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9ct yellow gold miners brooch. Colonial goldfields miners brooch with pick and shovel, and mesh gold pan 4 small nuggets. Weight 2.7grams.

9ct yellow gold miners brooch. Colonial goldfields miners pick and shovel with double, twist wire wrapped around a central nugget and, handles. Safety chain attached. Weight 2.5grams.

An antique Australian goldfields brooch, the oval brooch having a hinged panel decorated with vines and leaves, mounted in 15ct gold

Antique South African souvenir gold miner's brooch, 5 cm wide approx

A gold nugget brooch, circa 1900, the double bar brooch set with a gold and quartz nugget. 15ct yellow gold. Weight 14.39 grams. Length 6.3 cm. Applied three part bar mark with obscured maker's mark

A miner's brooch, crossed pick and shovel with bucket and three gold nuggets. Marked 18ct. Length 57mm. Weight 6.37 grams. Provenance: A private collection, Buninyong. To be sold in a cardboard box for C Marks & Co., Watchmakers and Jewellers, National Mut

Three gold brooches, two South African miner's brooches with crossed pick and shovels and gold nuggets, length of each 50mm, to be sold with a 9ct miner's brooch, Birmingham, 1964, makers mark J.H.W. Length 48mm. Total weight 15.01 grams. Provenance: A pri

A gold nugget bar brooch. Marked 9ct. Length 50mm. Weight 3.77 grams

A gold miner's brooch, the crossed pick and shovel set with gold nuggets and a single old brilliant cut diamond. Yellow gold. Weight 4.09 grams. Length 5.4 cm.

A gold nugget brooch, the gold nugget on a safety pin style bar. Yellow gold. Weight 4.29 grams. Length 3.7mm

A gold miner's brooch, the handle of the shovel with applied gold nuggets. Yellow gold. Weight 4.99 grams. Repaired

A miner's brooch, crossed pick and shovel with bucket and nuggets. Yellow gold. Weight 7.96 grams. Length 4.7 cm

A Miner's brooch, a shovel with diamond set nugget, yellow gold, length 49mm. (Similar example lot 389, sold June 3, 2014, Mossgreen Australian & Colonial Antique & Historical)

A Victorian gold bar brooch with nugget, unmarked 9ct gold bars with river worn natural gold nugget. TW 6.6gms.

An Australian antique gold miners brooch by W.J.Kain, the double bar brooch set with three natural free form gold nuggets and suspended floating gold nugget drop, applied signature, mounted in 18ct gold.

An antique gold miners brooch, centrally set with a gold nugget, flanked by a crossed pick, shovel and nugget with a further drop set with a nugget below, mounted in gold,

An antique Australian goldfields brooch, featuring an oval glazed reversible portrait, set in a frame of leaves, flowers, birds and a nest, set with garnets and seed pearls mounted in 15ct gold, boxed.

G R Addis 18ct miners brooch, featuring a twisted bar with crossed pick and shovel and suspended bucket. Hallmarked 18ct, GRA, George R Addis - Kalgoorlie.

18ct miners brooch. An 18ct yellow gold (tested) miners brooch with crossed pick axe, shovel and suspended bucket. Circa 1910-1930

An antique South African miners brooch, modelled as a pick and shovel, centred with a shield depicting Queen Victoria in profile, mounted in 18ct gold.

A miner's brooch, crossed pick and shovel, bucket and gold nuggets, marked 15ct. Length 50mm.

A miner's brooch, crossed pick and shovel with two gold nuggets, in a box for Marks & Co. Ballarat. Length 55mm. Provenance: A private collection, Ballarat.

A gold nugget bar brooch, Marked Rhodesia, W. H. B. with elephant mark. Original box for W H Blackler, Bulawayo, length 40mm. Weight 9.10 grams. Provenance: A private collection, Ballarat.

A collection of three Miner's brooches, one with crossed shovels, nuggets and a bucket, stamped 9ct; a circular brooch with crossed pick and shovel, yellow and rose gold; to be sold with a pressed metal costume brooch.

Gold miners brooch 9ct yellow gold weight approximately5.9 grams

A 15ct yellow gold miners brooch made as a naturalistic shovel fitted at an angle to the front of a pickaxe, each with a gold nugget at the point. Weight: 4.7g

A Coolgardie Miner's Brooch 18ct gold circa 1900 depicting a mine head, windlass and miner's tools. The base is of a pile of gold with a bucket hanging below. Attributed to Donovan & Overland manufacturers of Perth W.A

15ct miners brooch WA miners brooch, rare mark Emeline & George Kopp 1905 - 1916, having a crossed pick and shovel with a central nugget wrapped in gold wire, having a hanging bucket

18ct miners brooch a rare WA maker A.C Cook of Bunbury, 1887 - 1905, having a crossed pick and shovel with a central nugget of gold and a hanging bucket

Gold nugget-9ct bar brooch antique Australian nugget set with old mine cut sapphire on a rose gold double bar to scroll ends. Safety chain. Provenance: Oe WA owner since 1900

A South African miners brooch. Featuring a pick and shovel, centered with a gold nugget and bucket, all in 9ct gold.

9ct yellow gold South African Mining brooch, depicting a pick and shovel, with nugget and suspended bucket.the shovel is marked 'South Africa'. Stamped 9ct. Length 44mm

15ct yellow gold Australian miners nugget brooch, c.1860's. Attributed to R. & T. Willis, Melbourne Jewellers 1858 - 1874. Double bar brooch with a central nugget. The bars each having a curved end and a square cornered end. Length 43mm. Weight 8.6 grams m

An Australian goldfield's miner's brooch, by George Richard Addis, circa 1895, the crossed pick and shovel, centring a gold nugget, suspending an articulated bucket pendant, the gold bar accented by ropetwist decoration, to the reeded gold ball terminals,

An Australian goldfields locket brooch, circa 1870. Decorated with a kangaroos and emu in a foliate scene, with a hinged galzed interior, in 18ct gold, together with a gold nugget stick pin

A Miner's brooch, spade, shovel and diamond set nugget, yellow gold

A miner's brooch, spade, pick, shovel, pan and nugget, yellow gold

A Miner's brooch, spade, pick and shovel, marked S.B, 15ct gold

Four goldfields brooches, one marked 18ct, the others not marked, length 4 - 5.5 cm

A goldfields brooch, 'Marble Bar', circa 1900, marked 15ct, length 5 cm. (Reference pp.42 and 155 Australian Jewellery, 19th & 20th century, Anne Schofield, Kevin Fahy)