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A device for extinguishing a candle, usually made of silver or silver plate, and sometimes ceramic. There are two types, the first in the shape of a cone that is placed over the the top of candle and smothers the flame, also known as an extinguisher. The cone shaped snuffer may be part of a candlestick or have its own stand. The second type is similar to a pair of scissors with a small box on one of the blades into which the wick falls when it is cut. Prior to the invention of snuffless candles in the 1820s, this type of snuffer was used to trim the wick of the tallow candles (also called "snuffing") that were in use at that time, so that they did not become too long. With the snuffles candle, the newly developed plaited wick bent into the flame as it burnt, and was fully consumed. This type sometimes comes with an accompanying stand or tray. However the two components may have been separated, and a new name found for the snuffer tray, such as a pen tray.
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Royal Worcester 'Mrs Caudle' candle snuffer 6.8 cm high approx

Two Royal Worcester candle snuffers, comprising of the French Cook and Granny snow

A rare Wedgwood blue and white jasper candlestick and snuffer, English, 19th century, candlestick 6 cm high; 11 cm diameter

A Royal Worcester candle snuffer, 'Diffidence', modelled as the Swedish soprano Jenny Lind (1820-87) with a nightingale's head holding a musical score. Stamped and dated 1954. Height 10 cm

A Royal Worcester candle snuffer 'Toddie', a young boy wearing an oversized coat and turquoise bobble hat, stamped and dated 1976. Height 10 cm

Five Royal Worcester candle snuffers including Toddy, Mr Caudle and Feathered Hat. (5)

A Royal Worcester candle snuffer, 1922, 'The Witch' carrying a broom and wearing a bright orange coat, a peaked black hat and a sour expression; puce marks to the interior. Height 9.5 cm

A Royal Worcester candle snuffer, 1903, 'Mrs Caudle', a garrulous character popularised in 'Punch' magazine during the mid-19th century wearing a peaked bonnet with a blue bow and a blue bow to her neck; puce marks to the interior. Height 7 cm

Royal Worcester antique porcelain candle snuffer, in the form of a nun. Puce mark, C:1910

A Royal Worcester candle snuffer, c.1896. Height 7.5 cm

A Royal Worcester candle snuffer, c.1954. Height 8 cm

A Royal Worcester candle snuffer. Height 9 cm. (restored)

A Royal Worcester candle snuffer, c.1910. Height 7.9 cm

A Royal Worcester perfume bottle, circa 1890, painted with a bird, gilt mark, 8.5 cm length; and a candle snuffer, 1903 of a lady with a scarf and cap; and four Worcester miniature mugs. two painted with scenes and two with flowers. (6)

Royal Worcester porcelain monk candle snuffer 12.5 cm, height

A Royal Worcester nun candle snuffer, traditionally modelled with a triangular form hat, black, grey and white dominant tones, puce mark, 1912. Height 9.5 cm

A rare pair of possibly early Minton candle snuffers, modelled of a man and woman each wearing hats and brightly coloured period costume. Height 7 cm

Pair of antique Royal Worcester 'Winter Time boy & girl' candle snuffers, registration devices