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A pair of Duesbury Derby figures. Slight damage. 12 cm high.

A pair of Duesbury Derby figures, modelled of a lady and gent. 16 cm high.

A Derby rococo figure of Neptune, circa 1780, with an incised mark, rarely seen on figures, and pattern number 299, the dramatically moulded figure of an animated Neptune upon a shell and flanked by a dolphin, raised upon a shell encrusted and rocaille bas

A Derby candlestick figure of gallant, circa 1780, 25 cm high

Derby 18th century figure of Fame the winged figure wearing flower decorated robes, holding a wreath, on shell moulded & scrolled base edged in gilt & turquoise. Condition good, expected age wear & possible restoration to the leaves. Height 25 cm

Derby 18th century Derby figure of James Quinn in the Role of Falstaff standing on a low scrolled base applied with flowers, wearing a patterned waistcoat to conceal his pot belly, a carefully inscribed innkeeper's account hanging from one pocket, orange b

Pair of antique Derby porcelain figure groups, early 19th century. Approx 17 cm high

A pair of Samson figurines in the manner of Derby, late 19th century, the 'Tailor and his wife' pair, depicting two 18th century attired figures each astride a billy goat, in bright enamel colours and raised upon oval rocaille bases; with blue crossed feat

A Samson figural perfume bottle in the Derby style, late 19th century, in the mid 18th century manner and depicting a female figure as Columbine, holding out her floral decorated skirt and wearing a fetching feathered cap, a gilded collar to the neck, her

A fine and rare Derby biscuit figural group, 'Four Cupids hunting', circa 1770, the four figures carrying various hunting accoutrements around a finely encrusted tree and raised upon a rocky floral base; incised numerals 257 underside. Height 23.5 cm

A Derby figural candlestick, circa 1755-1760, depicting a boy piper attired in floral breeches with a frock coat and hat, decorated in pastel colours including yellow and green and raised upon a mounded rococo base with a supporting tree trunk and encruste

A Derby shepherdess figure, circa 1756-1760, the delightful 'Pale family' figure of an animated shepherdess with a floral skirt and a perky hat and decorated in fresh apple green, pink and lemon tones, a small lamb at her feet and raised upon a footed roco

A Derby figure of 'Minerva', circa 1755-60, the warrior style female figure her right arm raised and her left holding a masked shield, wearing a scale form breastplate, a brimmed feathered hat and a floral skirt with a flowing cape and Roman sandals, raise

A Derby boy figure Emblematic of Summer, circa 1760s, from the Seasons, and depicting a seated boy in breeches and a frock coat in apple green and iron red colours and wearing a wheat ear wreath about his head, holding wheat sheaves in his hands with a sca

A Derby pair of 'Ranelagh Dancers', circa 1760-70, a gallant and his companion, he in a tricorn hat, patterned orange hose with a striped doublet, a floral jacket and cape, she with a pink bodice and floral sprigged skirt, both holding posies, with bocage

A Derby figure of a shepherdess mandolin player, circa 1760s, the seated shepherdess in a floral sprigged dress and a summer hat, in apple green, orange and puce colours upon a flower encrusted tree trunk and base, a well modelled sheep at her side; four p

A Derby figure of a gentleman Bagpiper, circa 1760s, the seated figure attired in iron red floral breeches and a lemon floral frock coat, with a dog at his feet and supported upon a flower encrusted tree trunk and a moulded base; with four patch marks to t

A Derby figure of Minerva, the goddess of war, circa 1760. 34 cm high

A Derby figure of 'Time Clipping the Wings of Love', circa 1760. 30 cm high

A pair of Derby figures of a young lady and her companion, each holding an open sweetmeat box; The Flower Sellers, circa 1760. 23 cm high (2)

A pair of Derby figural candlesticks of a young woman and her companion, circa 1760. 26 cm high (2)

A Derby figure of a bagpiper with a dog and sheep, circa 1760. 28 cm high

A Derby figure of a young lady holding a basket of fruit and flowers, circa 1760. 22 cm high

A pair of Derby figures of a seated boy and girl, emblematic of Spring and Autumn, circa 1760, 12 cm and 13 cm high (2)

A Derby figure of a young man emblematic of Autumn from 'The Classical Seasons', circa 1760. 27 cm high

A Derby figure group 'Jason and Medea at the Altar of Diana', circa 1760. 33 cm high

A pair of Derby figures of 'The Garland Shepherd and Shepherdess' circa 1760. 29 cm high (2)

A pair of Derby figures of 'The Dresden Shepherd and Shepherdess', circa 1760. 23 cm high (2)

A Derby figure of Minerva, the goddess of war, circa 1760. 36 cm high

A Derby figure of Britannia and her lion, circa 1760. 34.5 cm high

A Derby brocage figure of a bagpiper with a dog at his feet, base inscribed No 284, circa 1760. 18 cm high

A Derby figure modelled of Neptune together with a Chelsea Derby figure modelled of a lady. 21 cm & 18.5 cm

A pair of Bloor Derby figures of a shepherd and shepherdess, circa 1825 (4). A pair of Bloor Derby figures of a shepherd and shepherdess, circa 1825 the shepherd modelled standing leaning against a tree stump with a basket of fruit, a seated dog by his fee

A Samson of Paris Porcelain perfume bottle in the Derby style, 19th century, a charming figural bottle with three 18th century attired figures and a small dog in bright enamel colours clambering about a flower encrusted shrub, surmounted by a bee stopper;

A large Derby porcelain figure of Jupiter with eagle, circa 1765-1770, modelled in flowing green cloak and polychrome painted robes, set upon a rococo rocaille base, 39 cm high. Provenance: Purchased from Spencers Antiques Devon, England, 1976.

A Derby porcelain figure of a Gardener, circa 1765-1770, modelled with spade and watering can at foot in front of a stump and floral bocage, set upon a floral encrusted and pierced rocaille base, 25 cm high.

A pair of Derby porcelain figures of musicians, circa 1760-1765. Typically modelled in century dress playing flute, triangle and tambourine, each with floral bocage and stump on a rocaille base, 27 cm height.notes: Purchased from Klabe & Klaber London.

A Derby bisque porcelain figure group, circa 1880. Intricately modelled as cherubs with bird cages and a nest of birds nestled within the foliate branches of a tree and trunk, set upon a shaped base, 24.5 cm high.