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A Chinese carved agate seated Happy Buddha, on shaped wood stand [2]. Height 9 cm

A root wood carving in an Irregular form Echoing the shape of the natural twisted Roots, Meiji period [1868-1912], the sculpture has a rich patina & texture, used as a Kadai, display stand, shaped wood objects, henboku are appreciated in china & Ja

Impressive natural root sculpture, on carved wooden stand (A/F), height 90 cm

Chinese carved wood figure of Buddha, seated in dhyansana with right hand held in shuni mudra, dressed in loose robes (A/F), height 42 cm

A large and impressive Chinese rosewood or hongmu wood carved statue of Shao Xing, the god of longevity stands accompanied by children and foo dogs, holds in his right hand a peach, a double string of mala beads slung from his wrist, a crane flies amongst

A mallee root carved bowl signed T.W. Jasper, 2007, 22 cm high

A life-size Chinese mythical figure, painted carved wood, wearing armour & an apron carved as a fierce face & the tail of a fish, appears to be holding an umbrella. Height 155 cm

A Chinese carved soapstone Recumbent deer, mid 20th century, with carved ebonised wood base. Height 13 cm. Length 17 cm

Early Chinese carved wood deity figure. Temple figure of Daoist deity. On stand, probably 19th century.crack to figure & some worm damage. Provenance: Australian collector. Height 29 cm (figure only)

Three carved Chinese amber and root amber snuff bottles, 6 cm, 6.1 cm, and 7 cm high (3)

A Chinese carved boxwood ruyi scepter, Qing Dynasty, 19th century, 34 cm long

Antique carved rosewood root footstool ornately carved base, small loss to one of the legs, 30 cm high, 37 cm diameter

A Chinese iron cast lacquer figure of ?nanda, possibly Ming Dynasty (1368-1643), 49.5 cm high, together with a Chinese wood carved lacquer figure of a Buddha, 36 cm high

A Japanese Tanto, blade made by Taikei Naotane, 19th century, Kozuka made by Kanesada of Seki, minuki made of Shakudo with gold inlaid dragons with silver foiled habaki, gold dragon pattern inlaid to the Fuchi and Kashira, the tsuba with floral designs, la

Four late 19th/20th century Chinese wood carved panels featuring gilt relief carving of flowers and birds., each panel 45.5 x 92 cms.

A pair of Chinese rock crystal carvings of birds, with wood stands. Length 8 cm

A Phallic Mask, Yao, Southern China, (circa 1900), carved wood and pigment, 29 cm high

A Death Mask, Monpa, East Bhutan, (early twentieth century), carved wood and pigment, 25 cm high. Provenance: Private Collection. Acquired from above by Dr Peter Elliott, in 1994, Used in the dance to the Lama after his death.

Chinese carved boxwood figure table lamp. Electrified. Height 40 cm (total figure)

Large standing Buddha 20th century carved and gilded wood with applied mirrored bead decoration, on lotus base mounted to a plinth. Height 165 cm

A hardwood brushrest Qing dynasty resembling zitan, carved as a mountainous landscape with a figure in a sampan beneath a gnarled pine tree and others on the shore, the dark wood with smooth dark patina 20.5 cm long

A red lacquered and gilded carved wood Amitabha Buddha, modelled seated in dhyana mudra, his coiffure formed with multiple whorls spread over his head along with a pronounced urna. Height 33 cm

A gilt wood Japanese figure of The Buddha, Shakyamuno, Edo period, The standing figure with well carved serene face and tightly curled hair in copper, his right hand raised in vitarka mudra, the left arm lowered, dressed in crisply flowing robes opened to

Japanese red lacquer inro with perching eagle decoration, agate ojime, and carved boxwood netsuke of two eggplants

A Cambodian temple Buddha image, possibly 19th century, mounted on stand, carved wood, very worn condition, signs of an old gilt finish Provenance: from the private collection of an Australian diplomat, collected throughout Asia in the 1980's and 1990's. H

Chinese carved wood twin face bead bracelet of the immortals

A Balinese carved Rootwood stand, Garuda, decorated with various dieties, ten heads total, 66 x, 59.5 cm high

An 18th century painted carved wood Guanyin statue, depicting the 'Goddess of Mercy', seated on a lion in the posture of 'Delassement Royale', 29 cm high

A turquoise carving of a maiden and boy the maiden with an open book in her left hand and a fan in the right, seated in front of her companion standing beside a banana palm and with a crane perched to one side, wood stand (2) 7.7 cm high

Carved boxwood ruyi sceptre, finely carved with entwined lingzhi mushrooms. Height 32 cm

A Chinese carved wood figure of Quan Yin, the figure seated cross-legged in 'Dhyanasana', with the left hand raised in 'Abhaya mudra', the head crowned with a richly decorated diadem featuring the Amitabha Buddha in the centre, Guanyin's loose tendrils of

Good Japanese green cloisonne five section inro the cloisonne with all over flowers and leaves design and carved signed boxwood Noh netsuke inro measures 7.8 x 5.8 cm and netsuke 4.9 cm

Eastern carved wood Buddha. Paint loss & some cracking to base. Height 46 cm

Indian wood carved plaque. Deity with attendants. 11 x 18 cm

A pair of carved zitan stands, Qing dynasty each of rectangular form, the panelled top above a shaped apron on either side carved in the form of a stylised bat with wings outstretched, the moulded ends extending down to form the sides, terminating in incur

A Vietnamese Buddha seated in lotus position wood carved, metallic enamel. Enamel chipped in parts. Provenance: From a private collection, Sydney. Purchased in Hanoi 1981. 50 cm high

Blue and white covered ginger jar, decorated with precious objects, character marks and red seal to base, on carved wood stand, height 18.5 cm

Chenxiang wood ruyi sceptre carved in a lingzhi shape, measures 36.5 cm long.

A Chinese rock crystal geode with carved and polished decoration of birds and prunus blossom. On wood stand. Length 17 cm