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An Ersari Turkoman carpet, Afghanistan, mid 20th century, 310 x 266 cm

A Turkoman rug, with all over geometric decoration, coral ground. Length 148 cm, width 127 cm

Two Tekke Turkoman engsis, Afghanistan, mid 20th century, the largest 144 x 118 cm

Tekke Turkmen rug Northern Persia mid 20th century 133 x 97 cm

A fine Turkoman wool carpet, 20th century Iran, in ruby red with tan, white and black accents, having an allover Bukhara print enclosed by multiple narrow guards of hooks and arches and wide borders with bold diamonds and further gul motifs. Length 224 cm.

A Tekke Turkoman 'engsi' rug, Northeast Iran, 180 x 127 cm

A Tekke Turkoman runner, north-east Iran, late-twentieth century, 240 x 90 cm

A tekke Turkoman 'engsi', Afghanistan, 218 x 166 cm

Persian hand knotted Turkman rug. Traditional blue pattern. 185 x 115 cm

Iranian Turkman hand knotted rug cream and brown tones, 187 x 118 cm approx, with certificate

Afghani Turkmen rug (red & black colours) 300cm long x 200cm wide

A Turkoman asmalyk, Yomud, mid 19th century. 70 x 130 cm

A Turkoman engsi, Northeast Iran, 20th century

An old finely knotted Turkoman rug of traditional design, the field decorated with rows of gul motifs enclosing 'H' designs with multiple narrow border guards, in typical colours of red, dark blue and old ivory. Ex. a Dutch architectural firm's display roo

A Turkoman style wool rug with geometric medallions on a red field. 170 x 122 cm

Fine old Turkmen hand knotted rug with wool warp and weft, classic Turkmen guls and a lovely border.possibly Tekke in origin

Kashmir Pakistan fine woolen carpet with olive tones, 270 cm x 185 cm approx. Turkman diamond gold pattern, very fine lamb's wool on cotton.

An antique Turkoman wool rug with repeating octagonal hook patterns on a faded red ground. Length 175 cm. Width 95 cm

A large antique Turkoman wool prayer rug sun faded. Length 144 cm. Width 100 cm

An antique Turkoman wool prayer rug with repeating geometric hook pattern on a brown and blue ground. Worn condition. Length 114 cm. Width 96 cm

An antique Turkoman wool rug with repeating floral and diamond motifs on a faded red ground. Length 140 cm. Width 80 cm

A small antique Turkoman wool rug with two central medallions on a deep red ground. Length 110 cm. Width 88 cm

An antique Turkoman wool rug with repeating geometric designs on a faded red ground. Worn condition. Length 164 cm. Width 114 cm

An Afghan Turkoman rug, 20th century, 120 x 75 cm

Turkmen Kilim, dark red ground with bands of colour and narrow bands of chevrons

Turkmen rug: hand knotted red & black geometric patterned vintage rug of impressive proportions. 5.6m x 3.9m

A Turkoman asmalyk, Yomud, mid 19th century, 70 x 130 cm

A Tekke Turkoman rug, mid 19th century, 230 x 93 cm

A Saryk Turkoman rug, circa 1900, 155 x 97 cm

A Tekke Turkoman rug, engsi type, circa 1910, 149 x 132 cm

A pair of Tekke Turkoman bag faces, circa 1870, 84 x 36 cm

A Turkoman Ersari flat-weave bag face, circa 1890, 99 x 31 cm