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Early Buddha painting. Provenance: Middleton Taylor collection, Canberra c.1986 & thence to current owner. Gouache on fabric. 55 x 39 cm

A fine Mongolian clay Buddha, painted blue & red, sitting on a rounded lotus base, early 20th century. Provenance: Todd Barlin collection. 25 cm

A fine natural wood & stone scholars object, Okinomo, in Japan, strangely shaped natural wood objects are referred to as Henboku. There are masters of finding Henboku in the forest & mountains, they are used in homes as objects of beauty for contem

A stone head of a Buddha, Ayutthaya period, 21 cm high

A Chinese white marble seated Happy Buddha, on a black lacquered low stand [2], height 11 cm

A Thai metal Buddha, with an ornate robe, 20th century, seated on a lotus pedestal, height 20 cm

A Burmese gold lacquer seated Buddha of Shakyamuni, 19th century, 49 cm high. Provenance: The collection of Barry and Jeanne Little

A Burmese gilt Buddha, . Provenance: Property of a Gentleman, New South Wales

A Japanese gold lacquer wooden seated figure of Amidha Buddha, 18th century. Seated in meditation on an elaborate lotus base, his robes open at the chest and with his hands in the gesture of Dhyana-Mudra, 95 x 43 x 31 cm, similar example see Koller Auction

A bejewelled Thai Buddha, in gold & black, in a relaxed pose height 21, L. 64 cm

A Burmese Mandalay style figure of Buddha. Lacquered timber & paste inset, with left hand in dhayana mudra, the right hand in bhumisparsa mudra. Height 42.5 cm

A Burmese alabaster seated Buddha, 16th/19th century. Painted in red lacquer & gilt, the downcast eyes with heavy lids & tall arched eyebrows & a serene countenance, carved from one large boulder with a natural patina. Provenance: the private c

A Japanese giltwood image of Buddha sitting upon a tiered throne, Meiji period. IIncense smoke patina and gilt traces. Height 27 cm

An Indian composite resin seated Buddha, 20th century with highly detailed moulding 23 cm high

A large Thai gilt standing Buddha, 19th / 20th century, in profusely carved timber with gilt finish over red, coloured glass embellishments, & both a lotus and square pedestal to base, bowl missing from hands (A/F). Height 102 cm

Burmese metal Buddha figure with lead seal, 35.5 cm high approx.

A Thai Rattanakosin period gilt metal standing Buddha, 63 cm high.

A large Thai gilt wood and jewelled seated Buddha, 64 cm high.

A 19th century Thai standing Buddha, with hands in abhaya mudra, on later stand, 46 cm high.

A Thai black and gold lacquer Buddha, in a seated pose with ornate robes, height 40 cm

A carved stone Buddha head on stand, approx 50 cm high, 23 cm wide

An excellent cast black finished large Thai/Burmese Buddha head with extended decorative top knot and extended ear lobes, with an 'At peace' expression. Mounted on wooden block. OTHER NOTES. Moved to April fine Sale LXC & THN 4/1/16

A grey stone carved Buddha with halo origin unknown, possibly Indonesia 14 cm high

A stone Buddha head appears to be aged by the weather 18 cm high

A 29th century brass/bronze Buddha on a double lotus base right and resting on leg, left hand on bowl 21 cm high

A metal cast Buddha head with overall red patina 18 cm high

An excellent silver cast metal head of Buddha with top knot and extended ear lobes 18 cm high

A seated Buddha in meditative pose with hands together in lap on single lotus plinth

A small black composite resin seated Buddha possibly Indian 11 cm high