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A Thai Rattanakosin period gilt metal standing Buddha, 63 cm high.

A large Thai gilt wood and jewelled seated Buddha, 64 cm high.

A 19th century Thai standing Buddha, with hands in abhaya mudra, on later stand, 46 cm high.

An excellent cast black finished large Thai/Burmese Buddha head with extended decorative top knot and extended ear lobes, with an 'At peace' expression. Mounted on wooden block. OTHER NOTES. Moved to April fine Sale LXC & THN 4/1/16

A white soapstone carved Buddha halo origin unknown, possibly Chinese 13 cm high

A grey stone carved Buddha with halo origin unknown, possibly Indonesia 14 cm high

A stone Buddha head appears to be aged by the weather 18 cm high

A 29th century brass/bronze Buddha on a double lotus base right and resting on leg, left hand on bowl 21 cm high

A seated Buddha in meditative pose with hands together in lap on single lotus plinth

A small black composite resin seated Buddha possibly Indian 11 cm high

An unusual vintage standing Buddha in solid bronze/brass possibly Thai/Burmese 20 cm high

A small soapstone Buddha with halo surround missing fingers to one hand 11 cm high

A small cast Buddha head mounted on wooden hexagonal plinth 14 cm high

A vintage black cast Buddha head mounted on tapered wooden block 21 cm high

A vintage soapstone bearded Buddha seating on plinth 16 cm high

A vintage sandalwood seated Buddha in meditation pose 16 cm high

A standing Burmese Buddha in classic Mandalay pose 20th century with gold leaf and jewels 81 cm high

Small vintage carved ivory figure of Buddha, on wooden stand, 7 cm high approx (including stand)

A Chinese iron cast lacquer figure of ?nanda, possibly Ming Dynasty (1368-1643), 49.5 cm high, together with a Chinese wood carved lacquer figure of a Buddha, 36 cm high

A rare Sri Lankan standing figure of Buddha Sakymuni, probably 19th century, 11.2 cm high. Provenance: New South Wales old private collection

Burmese carved gilt seated Buddha, fine detail on the robe. Height 78 cm

A composition Buddha and composition turtle pot red and green