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Classical garden statue and pedestal, approx 135 cm high

Old English composite stone classical garden statue of a draped young maiden, 117 cm high

A fine pair of cast bronze Porch lions, a naturalistically cast duo of seated lions with a fine patina. Height 78 cm. Width 64 cm

A Louis XV style composite stone garden sculpture, 19th century, modelled as two putto one holding a dove, 110 cm high

A pair of terracotta lion garden statues, circa 1870, 97 cm high

Composite stone garden figure of a pan playing a flute, approx. 70 cm h

A reconstituted stone garden figure of a kid, 61 cm high, 74 cm long and 33 cm wide

A pair of reconstituted stone eagle garden sculptures, 84 cm high

A reconstituted stone garden figure of a Satyr's torso, 90 cm high, 64 cm wide, 45 cm deep

A pair of reconstituted stone garden figures of seated whippets, 80 cm high

A large classical style composite statue of a Bacchanalian figure, a large classical style composite statue of a Bacchanlian figure, the standing figure modelled in contrapposto stance, holding aloft a wine goblet, a bunch of grapes in his right hand, toge

Large garden statue of a young maiden standing on a foliate decorated base, height 197 cm

A pair of large concrete garden statues, in the form of crouching greyhounds, on concrete plinth bases. 13 cm x 17 cm x 40 cm

A pair of large composite stone recumbent lions, approx 40 cm high, 70 cm long, 30 cm wide

A bronze figure modelled of a young girl with a tambourine. 140 cm high.

A pair of French terracotta figures modelled of a young boy and girl in traditional costume having upraised hands. Possibly holding a flag. Supported on plinths. Sculpture August Bonnetaud Nadaud (1835-1889). 195 cm high.

A pair of composite stone figures of putti on a C scroll, each approx 90 cm high (2)

An old composite stone garden figure of an angel asleep in a clam shell, approx 27 cm high, 40 cm wide, 30 cm deep

Large pair of composite stone entrance lions, seated position, each approx 70 cm high (2)

Pair of English composite stone 'Hunting hound' entrance dogs, each approx 72 cm high (2)

A pair of large reconstituted stone seated Mastiffs. 95 cm high

A reconstituted figure of a tortoise. approx. 40 cm high, 70 cm long,

An impressive pair of reconstituted stone recumbent lions. 70 cm high, 132 cm long, 43 cm wide

Pair composite stone entrance lions, approx 42 cm high, 83cm long (2)

A composite stone garden statue nude putti with flower garland on a sea scroll base

Pair of old composite stone seated lions, approx 80 cm high (2)

A set of four limestone putti emblematic of the seasons, 19th century each carrying attributes of the season, on square form bases (4) 72 cm high

A small pair of composite lion figures each modelled seated on its haunches, 55 cm high

A pair of reconstituted stone lion figures each modelled in a seated position, 56 cm high

A pair of composite stone hounds on plinths the seated and collared animals on integral bases, 80 cm high; raised on classically moulded plinths, 79 cm high

A stone Discobolus after the antique by Myron, 171 cm high

A pair of composite lions on stands each standing figure naturalistically cast, raised on a steel plinth, the figures; 103 x 90 cm, each plinth; 107. 5 x 100. 5 x 46 cm

A pair of George III silver sauce tureens by Joseph Hardy, London 1812, each of waisted rectangular form with gadrooned rims, the stepped cover with acanthus ring handle and scrolling leaf mount, the body with twin handles, engraved with armorials and cres

A carved and painted rubber tyre garden sculpture, 20th century