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A Chinese carved brown jade study of a hand of Buddha, the citron fruit well carved with eight fingers and relief bat and squirrel. Length 9 cm

A group of three antique brass Chinese ornaments, late Qing Dynasty, comprising a small cast Buddha carrying a trident and riding a dragon, an unusual double headed fantastical horned creature, and a small locket designed as a domed open worked cage with a

A Chinese jade Buddha, in pale celadon jade, a rotund laughing Buddha, his ear being tugged by a small jovial attendant; upon a timber stand. Height 12 cm. (including stand)

A Yixing teapot, a large pot with a Buddha leaning up against a large pumpkin and shouldering another; with impressed seal underside. Height 13 cm.

Ivory carved Chinese Buddha figure on a timber stand. Height not including stand 13 cm

A Chinese seated Buddha, his hands in Abhaya and Varada mudra, seated in Dhyanasana on a double lotus base, 21 cm high

Three Chinese jade carvings, of a spinach-jade archer's ring, a pale-celadon double-gourd and green-jade Budda, buddha: 5.8 cm high, gourd: 4.6 cm, ring: 2.5 cm high, (3)

A very rare Northern Thai horn figure of Buddha, 17th century. Seated in earth-touching mudra on a high double-lotus throne. Height 13 cm. Provenance: 'The Julian Sterling collection', Mossgreen Auction, Feb 2007, Lot 294

A rare Nepalese figure of Buddha Sakyamuni, 10th-11th century, with traces of gilt. Seated on a double-lotus throne. 12 cm high. Provenance: Private Collection, Melbourne

A fine and rare Tibetan gilt-bronze figure of a crowned Buddha, 14th /15th century. Seated in dyanasana. 27.5 cm high. Rectangular base. Provenance: Private Collection, Melbourne

A fine Tibetan gilt-bronze image of Buddha Sakyamuni, 15th century. Seated in a beaded robe on a double-lotus throne, the ushnisha inlaid with turquoise. 19 cm high. Provenance: From an important Australian private collection

A small Tibetan gilt-bronze crowned Buddha, Ming Dynasty, 15th century. Seated in Dyanasana on a double-lotus throne, a vajra resting on the front of the throne, the crown inlaid with semi-precious stones, 16.25 cm high. Provenance: Purchased in 2001 from

A Chinese gold lacquered gesso and wood figure of seated Buddha, Ming Dynasty, 17th century, fitted wood stand. 31.5 cm high and 18.5 cm wide. 37 cm high including stand. Provenance. Private Collection, Bendigo

A Himalayan gilt-bronze figure of Buddha Sakyamuni, 16th /17th century, seated on a lotus base in the 'calling earth to witness' position, seated on a matched waisted pedestal supported by lions, the pedestal possibly earlier in date. 25.8 cm high overall,

An unusual small cast gilt-bronze image of Buddha, Ming Dynasty, 16th -17th century. Seated in prayer, with inscription to lotus throne 'Mercy Officer Attendant / Server, Food inspector, Zheng (Henan), Supreme Esteem Palace'. 12 cm high. Provenance

Large and unusual Chinese cast iron figure of a seated Buddha. His robes covered with relief decorated small Buddhas. The reverse having a six character Ming Dynasty Xuande reign mark. Some rusting. Height 43 cm

An impressive Japanese Buddhist giltwood Senju Kannon (Kuanyin) statue, the Goddess of a Thousand Arms, also known as the Goddess of Mercy - standing on lotus throne. The Bodhisattva's esoteric multi-armed and multi-headed form relates to her service to th

Thai carved and gilt wood standing Buddha, 20th century, applied glass mosaics, on black wooden stand, height 172 cm

Carved and gilt wood standing Buddha, 20th century, applied glass mosaics, on wooden stand, height 200 cm

Five natural coral carvings, figures include a happy young Buddha, an immortal, a fisherman with his catch, the coral hue from white to pink to orange (5), height 2.5 - 5 cm

Three carved ivory Buddha on stands 4 cm high approx without stands

Eight Burmese temple paintings: the Bodhi-Sattva & deer, Htilominlo temple, Bagan Festival boat Procession, Mingala Zedi temple Bagan 20 x 40 cm MG Ye Linn, elephant with images Buddha Siddhartha's mother Dreamed before his conception, Paya ThonZu

A carved Buddha head, on a stand. Height 17 cm

A Chinese bamboo Buddha, utilising the natural culm and internode of the bamboo and depicting a rotund and gleeful seated Buddha, his ear being nibbled or played with by a small attendant figure. Height 11 cm

A Chinese ivory figure of the Buddha Pu-tai, carved standing with two children clambering on his shoulders, he holds a reishi fungus in his left hand. On carved double lotus plinth base. Signed with two character mark underneath. On wooden stand. Height 15

Carved serene face of Buddha. Gilt embellished ear lobes. Split to top knot of hair. Height 36 cm

Classic Buddha head from Thailand. Calm expression to face. Length 19.5 cm. Width 19.2 cm (mask only)