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Albumen is the material found in egg whites, and used to make meringues. However in 1850 the Frenchman Louis Desire Blanquart-Evrard invented a method creating a photographic image using egg whites as a binder, together with silver nitrate and other chemicals, and the albumen print was born. The albumen print became the dominant photographic printing process for the next fifty years, until the technique was superceded by the introduction of Kodak's Brownie camera. Characteristics of albumen prints are the surface gloss, a reddish brown or purple image tonings and sometimes a cracking of the albumen binder.

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G P Wright - ";Brisbane Illustrated" Brisbane Principal Buildings and Country Homestead, also Northern Territory. Albumen paper prints laid down on boards., 15 loose photos, each 20.5 x 26.5cm average, The photographer George Parkinson Wright was ac

Charles Bayliss (1850-1897) photographer: Albumen prints of Melbourne (with several of maritime and shipping interest), Sydney, Geelong and a few foreign. 85 photographs, various sizes, smallest 11 x 16 cm to largest 22 x 27 cm.

Group of 9 albumen photographs of an Australian dam construction, each mounted on brown card, early 20th century. Photo size 15.5 x 20.5 cm

Photographs. New South Wales' leather bound collection of sepia albumen images tipped into the album. (Sydney: Charles Potter, Government Printer), 1889. Album of mounted (100) albumen silver print photographs. Oblong quarto, full blue morocco blind stampe

Group of 14 albumen photographs of Australian scenes mounted on card including examples by Kerry, 19th century. 25 x 29.5 cm each

The Far East, Black, John Reddie, a monthly Journal, R. Black (editor), Shanghai, August 1876- July 1877 illustrated with 79 original silver albumen photographs mounted on card with printed borders and captions, half leather binding, faults to spine, front

19th century European tourist photo album. 34 leaves pasted both sides with published albumen photo prints. Mostly Florence with architectural views & Art works. All photos are titled. Albumen photographs. 19 x 25 cm (each)

Portrait of Guide Susan wearing a hei-tiki, circa 1900 albumen print signed with initials JM, imprinted title and number 175 20 cm x 14 cm

Kerry & Jones 5 various early photographs. 'Cedar Team on the Richmond' & Delivering safe door to Commonwealth Bank 1924, hall & Co. Contemporary print, very stained; Metropole Hotel 1901, possibly Goverment Printer, later print; George St. Looking south.

Photograph album. 'Photographs Illustrating the Earliest Times New South Wales,' by Charles Potter. Government Printer. C.1893. Containing 59 original albumen print photographs of early watercolours & engravings, commencing in 1770.

Photograph album, by John Paine (et al.) full leather, containing 30 large format albumen print photographs. Images include Government house, Sydney; Public works office, Sydney; four views of the sham naval fight on Sydney harbour, staged by the detached

Holtermann, Bernard (German/Australian1838-1885) La Perouse Monument, c.1870s. Albumen photograph 21 x 26 cm

Early photograph 'Steamboat Jetty and Bathing Houses, From Esplanade, Queenscliff [Victoria]' albumen photograph 25 x 38 cm

A good historical New Zealand and Pacific 19th century photograph album, includes: Fiji Islands, 26 albumen prints, 'Fijian Cannibal Feast', signed and other portraits, 'Making Kava', 'Fijians selling produceĀ» etc., mostly 13.9 cm x 20.2 cm; 11 albumen and

Native odalisque. An original albumen photograph showing a Western pose, 1890s. Albumen photograph. 15 x 25 cm

Henry King (1855-1923) Albumen photo, sydney Harbour circa 1890. 13 x 19 cm. Lebovic Gallery label verso

Group 19th century Eastern photographs. Tin paper albumen photographs, mostly published, some by Bonfils, 9 Sebah & Joaillier. Views & persons from Oman, Afghanistan, India & Ceylon. Some small candid photos on two pages. 20 x 27 cm. (average)

19th century photo album. Mixture of Grand Tour Italian images, Indian portraits, & English family life (carriages & posed family groups.) thin paper albumen corner pasted to both sides of a leaf. Some water damage to initial pages. Albumen photographs 16

Group 19th century photographs. 25 thin paper albumen photos of middle Eastern & European scenes, including Studies of Arabic women & camps. Some titled in the negative. Albumen photographs 26 x 20 cm. (average)

19th century photo album. 44 Pages with thin paper albumen photo pasted to one side. Mostly 20 x 27 cm. Views of the Mediterranean cities & landscapes, with some artefacts. C.1880.

