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Six Australian coins. 1919 M; 1927 Parliament house; 1928; 1947 UNC florins (4) in total; and two round 50 cent pieces.

Australian 1932 silver florin scarce, complete Advance Australia

2000 Proclamation coins of Australia 1oz fine silver coin

Two 1966 Australian silver fifty cent coins Choice AUnc.

Australian 1988 proof set of coins,, a 2011 Capital Bridges 1 ounce $1 silver coin & Kangaroo & Flag silver ingot

Collection of Australian silver threepence 3d, approximately 125, all pre 1946.

Collection of Australian silver six pence 6d, all pre 1946, approx 90 coins.

Sixteen various Australian silver florins (2/-), various dates from 1914 - 1944, including 2 x 1927 commeratives.

Australian proof set silver-gold-platinum. A boxed set of coins c1990 proof set. 1/20th 999 gold, 1/20th platinum and Stirling silver. Kookaburra coin.

28 Australian Florins from 1938 - 1964. Missing only the 1939. Included 1951 Jubilee, AUD 1954 Royal visit. Lot of Toning

Twenty various Australian florins various dates 1914- 1944

Australian proof $1 & $2 silver coins comprising of 5x $1 and 2x $2

Nine Australian $10 silver proof coins featuring the birds of Australia, including 7x 40 gram coins

Australian 1927 George V Canberra florin VF-EF, a 1936 florin VF & a 1951 florin EF

Australian silver 999 standard Sydney 2000 Olympic proof coin originally designed by Australian-born master coin designer Stuart Devlin. The reverse features the official Sydney 2000 Olympic Games logo in colour surrounded by images depicting all twenty-ei

Boxed 2004, 40th anniversary of the last Australian Penny, 1964 silver and copper, approx 56gms of silver along with Australia's first Selective gold plated coin 2003 $1, 1oz of silver (2)

Two boxed and cased Australian 2004 and 2005, $1 silver kangaroo proof coins, 1oz, both with numbered certificate (2)

A group of three coins (3) including an 1890 Gb silver Crown, a 1939 Gb silver half Crown and a 1937 Australian silver Crown

A Canberra Florin commemorating the opening of parliament house, 1927

Australia 1991 $5 kookaburra silver coin 1 ounce, in original presentation box, China 1989 silver panda coin, 1 ounce