Mourning Jewellery. In Victorian England there were strict protocols for mourning the death of a family member, relative or (in the case of servants) an employer of employer's family member. They were particularly observed by the upper classes, but followed by other classes where the apparel and accoutrements could be afforded.

Mourning protocols were mainly applied to women, who were expected to wear heavy, concealing, black clothing, together with a black crepe veil, and a cap or bonnet.

Mourning jewellery completed the ensemble.

For a widow, there were three stages of mourning, covering a period of two years or more. The first period of mourning, lasting for a year and a day, was known as "full mourning". "Second mourning" covered a period of nine months, and allowed for a slight relaxation on the colour and style of garments worn, and for mourning jewellery. "Half mourning" lasted from three to six months and more elaborate and coloured fabrics such as grey and lavender could be slowly introduced.

Different rules applied to men, children and servants, depending upon their relationship with the deceased. more...

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A beautiful cameo mourning brooch. Gilt, early Victorian, made as a large oval shell cameo depicting a beautifully carved depiction of Leda and the swan, framed in a rolled edge of polished metal, designed as a swivel panel, detailed to reverse with a wove

A 9ct gold fob medallion (5.4g), A Victorian silver fob medallion, a Queen Victoria silver Jubilee pendant, and a part mourning brooch. (4)

Victorian gold plated mourning brooch, oval shape with onyx centre set with seed pearls

Victorian gilded mourning brooch in original case with one earring

Three early jewellery pieces, including15ct oval pendant; gold (unmarked) pearl set mourning brooch; and rolled gold lava stone cameo brooch (A/F). Weight 5g (penDepthant)

A quantity of watch keys, Australian fauna charms, a mourning brooch and a pair of 'Union Jack' sleeve links. (qty)

A pearl, diamond and enamel mourning brooch; 18ct gold

A 9ct gold mourning brooch; featuring an onyx panel applied with a pearl set leaf to rear locket compartment. 34 x 25mm. Weight 12.3g

Antique mourning locket brooch with gold enamel and seed pearls, dated 13th December 1869 (Lozenge to rear)

Early Victorian yellow gold pearl set mourning brooch. Engraved verso 'Caroline Adam, OB 27th June 1840. Age 28.' (slight split). Weight 15.3gm

Georgian yellow gold mourning brooch. Inscription verso 'T Harrison, Died July 4th 1834. Aged 60'. Weight 5.3gm

A Victorian rolled gold mourning brooch; featuring hair and pearls within a scroll frame. 48 x 40mm.

An antique mourning brooch; 35 x 20mm with glass front inlaid with hair and a floral arrangement of natural pearls. Safety chain attached. Wt.5.3g.

Victorian. Yellow gold emerald and pearl set mourning brooch. Central square emerald (approx.0.75ct) surrounded by pearls. Chain and tassel suspended. Original photograph to reverse. W15.8g

A Victorian 9ct gold mourning brooch, approximately 32 x 21mm, 3.61gms.

Gold filled Victorian cameo mourning brooch. Well carved cameo of classical scene. Some repairs.

An antique serpent mourning brooch, the finely detailed serpent in figure of eight coil, with plaited hair inlay, set to the head with a pear shaped garnet cut en cabochon and seed pearl detail, suspending a garnet set heart pendant, in 18ct gold

A late 18th century pinchbeck plaited hair and seed pearl set mourning brooch

A 19th century pinchbeck and enamel mourning brooch inset with hair and dated 1822-62

A 19th century gold and enamel opening portrait mourning locket brooch set with seed pearls (tests as 14ct unmarked)

An 18th century pinchbeck plaited hair mourning brooch with exquisite miniature bead initials

An early 19th century pinchbeck rectangular plaited hair mourning brooch

A superb 18th century pinchbeck and enamel plaited hair oval mourning brooch inscribed Oct 1791

Large Victorian oval classical cameo mourning brooch with twist of hair and set in hollow 18ct (?) gold frame

18ct. gold, diamond and turquoise mourning brooch with articulated fringe

Two 19th century mourning jewels, a gold brooch, circular with rigid cable chain border, with central hair locket within a flat border, engraved R D Fitzgerald; and a Victorian rolled-gold mourning pendant engraved with a sunset seascape and with hair lock

A 19th century gold mourning brooch, circular with rigid cable chain border, with central hair locket within a flat border, engraved R. Fitzgerald Obt 26 April 1822 Aged 17 (central locket non-extant). Diameter 20.5 mm. Weight 4.5g

A 19th century 18ct gold and enamel mourning brooch set with diamonds

Antique Georgian gold snake motif mourning brooch - Ann Bateman died Oct 22nd 1809 aged 73

A mid 19th century mourning brooch, black enamel with pearls and hair

Brooch, mourning black with 9ct gold back

Early agate and seed pearl mourning brooch. Elongated oval shaped agate, surrounded by pearls on gold? body. (11.8g)

Victorian gold mourning brooch. Gold work design over black enamel background surrounding an oval set window

Victorian gold mourning brooch. Swirling gold work design over a rich green enamel background surrounding an oval set window

Victorian gold mourning brooch, of oval scalloped form with 4 acanthus leaves and couplets of white stones radiating from the centre. Fine mesh link tasselled fringe

Antique gold and diamond floral shaped mourning brooch. Set with large central diamond and 4 on the surrounding mount

18ct yellow gold mourning brooch set with a miniature portrait of a lady