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A Chinese earthenware horse, right leg raised, neck arched with head bowed & ears pricked, Tang Dynasty, 8th-9th century, standing on a low plinth, a canal along the neck for mane, a saddle with saddle cloth in pigment, a docked tail, original red & black

A Chinese Ming period, 17th century stem cup with stylised dragon motif to the body, on a carved wooden stand. Overall height 13 cm.

A Chinese Ming period, 17th century blue and white bowl, with calligraphy to the interior and a continuous cloud like decoration to the exterior. 7 cm high, 14 cm wide.

A rare pair of Chinese Tang musician figures with, stands, Tang dynasty (618-907). Height 29 cm, note: with TL test: Thermoluminescence laboratory

A Tibetan ceremonial silver chatelaine, late Qing dynasty, decorated with auspicious symbols, semi-precious stones and animal tooth ivory, attached to a Chinese silver coin with inscription and Guanxu mark, ('Ka Shi Guang Xu Yin Yuan Er Qian'), 36.

A Chinese bronze mirror, Eastern Han dynasty (25-220AD), decorated with dragons in the centre, surrounded by saw-tooth border, with hardwood stand and fitted box, 10.9 cm diameter

A Thai Sawankhlok green deep circular bowl, 15th century the centre with multi-petalled medallion and incised line to the rim, 20 cm diameter, Provenance: The Brake-Lau-Eckermann Collection of South East Asian Ceramics, Textiles and Works of Art, Christie&

A Vietnamese blue and white elegant shaped Jarlet, 15th century, the molded body with fine detailing in bands, a ruyi pattern on the shoulder ending in banana leaves from the slender base. Provenance: from a shipwreck. Height 9.5 cm

A rare Vietnamese water Dropper in the form of a fish with Upturned tail, 15th century, a circular aperture in front of the dorsal fin & a short cylindrical hole in the middle of the mouth, the head is detailed with eyes, the gills in stripes & the

A rare Vietnamese water Dropper in the form of a frog, 15th century, molded in the shape of seated frog with a circular aperture on the back and a short cylindrical hole in the middle of the mouth, the head is detailed in lines & the body decorated wit

A rare Vietnamese water Dropper in the form of a Recumbent buffalo, 15th century, the molded shape delineated in blue, a circular aperture on the back and a short cylindrical hole in the middle of the mouth, the head & chest is detailed in circles &

A Khmer carved grey sandstone head, wearing a Jeweled Crown with a tall cylindrical Stack, a beautiful young face with eyes downcast below a monobrow, mounted on a plinth. Height 18 cm

A Chinese foliate dish with incised decoration, Yuan/ Ming Dynasty, the body with an even celadon glaze, D 33 H 7 cm

A Chinese porcelain carved & Molded bowl, made in the tradition of the Yaozhou Kiln during the song dynasty, the celadon, conical shape is resting on a unglazed foot, D 21

A Chinese 'Sancai' glazed conical bowl, Qing dynasty, Kangxi period (1662-1722), the exterior painted with branches of plum blossom, lotus and chrysanthemum,the interior centre decorated with a small 'Lingzhi', covered with brown, yellow an

A small antique Chinese earthenware vessel, Han Dynasty, 206BC-220AD, attributed, of oval shape raised on a conforming base with flattened side wings; with a timber display stand. Height 4 cm length 10 cm. Width 8 cm

A celadon dish and bowl, the large shallow bowl 37.5 cm diameter with provenance notes stating Ming 15th century, Ex collection of Atjeh Tonkin. The smalled bowl with provenance notes stating early Ming possibly Sawankalok, 17 cm diameter, (2)

Sawankhalok figurine with celadon glaze 16th century (restored)

A Chinese underglaze blue and white bowl, Ming dynasty, 8.5 cm high, 20 cm diameter. Provenance, The Binh Thuan Shipwreck, Christie's Melbourne, 1 & 2 March 2004, Lot 285

