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Vintage floral carved ivory oval frame, Height 11 cm approx

Vintage continental carved ivory figure group, (courting couple), 16 cm high approx., some old repairs

Two antique circa 1900 floral carved ivory frames. Height 12 cm (tallest) approx

A 19th century German ivory plaque, depicting the Battle of Milvian bridge carved in high relief and framed within an oak 'Baroque' frame, the Battle of Milvian bridge is after the Raphael fresco in the Vatican Palace depicting the victory of the Roman Chr

Philippe, Paul (1870-1930), early 20th century, French. a fine ivory figurine of a standing nude female figure her arms crossed, raised upon a chocolate toned and shaped onyx base; with inscribed signature, P. Philippe to base. Height 31.5 cm

A French late 19th century carved ivory group figure, probably Dieppe, depicting a courting couple of dignitaries in late 17th century dress, set upon an ivory cylindrical plinth, 21 cm in high

A 19th century German ivory carving of St George and the dragon, carved in typical pose, set upon timber stand, 21 cm high including stand

Vintage carved ivory kangaroo with joey, signed to base, 6.5 cm high approx

Antique carved ivory figurine circa 1900, of a musician, 16 cm high

A French late 19th century carved ivory group figure, probably Dieppe. Depicting a courting couple of dignitaries in late 17th century dress, set upon an ivory cylindrical plinth, 21 cm in height.

Peter Tereszczuk, Austrian 1875-1963, Art Nouveau bronze and ivory figural dish, circa 1910. Cast as a farm girl looking out over fields and barns, the face carved in ivory, signed, 27 cm width.

Carved ivory apple two seperating segments with interior carving

A carved ivory study of a kangaroo, French, circa 1920. 9.5 cm high

Art Deco bronze and ivory statue of Charlie Chaplin on marble base c1920. 14 cm.

Marcel Andre Bouraine (French 1886-1948) Art Deco bookends. Modelled as Marabou stork, in silvered-bronze, marble and ivory, each inscribed 'M.Bouraine', 24 cm high

A late 19th century carved ivory figure of Elizabeth I holding an orb and sceptre and on ebonised pedestal (sceptre chipped). Height 29 cm.

A 19th century finely carved Dieppe ivory St George slaying the dragon on a wooden plinth. Height 8 cm

A carved ivory gondolier, the gondolier carved on a wooden base with sails, surmounted by flags.

A good 18th century ivory figure, of St Anthony, mounted on a wooden plinth. Height 20 cm

Carved ivory figure of a French monarch, 19th century, depicting a French aristocrat dressed in courtly attire, with possession of an orb upon an ovular plinth base. Height 29.5 cm

An ivory shoe-horn and three matching brushes, English circa 1880

Two early ivory figures. Two Elizabethan figures of gentlemen, on column plinths. Small losses to both. Height 12 cm (each )

Collection of 19th century ivory & bore handled quills, some containing stanhopes

An ivory cufflinks and three rings. The cufflinks designed as an open oval cufflinks styled panel of carved foliate work, pale cream in colour with visible engine turning, along with three rings, all ivory, of varied design.

Ivory carved whismical figure group of a man riding a dragon, signed to base. (minor restorations to one arm) height 25 cm

French ivory pair of French figures of putti one carrying an arrow & pheasant & the other carrying fish & a net both set upon raised pedestals. Height 32.5 cm

Two ivory okimonos one of monkey trainer the young man and children. Meiji period (1868-1911) the trainer carved wearing a robe with a monkey on his back and at his feet. Standing on a log, the other carved of a gentleman wearing robe holding with two chil

Three ivory okimonos, fisherman, wise man and man and dog. Meiji period (1868-1911). 9 cm, 11 cm, 5 cm high.

An 18th/19th century French (Dieppe) carved ivory figure of a nude woman with long flowing hair provenance Sothebys, the Rivkin collection loss to arm 12.5 cm high

Ivory carved figure of a Three Graces on a marble base. Height 27 cm

Ivory triptych figure of a Queen possibly Mary Queen of Scots, late 19th century. Standing holding a prayer book and a crucifix, her skirt hinged to reveal scenes of courtiers in Elizabethan dress. Height 20 cm

A pair of exceptional 19th century finely carved ivory figures of a young man and woman in 18th century formal attire, her bonnet with large curved ostrich feather plumes and bow, her short open jacket with ballooning arms, bow to her waist, fan to her rig

A quality pair of 19th century European carved ivory busts, the young women with well detailed large flared collars, vertical ribbed blouses, one with her plaited hair decoratively arranged to the top of her head, the other wearing a lace bonnet, a cross t

An impressive 19th century European large ivory two-handled lidded tankard, the wide plain oval tusk section body with glass bottom, cracked, the hinged lid with radiating triangular diamond panels with bark type carved detail, natural curved tooth lid han

A 19th century small carved ivory figure of a classical Grecian woman, she holds with one hand a floral basket to her head, raised on a square block and plain circular section column. Height 15.7 cm

A 19th century European finely carved small ivory figure of a classical naked Grecian woman holding aloft a flowering basket, a drape covering part of her waist, she stands on a square block upon a cylindrical plinth with ring foot. Height 16.8 cm