted conical bowl covered inside and out with a thick lustrous black-brown glaze, finely streaked with russet 'hare's fur' marking below the slightly everted russet-brown

A Chinese 'marriage' necklace of hardstone, jade, and silver beads, Late Qing dynasty to Republic period, 57 cm long fully extended, the jade bangle 3.2 cm diam., beads varying from 0.7 cm to 2.5 cm diam., 215g. Provenance: NSW private collection,

A Chinese silver four-piece service, 19th/20th century, (4), comprising a teapot and cover, a milk jug, a two handled sugar basin and a tray, each piece supported on a widely splayed foot and decorated in relief on a finely punched ground with leafy bamboo

A Chinese silver three-piece service, 19th/20th century, (3), comprising a teapot and cover, a milk jug and a two handled sugar basin, each piece decorated in relief on a finely punched ground with flowering chrysanthemum sprays and centred with a raised m

A Chinese silver ten-piece service, 19th/20th century, (10), comprising a swing handled kettle and cover on stand with burner, a wood handled coffee pot and cover, a wood handled tea pot and cover, a milk jug, a two handled covered jar, a sugar basin, tong

A Chinese silver bowl, 19th/20th century, with quatrelobed rounded sides springing from a splayed notched foot, incurved to the quatrefoil lipped rim, the sides decorated in relief with a dragon flanked by flowering chrysanthemum and blossoming prunus tree

A Chinese silver swing handled dish, 20th century, marked silver with character marks and additional mark, the shallow bowl with an elegant lightly hammered finish, having a bamboo style edge and a pierced wire work handle, raised on ball feet; hallmarked

Antique Chinese silver gilt dragon pendant, with tigers claw.

Antique Chinese silver parasol handle, by Wang Hing, with dragon decoration, 30.5 cm long (including wood)

Edo 'Shoki the Demon Queller' tsuba unsigned, with a high relief figure of Shoki the Demon Queller with his Chinese sword looming over a cowering oni by a waterfall, under a cherry blossom tree. Highlighted in gold, silver & copper. Set on a ti

A jade pendant necklace, jade disk with spinning internal Chinese character in a perspex window, silver.