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1932-33 Bodyline Tour: 'The Sporting Globe Cricket Book 1932-3' by Baillie [Melbourne, 1932]. Fair/Good condition. Scarce 'Body-Line' tour guide.

Abc Cricket Books (38) from 1947-92, plus other cricket books/tour guides (16) including 'Souvenir of Australian Cricket Tour 1930', golf book.

Limited edition cricket books, by Ronald Cardwell, noted 'The Fifty Best Australian Cricket Books of All Time' (36/50) [Sydney, 2006], 'James Lilywhite's XI in Goulburn 1876' (31/111) [Sydney, 2007], 'On Tour with Brian Booth' (

Limited edition cricket books, by Mike Batty, 'Bill Bernau and the New Zealand Cricket Tour of England 1927' (85/99) [Auckland, 2001], 'Hardly Annuals - William Henry Newton and the New Zealand Cricketers' Annual' (30/33) [Auckland, 2

Pakistan cricket books, noted 'Encyclopedia of Pakistan Cricket 1947-48 to 2004' by Baloch & Parvez [Pakistan, 2005], 'Babes of Cricket to World Champion' by butt [Karachi, 1996], 'Cornered Tigers - a History of Pakistan's Test

Cricket books, noted 'Cricket Cigarette and Trade Cards' by Deadman [London, 1985], 'Men in White - the History of New Zealand International Cricket: By Neely, King & Payne [Auckland, 1986], 'A History of West Indies Cricket' by Ma

A Bibliography of cricket' by Padwick [1st edition, London, 1977], plus 'Padwick's Bibliography of Cricket Vol.II' by Eley & Griffiths [London, 1991].

Limited edition cricket books, noted 'The International Aboriginal Cricketers V Illawarra' by Fleming (218/300) [NSW, 1968], 'The West Indian Tour of England 1906' by Wolstenholme (280/500) [UK, 1992], 'Horan's Diary - the Australia

Thick volume titled on spine 'Pamphlets on Cricket', containing 'Cricket and Cricketers in 1875' ('John Lillywhite's Cricketer's Companion For 1876'), Plus 'James Lillywhite's Cricketers' Annual' for 1877, 18

Limited edition Bradman's Invincibles photograph 1909/2000, 101 cm wide, 71 cm high

Six volumes: NSW Cricket Association Year Book

Three large pictorial volumes, 'The Noblest game: a book of fine cricket prints', 'Harrods a Palace in Knightsbridge', '50 Masterpieces of Photography by Dr Julian Smith.

Charles Henry Kerry (1857-1928), Charles Kerry Photographs of Norfolk Island and Fiji, 52 albumen prints circa 1890 affixed in later album, subjects include The Old Jail Kingston(e), Cricket Ground, Norfolk Island, Bloody Bridge, Norfolk Island, Cutting in

Fred Kruger (1831-1888), Fine Art Photographs of Victoria, Australia - Fred Kruger, Gold Medallist, A fine leather bound album with gold embossed titles to front cover containing a collection of 67 albumen photographic prints, the subjects include Ballarat

Wisdens & cricket books: 'Wisden Cricketers Almanack' (16) for 1951, 1957-59, 1961-70, 1998 && 2003, plus cricket books (6) including 'The Paddock that Grew' by Dunstan [Melbourne, 1962] & 'Cricket for South Africa'

ABC cricket books, 67 issues from 1947-48 to 2013-14, plus other tour guides (11). Fair/VG condition

Victor Trumper/ Don Bradman: Original letter dated 24th June 1985 from Don Bradman to Ashley Mallett on 'Sir Donald Bradman Ac' letterhead, with Bradman declining Mallett's invitation to launch his book on Victor Trumper, as he had declined to

'Imperial Cricket', by P.F.Warner [London, 1912], large format, top edge gilt, subscribers' limited edition of 900 copies. Fair/Good condition. Ex MCC Library.

Cricket Notes, by William Bolland Esq. With A Letter containing Practical Hints, by William Clark' [1st edition, London, 1851]. Fair/Good condition.

P.F.Warner Cricket Books, noted 'Cricket in Many Climes' [London, 1900], 'Cricket Across The Seas' [London, 1903], 'How We Recovered the Ashes' [London, 1904], 'The Fight for the Ashes in 1926' & 'The Fight for the A

'World of Cricket. 50 Years of Cricket. England v. Australia. Colony v. Colony, 1856 to 1895' by Ironside [Sydney, 3rd edition, 1895], rebound in dark green cloth (without original wrappers). Fair/Good condition. Rare (Padwick 3419 & 4371 - thi

'The Cricket Field' magazine, Volume 1 Nos.1-24 in bound volume [London, 1892]. Fair/Good condition.

