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Large standing Buddha 20th century carved and gilded wood with applied mirrored bead decoration, on lotus base mounted to a plinth. Height 165 cm

A red lacquered and gilded carved wood Amitabha Buddha, modelled seated in dhyana mudra, his coiffure formed with multiple whorls spread over his head along with a pronounced urna. Height 33 cm

A Burmese dark red and gold lacquered wood seated figure of Buddha, 50 cm high. Provenance: East and West Gallery, Victoria, Victoria Private Collection

A gilt wood Japanese figure of The Buddha, Shakyamuno, Edo period, The standing figure with well carved serene face and tightly curled hair in copper, his right hand raised in vitarka mudra, the left arm lowered, dressed in crisply flowing robes opened to

A Cambodian temple Buddha image, possibly 19th century, mounted on stand, carved wood, very worn condition, signs of an old gilt finish Provenance: from the private collection of an Australian diplomat, collected throughout Asia in the 1980's and 1990's. H

A Cambodian Buddha image, c.19/20th century, repousse silver moulded over sand casting, seated in meditation above an ornately decorated multi-level platform with inscription to rear panel Provenance: from the private collection of an Australian diplomat,

A Thai standing Buddha, c.18th century, A/F, silver with fine features, the hands, feet and traditional lotus platform have been removed, the buddha image is nicely mounted onto a perspex stand Provenance: from the private collection of an Australian diplo

A small Thai Buddha head, most likely 15th century or earlier. 9.5 cm high

Thai standing Buddha with traces of gilding, A/F to feet

An elaborate Tibetan silver Bumpa, finely embossed with buddha scene to body, Yali head at base of spout, dragon head handle, and lotus bud finial, 25.5 cm high

A finely gilded gahu amulet, heavily inset with turquoise and red coral, Tara buddha to lid and interior, an engraved visvavajra on back, 8.5 x 6 cm

An 18th century Buddha head with gilded Crown, 15 cm high, stand not measured, losses

A gilded wooden Avalokitesvara statue, the Crown is decorated with eleven Buddha faces, standing on an octagonal lotus platform, 145 cm high

A jadeite Buddha figure pendant, of natural pebble form, the figure of Buddha is carved in Maitreya holding ruyi and wrapped in lotus leaf, 8 cm high

Burmese gilded wooden lacquer Buddha figure. On iron red painted throne. Some wear to gilding. Height 37 cm (total)

Vintage Chinese ivory Buddha figure, with mother of pearl decoration, 3.5 cm high approx

A Burmese temple Buddha image Shan Dynasty, c.18th century, of wood with gilt and black lacquer finish, seated in Dhyanasana above a double platform, the right hand is lowered to his knee in bhumisparsa mudra and his left hand rests in his lap in dhyana mu

A Vietnamese child Buddha image c. 19th century, of wood with gilt, red and black lacquer finish, standing on a double lotus pedestal above a mythical beast. Provenance: From the private collection of an Australian diplomat, acquired from various posts thr

A red lacquer figure of Buddha, Burma, 18th/19th century seated in dhyanasana with right hand lowered in bhumisparshamudra, the left in dhyanamudra, the face with benign expression and long earlobes, and the tightly curled hair surmounted by a removable wo

A tall carved Burmese parcel-gilt wooden figure of Buddha, Burma, 17th century. Standing tall on a lotus pedestal, with one arm raised to chest in the 'Abhaya mudra', signifying protection, and the other lowered in the 'Varada mudra' as a gesture of blessi

A Chinese terracotta head of a Bodhisattva, Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) or later. The serene face with downcast gaze, and high chignon with a floriate headdress with the figure of the Amitabha Buddha, polychrome application, resting on a plinth, 37 cm high, 4

A Chinese carved wood figure of Quan Yin, the figure seated cross-legged in 'Dhyanasana', with the left hand raised in 'Abhaya mudra', the head crowned with a richly decorated diadem featuring the Amitabha Buddha in the centre, Guanyin's loose tendrils of

Chinese 22ct yellow gold mounted jade necklet. 3 individual halo mounted jade discs. Central disc of small jade Buddha charm. Valuation certificate available. Clasp bears several maker's marks etc. W13g (total)

Eastern carved wood Buddha. Paint loss & some cracking to base. Height 46 cm

A Chinese soapstone figure of a young Buddha, Qing Dynasty, late 19th century, well carved and engraved, the elegantly and informally posed figure with downcast eyes, extended ear lobes and coiffed long hair, seated upon a draped plinth over waves, one foo

A gold and Buddha Groto pendant; featuring a metal Buddha in a shaped surround engraved with Buddha motif. Unmarked tests approx. 22ct gold. Dimensions 35 x 25mm. Wt. 17.3g.

A tall early 20th century Thai gilt on wood sculpture of Buddha in calling for rain pose the robe adorned with coloured glass, acorn in one hand on lotus form base. Height 166 cm.

A good Japanese gilt-wood seated figure of Buddha, early Edo Period, 17th/18th century, on a shaped negoro lacquer base, buddha 32 cm high David Jones label attached to Buddha and stand