Learn about Scent Bottles

In Victorian days scent bottles were often made of pressed glass, with silver or silver-plate rims and cut glass or imitation cut glass stoppers.

Generally, the customer purchased the bottle empty and had it filled by a chemist or perfumier, as ready filled bottles of perfume were not yet on the market.

The variety of shapes was enormous. The larger scent bottles were made in the shape of flagons or decanters. In the 1870s a new design appeared, the double ended bottle. This was a slim cylindrical bottle with a round or polygonal surface. Some were produced in clear glass, some coloured dark blue, red, green, or yellow, and some were decorated in the Nailsea style. At each end were silver or plated caps, which were heavily chased or moulded. One half of the bottle was for scent and usually had a screw cap, while the other end was hinged, often spring loaded for fast access, and was for smelling salts.

Some bottles hinged in the middle, and when you opened them there was the grating of a vinaigrette on one side and on the other a recess with a glass-covered photograph. more...
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An Art Deco silver and lilac floral guilloche enamel scent bottle by Charles Thomas of Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA, circa 1920, 5 cm high

Sterling silver topped perfume bottle group in sterling silver container with guilloche enamel lids, hallmarked Birmingham 1915, 7 cm high

Art Deco silver plate and green enamel cased toilet set, comprising a brush, three lidded jars and a perfume bottle

Two sterling silver and enamel perfume bottles with crystal base, hallmarked Birmingham 1926 and 1939 (one slight a/f to enamel)

A pair sterling silver and enamel perfume bottles, hallmarked London 1920, with pink enamel top and cut glass base. Height 18 cm approx

A Russian silver-gilt and cloisonne enamel scent bottle, mark of Grigory Sbitnev, Moscow 19th century with floral and foliate tendril roundels on a scale ground, 8.5 cm high.

Russian enamel and gilded silver perfume bottle 20th century decorated with flowers on black ground, hallmarked. Height 15.5 cm

Two silver mounted scent bottles, one of bulbous shape with pink enamel top. Chester 1913; the other of oblong shape with silver top and pierced silver stand. Birmingham 1914

S. Mordan & Co, Ceramic and Silver Scent Bottles, with hand painted enamel bird decoration, in the shape of binoculars,C1880s, hheight 7 cm approx. (as inspected)

Early tulip shape enamel perfume bottle. Internal glass bottle with stopper. Blossom decoration on pink ground. Possibly 19th century. Height 8 cm

S .Mordan & Co, Ceramic and Silver Scent Bottles with hand painted enamel bird decoration, in the shape of binoculars,C1880s, H7 cm approx. (as inspected)

A Victorian deep amethyst glass scent phial, horn shape, with gilded and enamel decoration, brass top with possibly a metal mounted sleeve repair to base.

A Moser and sterling silver perfume bottle, 1880s with later silver mounts, the tear drop shaped bottle in clear aqua finely enamel painted with hops flowers and foliage and with a screw on spherical top; hallmarked to neck and collar. Length 14 cm

A petite French enamel perfume bottle, late 19th century, of cylindrical form with a hinged lid, with a small red clad figure playing a mandolin, having the original glass stopper and with silver mounts. Height 6 cm.

A 19th century Bohemian ruby glass perfume bottle, ten-sided squat baluster shape with knopped neck, conforming mouth and stopper, decorated with overlaid white enamel and highlighted with gilt decoration of vine leaves, flowers and swags. Height 15 cm

A pair of cut glass and silver perfume bottles, 19th century. 10 cm high and a circular enamel dressing table clock. 8 cm diameter

A French 'Mont Joye' glass perfume bottle, early 20th century, the straight sided bottle with an internal rib pattern, a waisted neck and flared rim beautifully enamel painted with violets and fine gilt embellishments, the rim and dome glass stopper as if

A gilt, enamel and blue glass scent bottle with gilt mount, chain and finger ring. Length 7.2 cm

Gilded and enamel scent bottle, with a central portrait miniature of a maiden and two floral tablets, gilded base and stopper, Austrian, 19th century. Height 26 cm

Pair of large glass perfume bottles in leather travelling case, with guilloche enamel and sterling silver lids, hallmarked Birmingham 1920, height 17 cm (in case)

A Victorian scent bottle, the green ribbed body with pinched waisted neck, decorated with white and pink enamel twirls. Height 12 cm

A Russian silver and enamel napkin ring and three silver and silver mounted Victorian perfume bottles

Sterling silver perfume bottle with yellow enamel guilloche lid. Birmingham 1921

Pair of potpourri perfume bottles, silver mounts marked Paris, in Limoge enamel. Height 9 cm

A Victorian chatelaine scent bottle with enamel flower decoration