These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

A Victorian ivory and Sheffield plated cigar box, mid 19th century. 14 cm high

An antique English arts and crafts oak cigar box with copper mounts, approx 10 cm high, 27 cm wide, 16 cm deep

An Edwardian cigar box, rectangular, with shallow-domed cover. Width 15 cm

Slide rules in timber cases (2), dash mount vintage car clock, blotter, flare gun, World War I period Tel bearing no.10 Mki gun sight, cutlery, cigar case. (15 items)

Another Cheroot case as above painted with young women bathing feet in stream being secretly watched

Another Cheroot case as above painted with young woman being propositioned by a soldier, entitled 'Hesitation'

Early 19th century Brunswick lacquer Cheroot case by Stobwasser painted with young sweethearts watched by maid

Antique French musical cigar box, gilt mounts and musical trophies, approx 29 cm high

A mid 20th century cigar box, rosewood finish with boxwood inlay. Height 11 cm. Length 25 cm. Width 15 cm

Danish rosewood and enamel cigar box by Maria Viktor, signed monogram, on enamel plaque, with cigar cutter. Length 30 cm. Width 22 cm. Height 6.6 cm

Burr wood humidor cigar box. Length 30 cm. Depth 15 cm. Height 10 cm

A colonial burr totara lidded cigar box with two drawers facing opposite ends. W.12 cm. Length 18 cm

A rare novelty cigar case in the form of a cannon, English, 19th century, with musical base, 20 cm high, 24 cm width

French cigar box humidor c. 1900, rosewood decorated with bronze patinated metal mounts. Height 16.5 cm. Width 28.5 cm. Depth 13 cm

A late 19th century Georgian style mahogany cigar box with revolving cigar drawer. Height 22 cm. Length 30 cm. Depth 17 cm.

A large plain ivory cigar box of rectangular shape, length 26 cm

A 19th century ebony strung cigar box with fitted rotated front and interior

A gilded Chinese Cheroot case. Late 19th century, the flattened oval lidded tube covered to all surfaces with a delicate framework of a lace like pattern punctuated by relief flora and fauna motifs constructed with further delicate mesh and coil work. Heig

A mid 19th century ebony cigar box with pietra dura (inlaid marble) top - Continental - 10 inches x 7 inches x 3 inches high

George V cigar box. Maker Elkington & Co 1925 length 21 cm