A Chinese Han Dynasty Cocoon flask, Burnished finish, circa 206 BC. Provenance: ex John St Albans collection, 28 cm high, 33 cm wide, 18 cm deep

A 1980s Tang period horse, hand painted, 33 cm high, 36 cm wide, 15 cm deep

A Chinese earthenware figure of a seated court lady with mirror, Tang Dynasty (618-906 AD), depicted at her toilette, gazing appreciatively at her image in the mirror that se holds up with her left hand, with rouged cheeks, elaborate fan-like chignon and c

A large Chinese earthenware figure of a 'Fat lady', Tang Dynasty (618-906 AD), modelled standing with curvaceous body swayed to the side, wearing a long, loose robe, her delicate hands touching, her full face with a serene countenance, with rouged cheeks,

A Donsong bronze bell, Vietnam 1000 BCE - 300CE, in the form of a stylized figure with ancient green blue patina due to the copper content of the metal. Provenance: Parkham place gallery - Cito Cessna, Sydney, Australia / Todd Barlin collection. Height 13.

A fine Taino stone pestle, 1000-1400 AD, Dominican Republic, of dense hard stone carved with a recumbent figure for the handle but the body of the pestle also forms a second figure, minor chips and some white dots of old paint (from when collectors painted

A Chinese Yaozhou carved celadon-glaze 'Chrysanthemum petals' bowl, 12th century, underside repeated of similar decoration, 14.3 cm diameter. Provenance: NSW private collection, acquired from KY fine Art, previously known as Luen Chai about 20 year

A Chinese Yaozhou-Ware carved and moulded 'Three fish' bowl, 12th century, 12 cm diameter. Provenance: NSW private collection, acquired from KY fine Art, previously known as Luen Chai about 20 years ago, Compare a similar example, see Li Zhiyan, Si

A Chinese green-glaze 'Tiger' pottery jar, Han dynasty, with stand, 28 cm high. Provenance: Victoria private collection, acquired in Hong Kong in 1988

A Chinese jizhou tortoiseshell-glaze tea bowl, 12th/ 13th century, 11.3 cm diameter. Provenance: NSW private collection, acquired in the late 1990s to early 2000s

A Chinese lead glazed barn, Han dynasty (206BC-220AD), 27 cm high

A Longquan celadon bluster vase, Yuan dynasty (1279-1368), with moulded floral design, 26.4 cm high

A pair of archaic grey pottery 'Hu', Han dynasty (206BC-220AD), each one with stylised designs in original mineral pigments, 33.5 cm and 34 cm high, -220AD

A Chinese seated 'Sancai' glazed figure of an official, late Ming dynasty, 17th century, 61x34x23 cm

A Chinese 'Longquan' celadon ware dish, Ming dynasty, 14 th century, decorated with coin patterns on the center of interior, 29 cm diameter. Provenance: Old Melbourne private collection

A Qingbai tripod censer, Yuan-early Ming dynasty, 14th century, with a finely crackled blue-green glaze, the inside and the base unglazed, with traces of iron-red, 7 cm x 12.7 cm

A good Longquan celadon barb-rimmed plate, 14th-early 15th century, an incised lotus spray in the centre, the segmented cavetto with lotus flowers on the inside and exterior, covered in a good even olive-green glaze, a firing ring on the base, 34.5 cm diam

An archaistic Chinese bronze sword. Of Warring States type with Typical broad blade, Hilt rings and Pommel. L. 66.5 cm

A Chinese celadon dish, Yuan Dynasty, with unglazed twin fish motif, the foliate shaped bowl ending in flat rim. Diameter 14 cm

A Northern Indian red sandstone bust, 10/12th century, with elaborate earrings & part Crown, the relief from a larger piece, face with slight damage. Height 26 cm

A carved Chinese lacquered timber seated monk, 12th century. Height 20 cm

A Tang-style painted pottery, figure of a court lady, the full figured lady dressed in voluminous robes with wide sleeves, clasping a mirror held in front, the head facing forward, her face framed with a high coiled coiffure, box, 46 cm high, Show Catalogu