The Glew collection of rare carte de visite/ albumen prints by Elizabeth Pulmen, Auckland, c1870's. Print sizes generally: 90 x 5.5 cm. Three images have been cropped to an oval by the photographer. Mild fading and wear to prints. This exceptional collecti

Colonial Australian photograph. Hunting party including children. Thin paper albumen print. 13 x 19 cm

Colonial photograph 'Darlinghurst.' showing new Catholic Chapel and Sydney College as completed. Albumen photograph. 8 x 36 cm

Tooheys 1894 Christmas presentation photograph. Elizabeth St. Brewery Site in 1870. Impressed Pickering photo. Albumen photo. 24 x 30 cm

Portrait of a Maori Women, 19th century. Albumen print. Captioned 'James Bragge Wellington'. Length 10.4 cm. Width 6.4 cm

Portrait of a Maori Chief, 19th century. Albumen print. Captioned 'C Lawrence photo'. Length 10.4 cm. Width 6.4 cm

An album comprising 184 albumen paper photographs, circa 1880, various photographers including John William Lindt the main body of photographs depicts a number of subjects and locations in Australia and New Zealand, incorporating images of ships at both th

Two original albumen prints, photographer unknown. One depicting a view of lake Rotomahana with the White Terraces in the background and the other depicting a geothermal feature in Lake Rotomahana. Both 12 x 19 cm

Two original albumen prints by George Vallentine, one entitled 'The Stairway - white Terraces' and the other 'White Terrace, Lake Rotomahana.' both 18 x 28 cm

Original photographs, re Hill End Gold Mines, c1873. Group of albumen photographs taken by Charles Bayliss (1858-97) & Henry Beaufoy Merlin (1830-73) of various gold mining images taken in the Hill End district in NSW: the Holtermann discovery of gold bear

Portrait of Orini by Burton Brothers, 19th century. Albumen print. Captioned within, 3549_THE Fair

Portrait of a Maori Chief by G. Pullman, 19th century. Albumen print. Captioned Photographed by G. Pullman, Auckland.

Portrait of a Maori Chief by G. Pullman, 19th century. Albumen print. Captioned Photographed by G. Pullman, Auckland.

Portrait of a Maori Chief by J. Bragge, 19th century. Albumen print. Captioned Photographer J. Bragge Wellington, N.Z.

Portrait of a Maori Chief by G. Pullman, 19th century. Albumen print. Captioned Photographed by G. Pullman, Auckland.

Portratit of Chief Hauraki, 19th century. Albumen print. Captioned Paul Chief Hauraki

Portrait of a Maori Chief, 19th century. Albumen print. Mounted. Height 10 cm. Width 6 cm.

Portrait of a Maori Chief by Foy Brothers, 19th century. Albumen print. Captioned Foy Bros. Thames, N.Z.

Photograph of carved pillars by Burton Brothers, 19th century. Albumen print. Captioned 3231 _ carved pillars - Taipari's house _ Thames. Burton Bros. Dunedin.

Circa 1860 Daguerrotype of a woman by Samuel Poole of Teignmouth (UK) ; circa 1873 albumen print 'The Beacon, Highest Point of Mt. Wellington, Tasmania' by Samuel Clifford (1827-90) ; circa 1900 Magic lantern slides (2) - 'Christ's Agony in the Garden' and

Kalgoorlie: c1896 albumen photograph 'Great Boulder. Lakeview and Golden Horseshoe Gms' (21 x 16 cm)