Cricket Chat: Gleanings from 'Cricket' during 1884-85. Portraits & Biographies of Eminent Cricketers' [London, 1886], rebound in grey covers. Fair/Good condition.

Team Sheets Album No.2: c1996-2001 team sheets in album, noted Derbyshire (5), Durham (5), Essex (2), Glamorgan (5), Gloucestershire (4), Hampshire (4), Kent (6), Lancashire (6), Leicestershire (3), Middlesex (3), Northamptonshire (4), Notts (5), Somerset

Team Sheets Album No.1: c1985-94 team sheets in album, noted NSW (5), Qld (2), SA (5), Tas (2), Vic (23), WA (3). Derby (1), Durham (2), Essex (3), Glam (1), Glos (2), Hampshire (1), Kent (2), Lancs (1), Leics (4), Middlesex (2), Northants (4), Notts (3),

Captains of the Green & Gold 1877-2002, full size Cricket Bat with 22 etched signatures & 13 genuine signatures including Bill Brown, Arthur Morris, Richie Benaud & Adam Gilchrist. Limited edition 45/100. Superb condition.

A Bibliography of Cricket' by Padwick [London, 1984]. plus 'Padwick's Bibliography of Cricket Vol.II' by Eley & Griffiths [London, 1991]. Also range of J.W.McKenzie book catalogues (87). Fair/Good condition.

'The Lord's Taverners Sticky Wicket Book', special edition for 1980 Centenary Test Dinner, with caricature & signature of Harry Secombe inside. Bookplate of Sam Loxton.

Limited edition cricket books by Cardwell - 'The A.I.F. Cricket Team' [privately printed, Sydney, 1980]. 'A Cameo from the Past - The Life and Times of H.S.T.L.Hendry' [Sydney, 1984] (signed Stork Hendry & Bill O'Reilly). 'The M

Don Bradman, folder that includes 10 signed items - 'In Quest of the Ashes 1934'. State Library of SA booklets 'The Bradman Collection' (2). book 'Our Don Bradman - The Don at the SCG'. Bradman Museum brochure. 1998 South Africa v B

Cricket bails made from HMS Victory timber 'Victory Oak Cricket Bails' limited edition 160/500 with certificate of authenticity and presentation box, made from oak salvaged from HMS Victory (Admiral Lord Nelson, Battle of Trafalgar 1805)

Cricket Books, noted 'James Lillywhite's Cricketers' Annual' for 1892 && 1898;And Then Came Larwood' by Mailey (signed twice by Harold Larwood), 'Defending the Ashes 1932-1933' by Wilmot, 'Bodywhine!' by Blundell & Branson (missing covers). Poor/G conditio

Books, noted Guns/Shooting (37), Fishing (7), Cricket (15), Olympics (2 - both signed & endorsed by authors), horseracing (4), others (5)

Cricket Library, noted books (184) with 'The Paddock That Grew - The story of the Melbourne Cricket Club' by Dunstan [Melbourne, 1974], 'The Story of Warwickshire Cricket' by Duckworth [London, 1974], plus tour guides (18) & magazines (24)

Don Bradman, 'The Bradman Albums' [Sydney, 1987], two volumes in slip-case, each volume signed twice by Bradman

Eric Hollies, nice signature in his book 'I'll Spin You A Tale' [London, 1955], plus signature on insurance form. [Eric Hollies played 13 Tests for England 1934-50, and is most remembered for bowling Don Bradman for a duck in his last Test innings]

Signed Cricket Books, noted 'The Fight for the Ashes 1932-33' signed by J.B.Hobbs & endorsed to Bill Ferguson, 'The Challenging Tests' signed by Ray Lindwall, 'Following On' signed by Alec & Eric Bedser. Poor/Fair condition

1930 Australian Tour to England: Glarrie Grimmett's photograph album, containing 12 press photographs from the Test matches, with page of captions

Shane Warne: Photographs 'Ball of the Century' by Patrick Eagar, signed on mount by Shane Warne, limited edition 365 & 366/500, each 63 x 41 cm

Signed Cricket Books, noted 'Time to Declare' by Mark Taylor, 'Beating the Field' by Brian Lara, 'White Cap and Bails' by Dickie Bird, 'Rhythm and Swing' by Richard Hadlee

Tour Guides: Abc Cricket Books (22) from 1962-63 to 1985, other tour guides (7). Fair/G