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A Hotan jade pendant, decorated with two figures of Buddha, the reverse with calligraphy. Length 8 cm

An oriental carved horn depicting a seated Buddha figure. Height 8 cm

Japanese lacquer zushi (portable shrine), the two hinged doors with gilt metal fittings, opening to reveal Buddha Amithaba sitting on a tall lotus stand before a mandorla. Height 38 cm, Provenance: Pat Booth Collection

A Thai gilt figure of Buddha seated on a pierced rectangular elephant throne.

A painted stucco figure of Ganesha . 25 cm high and a carved wood and gilt mask of a Buddha

A Tibeto-Chinese gilt-bronze seated Buddha Sakyamuni, Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644, seated in Bhumisparsha mudra, base unsealed. 14.5 cm high

A rare Chinese Dehua figure of Budai, late Ming/early Qing dynasty, 17th century, heavily potted but finely modelled, seated on a sack with his robe wrapped around him, creamy-white glaze, fitted hardwood stand. 10 cm high, 10.3 cm wide. Provenance: R & V

A gilt copper figure of Buddha Shakyamuni, Nepal, 18th/19th century seated in dhyanasana on a lotus base over a throne supported by a lion and lioness, his right hand lowered in bhumisparsa mudra and the left in varada mudra, wearing loosely draped robes i

Carved wood Buddha, Chinese 19th century. Height 42 cm. Width 25 cm. Depth 19 cm. Provenance: BC/AD gallery Woollahra

A carved soapstone Buddha, seated in typical form with robes lightly incised with floral and landscape motifs. Height 13.5 cm. Width 15 cm. Depth 11 cm

Chinese silver export ware pair of bowls featuring Buddha and shields. Height 5.3 cm. Diameter 11.5 cm. Weight 220g

Thai gilt standing Buddha in Rattanakosin style in Abhaya Mudra. Height 31.5 cm

Thai wooden and gilded Buddha in Bhumisparsha Mudra. Height 47 cm (ear A/F)

Large south East Asian Buddha, gilded and heavily carved on lotus base, the hand in Bhumisparsha Mudra, calligraphy to back. Height 45 cm

A Thai gilt-wood figure of a standing Buddha, on wood base with acrylic stand, 118 cm high overall

An exuberantly carved Chinese rosewood figure of Pu-tai, the happy buddha stands with arms raised, his robe open displaying his corpulent belly. Some damage, losses and old cracks. Height 35.5 cm

A good old Chinese carved hardwood figure of Pu-tai, the Buddha portrayed seated, his robe drags loosely around his corpulent body, old age cracks and losses. Height 34 cm

An antique South China Buddhist stone carving, the standing Buddha flanked by two smaller Buddhas, flaming mandala enclosed within a larger mandala carved in relief with flying figures and dragons, fitted to an ebonised flared base, old repair. Height over

Fine Chinese wooden carving of Buddha talking to a carp on a carved wooden base (A/F)

Chinese white jade pendant. Carved laughing Buddha; russet inclusions. Length 6 cm

Ivory carved Buddha figure on a carved timber stand height including stand 11 cm

Ivory carved Buddha figure with frolicking children, on stand height including stand 13 cm

A Japanese Kamakura-style Buddha, early Edo period, 18th century seated in lotus position, the face and torso bearing traces of gilt, 20 cm high, 18 cm wide. Provenance: Collection of the late George Adie

A Japanese black and gold lacquer shrine, Meiji period (1868-1911), housing a fine wooden Japanese seated Buddha, early Edo period, 17th century, holding a lotus flower and wearing an elaborate metal filigree Crown, crystal Ushnisha, the flowing robes cove

19th century Chinese carved ivory figure of the Bodhisattva Guanyin, the Buddha of compassion. The finely rendered figure portrayed seated in the posture of Royal ease with one arm resting at her side and the other held up with her hand in the Dhamachakra

An impressive ivory-glazed figure of Damo (Bodhidharma), seated wearing a long robe draped over his left shoulder, leaving the chest bare and falling in draped folds over the rockwork base, his head with well defined features and downcast gaze with curly b

Large 19th century Thai gilt buddha figure of Shakyamuni seated in Padmasana, above an elaborate multi tiered lotus base. Height 97 cm

Seated gilded bronzed Buddha encrusted with rubies, emeralds with lapis bodies

A carved ivory figure of Guanyin, 19th century, standing on a raised lotus base, wearing long flowing robes with elaborate jewellery, her right hand in varada mudra, her left hand holding a lotus head, her benevolent face surmounted by a small Buddha (Amit

Thai gilt iron Buddha. in Dhyana mudra pose on ornate throne. Early 20th century. Height 47 cm

Two hardstone figural groups comprising a turquoise matrix carving of a maiden standing holding a basket of flowers, her seated attendant clasping lotus stems; and a coral carving of Budai with jovial expression seated next to a boy holding a large peach,

Gilt Buddha statue, early 20th century, comprising two parts with gilt standing Buddha on painted wooden plinth of octagonal shape. Mounted height 180 cm

Buddha on horse, carved stone fragment on timber base. Height 24 cm. Provenance: David Jones gallery, Sydney

Chinese turquoise glazed figure of Buddha c.1900, with associated wood stand with pearl shell inlay, impressed twice with potter's seal mark. Height 27 cm

Most impressive 19th century Burmese dry lacquered gilt decorated figure, of the seated Buddha, 105 x 55 x 41 cm

A Chinese gilt lacquer seated Buddha, 17th/18th century, 13.3 cm high

South East Asian old carved & gilt wood figure of a standing Buddha, 95 cm high

A carved four faced Buddha with a tiered Stupa Crown. Carved from one large hardstone block, the four faces symbolize the four books of the Vedas, the Hindu scriptures and the source of all knowledge in the creation of the universe. Height 18 cm