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English hallmarked sterling silver Victorian travelling Communion set consisting of a gilt wash pierced stem chalice, collet footed paten & a crystal cut wine ewer, set in a velvet lined box. Engraved to the box 'Presented to the Rev. J. W. Town fr

Vintage Indian lacquer ware box, with hunting scene top and floral side decoration, fitted red velour interior, width 32.5 cm x diameter 18 cm x height 17 cm approx

Thai brass and enamel box, decorated with Thai dragon boat and city scene, 18.5 cm x 11 cm approx

Early Indian scene decorated box. Intricate applied bone decoration to lid and sides; with central oval painting of a temple to the lid. Base possibly sandalwood. Losses - as inspected. Height 8 cm width 21 cm and Depth 16 cm

A Chinese silver Republic period cigarette box, embossed with dragons within a key border, 11 cm wide, 5 cm high, 9 cm deep.

Japanese temple donation box circa 1850, 49 cm high, 63 cm wide, 38 cm D

Antique Chinese Ivory puzzle ball on elephant base in box, 21 cm high, 10 cm wide, 8 cm D

Chinese Ivory boat in box, 11 cm high, 12 cm wide overall

An Indian ivory chess set, first half 20th century, carved in characters from the Ramayana viz. Rama vs. Ravana, plain custom-made lined box

Two Chinese archaistic jade scholar objects, 20th century, one in the form of ceremonial axe blade, the other one in the form of 'hu' shaped vase, boxes (one fitted), one with fitted stand, 14.2 cm long (axe blade), 9 cm high (vase)

A Chinese celadon jade ewer and cover, late Qing, late 19th-early 20th century, incised with archaic stylized motifs and relief carved with confronting dragons, with dragon handle and animal spout, fitted hardwood stand and box, 8.8 cm high

A Chinese pale celadon jade twin handled 'Hu' shaped vase, 18th century, finely carved in relief with flowers and foliage, fitted box, 10 cm high

A pair of Chinese copper red dishes, Jiaqing mark and period (1796-1820), covered with a good even dark-red glaze interior and exterior, stopping neatly around the foot, fitted boxes, 14.7 cm diameter

A Japanese silver cigarette box embossed with chrysanthemums by Shigemitsu, circa 1900, signed, 15 cm wide

A carved cinnabar lacquer box and cover, Qing dynasty, late 18th century, the circular box and cover finely carved all over with a millefleurs design, the interior is lacquered black, 6.8 x 3.3 cm

A Japanese lacquer box, 20th century, 38 x 11 x 11 cm

A Chinese silver oblong box and hinged cover, late Qing dynasty, late 19th/early 20th century, embossed and chased with scrolling dragons, stamped 'Kms' and 'He X, 4 cm high, 15.5 cm wide, 4.5 cm deep, 180 grams

A Chinese silver round box, cover and internal tumbler, late Qing dynasty, late 19th/early 20th century, embossed and chased with a warrior on horseback and a farmer, the body with scrolling dragons, the tumbler stamped 'Tong Yi, 6 cm high, 9 cm diamet

A Chinese silver round box and cover, by E. Wyon, late Qing dynasty, late 19th/early 20th century, embossed and chased with scrolling dragons, stamped 'E.Wyon, 7.5 cm diameter, 5 cm high, 120 grams, See Chinese Export Silver 1785 to 1885 by Ha Crosby F

A Japanese metal tsuba, sword guard & knife handle, stored in a paulowmia wood presentation box [2], Length 9.5 cm

Chinese green hardstone lidded box, carved in the form of a Buddha hand fruit, on wooden stand, height 5 cm width 18 cm. Provenance: the Estate of Mary Smart

19th century Burmese lacquered round box measures 12.8 cm x 9 cm high. Provenance collection Ex Australian diplomat

Russan Art Nouveau painted lacquer box signed measures 14 cm long

Fine Chinese Canton enamel butterfly box, both wings open to show separate compartments, 5.5 cm high x17.5 cm wide, 11 cm deep

17th / 18th century Tibetan lama prayer scroll box leather (yak skin) cantered / tapered shape, with metal mounts, 18 cm high, 25 cm wide, 14 cm deep

Colonial silver box, chased with Buddha's in different dancing poses, either Indian or Burmese, approx 66.7g, approx 4 cm high, 6 cm dia, silver weight approx 66.78 cm weight

'Sir Henry MacNash Ten' Indian 19th century box embroided raised gold embroidery on velvet, approx 11 cm high, 26 cm wide, 16 cm deep

Indian dowry box, carved hard wood with metal mounts, approx 22 cm high, 36 cm wide, 25 cm deep

A Burmese lacquer Tiffin box, 20th century, with fine lacquer detail. Height 38.5 cm

A c.1890 Chinese silver Wing Nam & Co. circular lidded vanity box, relief sinuous dragon decoration on plain ground, silvered interior, impressed maker's marks to base. 186gms. Diameter 9.3 cm

A late 19th century Chinese silver vanity box by Tuck Chang, circular form with finely embossed sinuous dragon amongst clouds to the lid and sides, impressed maker's marks. Diameter 5.6 cm

An early 20th century Chinese silver heart form trinket box, relief embossed and decorated with sinuous dragon framing a heart form cartouche, gilded interior, embossed character mark and 'KPG'. 142gms. Width 82, height 6 cm

Early Chinese lacquer ware box top decorated with figural scene, 15 cm x 18 cm approx

A Chinese elm floor box. Reputedly for rice storage, a rustic lidded box with simple framed panels to all sides, rounded to the edges and extending to short feet. Height 50 cm. Length 97 cm. Width 88 cm

A set of Japanese miniature scales, tortoise shell tray, hand held by bone measuring bar, in a fitted box. Length 23 cm

A Japanese lacquer box, 18th / 19th century, decorated with flowers and foliage in gold Takemie, and Takemakie on gold Nashiji ground with silver rims. Height 3.2 cm. Width 9 cm. Depth 8 cm