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A silver shoe horn and button hook, ornate handles; both by Lionel Smith & Co, Birmingham, 1912.

Shoe horn. Sterling silver duck handle Birmingham 1906 (missing: one eye jewel)

Boxed sterling silver hook and shoe horn set, hallmarked Birmingham 1906, 27 cm long

Stterling silver button hook and shoehorn hallmarked Birmingham 1903

Antique shoe horn & 3 button hooks including sterling silver handles

A silver chatelaine, comprising pill box, button hook, perfume holder, compact and card holder; Adie & Lovekin Ltd, Birmingham, 1911. Weight 52.3g.

Large sterling silver handled button hook, hallmarked Birmingham 1903

Four pieces of silver Grooming Utensils (4) including nail buff, cuticle and scissors and a shoe horn

A rare Tiffany & Co. Silver button hook, with Art Nouveau embossed handle

Sterling silver handle shoe horn & button hook, set in original case, hallmarked Birmingham (rubbed)

A Victorian mother of pearl glove button hook mother of pearl, steel; American; good condition, some rust to hook 9 cm

A Victorian boot button hook with embossed flower motif sterling silver, steel hook; English; hallmarked; stamped maker's mark C&N 24 cm

An Edwardian cuticle knife, nail buffer and glove button hook set (3) sterling silver handles, steel blades; hallmarked; stamped J&C; made in Birmingham; good condition, c.1907 11 cm, 11.5 cm

Bakelite dressing table set, comprising two hair brushes, two clothes brushes, tortoiseshell box and shoe hook, together with a boxed Victorian ladies' manicure set (6)

Set of six hallmarked sterling silver butter knives, shoe horn and hook (8)

A sterling silver button hook (marked A&LL) and a boxed set of 6 EP tea spoons by Arthur Price & Co., England

Art Deco Louis Vuitton gentleman's valise necessaire, fitted with French silver vanity set, the fall front dark brown leather case with LV marked brass lock, the top with impressed initials F.T.D, equipped with brushes, boxes, pots, bottles, with central p

Collection of antique and vintage candle scissors snuffers along with a button hook etc

7 various hallmarked sterling silver items. Birmingham glove stretcher; boot hooks (2); & manicure set (4). Weight 100g (total) incl glove stretcher.

An English ladies' sterling silver dressing set, 1906 Birmingham, with maker's marks for G & C Ltd, the boxed set comprising a glove stretcher, shoe horn and a button hook, in sterling silver and steel, all with shaped hollow handles; hallmarked, total wei

Sterling silver handled button-hooks, shoe horn and glove stretchers (in case)

A sterling silver coin purse, thimble, button hook, file and shoe horn

Sterling silver handle shoe horn & button hook in black leatherette covered case, hallmarked Birmingham 1901, case 20.5 cm wide

Victorian sterling silver glove stretchers, shoe horn, button hook and bottle mount, all Birmingham various makers

Boxed set sterling silver button hooks and shoe horn makers mark C&N hallmarked 1901

Collection silver handled items- knife and fork, boot hook, shoe horn etc

Vintage French brushes, shoe horn, shoe button hook etc

Sterling silver handled button hook & shoe horn, hallmarked Birmingham

A matched collection of Victorian sterling silver dressing table appointments, comprising four various brushes, a hand mirror, two combs and a button hook