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Impressive bronze standing Buddha, age unknown, 63 cm high

A Burmese bronze reclining Buddha, early 20th century, crowned and bejewelled Buddha entering parinirvana, metal plinth, 100 x 36 cm (Buddha)

A Japanese bronze figure of a Budai monk, 20th century, signed to the base, hardwood stand, 27 x 14.5 cm. Provenance: Collection of Ken Lawrence Foundation

A Chinese bronze seated figure of Amitbha Buddha, Qing dynasty, Qianlong period, circa 1780, seating in a square throne in front of a flaming mandorla with Dhyana-mudra, the front bottom of the throne inscribed 'Da Qing Qian Long Kang Zi Nian Jing Zao&

A Chinese bronze Votive plaque, with a seated Buddha in the centre & several disciples, on the reverse eleven lines of calligraphy, the mirror shape of domed top & square base. Height 19.5, W14.5 cm

A gilt bronze figure of Buddha Qianlong mark and period, the figure of Shakyamuni Buddha seated in meditative dhyanasana, the right arm lowered in bhumisparsamudra the left in dhyanamudra, wearing a loosely draped robe, the face with gentle expression and

Bronze Buddha cast in traditional pose on double plinth base, 39 cm height

A Thai gilt bronze seated Buddha on a double lotus throne. Height 48 cm

A seated Burmese bronze Buddha, with an Inscription on the front, the robes pooling around the rounded, plain base above the inscription. Height 55 cm

A large Chinese bronze Happy Buddha his bare feet resting on lotus pods, above two confronting water dragons encircling the base, the figure with patterned robes open exposing a full tummy, traces of gilt. Provenance: Imperial Peking collection. Height 80

A gilt bronze Buddha seated in meditative pose, with hands in teaching mudra, raised on double lotus plinth base. Height 15.5 cm

An old Thai bronze Buddha head, mounted on a hardwood block base. Height overall 31.5 cm

A Thai bronze reclining Buddha statuette, the figure in repose upon a double lotus plinth base. Length 26.5 cm

Early Thai Ayutthaya bronze Buddha. Purchased Bangkok, 1972. Likely 18th/19 C. Damage back support. Height 46 cm

A Thai temple plaque, early 20th century, consisting of numerous small clay Buddha Votive figures each recessed into individual niches, votives were made & used in Buddhist Communities to show devotion & earn merit, they were made in bronze moulds

A Thai temple plaque, early 20th century, consisting of numerous small clay Buddha Votive figures each recessed into individual niches, votives were made & used in Buddhist Communities to show devotion & earn merit, they were made in bronze moulds

A gilt-bronze Laos Buddha figure, 17th century, seated in the Vajrasana position on a lotus pedestal, gesturing Bhumisparsha Mudra with fingertips touching the earth symbolizing the moment of enlightenment. Provenance: Todd Barlin collection. 21 x 12 cm

A fragmentary Burmese bronze Buddha, 18th/19th century, 43 cm high. Provenance: The collection of Barry and Jeanne Little

A Chinese bronze Buddha seated on a waisted lotus throne, the folds of the robe finely carved with floral design & circular double happiness mons, due to large size the base cast separately. Height 72 cm

A rare Burmese marble Buddha, Shan period/state, 17th/18th century, the robe with gentle folds & without adornment, the eyes with total concentration, carved from one large boulder with a natural patina, raised on a bronze & timber presentation bas

A Thai gilt bronze standing Buddha, 19th century in a classic pose with both hands held up and palms facing outwards, symbolising protection and overcoming fear. Popular stance for Buddhas in Bangkok since 1782. Excellent condition with exceptional detail

A Thai gilt bronze seated Buddha, 19th century hands clasped in meditative pose on black plinth 28 cm high

A Chinese Qing bronze Buddha, depicted in robes holding a bowl wearing a flaming Crown, 20.5 cm high.

C14th bronze Jain Hindu shrine Buddha in traditional pose, throne surrounded by attendants & animals, 14 cm high

Thai bronze gilt Buddha standing on wooden stepped plinth base, 60 cm high overall

Bronze gilt Buddha flowing robes in traditional pose holding pagoda & pearl on double lotus base, 44.5 cm

A vintage Buddha with brass and copper highlights on bronze right and resting on leg, left hand on bowl 27 cm high

A bronze seated Buddha on a single lotus leaf base 28 cm high

A small 20th century bronze Thai Buddha in standing salutation 10 cm high

A vintage 20th century small bronze Buddha seated on plinth 11 cm high

A large bronze and gilt patina Buddha cross legged with right arm resting on leg and left in lap with palm upwards 49 cm high

A Thai bronze verdigris style scuplture of Buddha head 22 cm high

A vintage early 20th century solid bronze statue of standing Buddha right arm rasied, and left arm down with palm out, symbolising protection and overcoming fear 71 cm high

A large cast bronze Buddha with classic right and to knee pose 27 cm high

Bronze Buddha 20th century seated on double lotus pedestal 20 cm high

A Nepalese gilt bronze repousse figure of a music Buddha, early 20th century. 27 cm