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Silver plated cutlery setting for twelve people, comprising of 12 main knives and forks, 12 entree knives and forks, 12 soup, dessert and cake spoons, together with 4 serving spoons

A French Christofle service canteen setting for eight people and other pieces. Malmaison pattern

A Sheffield plate cutlery service for twelve, probably mid 20th century, with maker's mark for Lee & Wigfull, Insignia plate, the one hundred and forty four pieces, monogrammed 'B' including: knives and forks for main, entree and fish, large, dessert and s

Extensive plated Queens pattern flatware service, approx 60 pieces in all

A Sheffield silver plated bead pattern cutlery set approx 92 peices

Silver plated Kings pattern canteen for twelve comprising twelve main forks, twelve main knives, twelve entree forks, twelve entree knives, twelve fish forks, twelve fish knives, twelve soup spoons, twelve dessert spoons, twelve teaspoons & twelve coffee s

Vintage 87 piece Danish silver plate cutlery set, 12 place settings plus 4 serving spoons, 'Savoy' pattern with fluted handles, note one dessert spoon missing, designed by Henning Seidelin for Frigast Denmark circa 1960s

A boxed Christofle 'Perle' silver plate cutlery service, in typical design, full setting for six in original box (44 pieces).

Art deco silver plated cutlery set for 12 in 2 drawer elevated canteen, 156 pieces approx by Gladwin Sheffield

Christofle silver plated 'Spatours' setting for eight persons in canteen comprising eight main forks, eight main knives, eight main spoons, eight entree forks, eight entree knives, eight dessert spoons & eight teaspoons. Condition excellent to good, minor

A silver-plate 'King's' pattern part cutlery set in timber canteen comprising six each dinner and entree knives, dessert and soup spoons, and entree forks, two tablespoons, five dinner forks, four teaspoons, two butter knives and two fish knives

Silver plate part canteen in cased box, box approx 11 cm high, 41 cm wide, 30 cm deep

Boxed 46 piece Walker & Hall silver plated canteen of cutlery. Settings for 6, plus four serving spoons.

Canteen of silver plated cutlery 8 place settings & 2 servers

Silver plate cutlery service 'Grosvenor' in original box, approx 50 cm long, 29 cm wide

Silver plated 'Kings Pattern' cutlery service 53 pieces in total

Canteen of silver plated cutlery, 6 place settings, 'Dancing Flowers' pattern

Antique silver plated cutlery set for 12 comprising of 12 knives and 12 forks with ivory handles circa 1910, in timber canteen box

Antique silver plated fish set for 12, in canteen box, 34.5 cm wide

A one hundred and thirty nine piece plated cutlery service for twelve people, of Art Deco styling with handles of stepped form and canted corners, comprising knives and forks of two differing sizes, dessert, soup, tea, demi-tasse and fruit spoons, a set of

A Danish Figast plate cutlery set for 12 incl fish knives & forks & serving spoons and forks (6 teaspoons only) 131 pieces.

Christofle 'Marly' cutlery setting for eight persons comprising eight main forks, eight entree forks, eight soup spoons, eight teaspoons, eight main spoons, one pate knife, eight entree knives, eight main knives & a serving spoon.

Christofle 'Albi' silver plated cutlery setting for twelve person in Coffre Regency pattern, comprising twelve dessert knives, twelve main knives, a carving knife, a carving fork, twelve dessert spoons, twelve dessert forks, twelve table spoons, twelve mai

Boxed French Christofle cutlery service, comprising twelve of each, entree knives, dinner knives, forks, spoons, teaspoons and a basting spoon and a ladle, approx 68 pieces

A silver plated part flatware service comprising twelve each dinner forks, dessert forks, table spoons, dessert spoons, eleven teaspoons, four each egg and salt spoons, a sugar spoon, two pairs sauce ladles, five table knives, carvers and steel, gravy spoo

Canteen of silver plated cutlery in box. Box approx 10 cm high, 53 cm wide, 36 cm deep

Victorian canteen of cutlery, comprising silver plated fish set with hallmarked silver collars Sheffield C1889, silver plated dessert set and 4 silver plated serving spoons

Vintage timber cased plated Kingsware flatware setting for six maker Wilding Sheffield forty two pieces

A French silver-plated 'Marly' table-service, mark of Christofle, Paris, post 1935, setting for twelve, comprising 124 pieces, dinner, fork and knife, soup spoon, desert spoon, tea spoon, glac© spoon, starter fork and knife, fish fork and knife, salad

Canteen of French silver plate cutlery, forks, spoons, teaspoons and a ladle, service for twelve

Silver plated King's pattern cutlery set, comprising of 2 sets of 6 (12) entree knives, main knives, entree forks, main forks, dessert spoons, soup spoons, sweets spoons, teaspoons, 3 additional teaspoons, dessert spoons, entree and main forks, 5 serving s

A silver plate twelve place rat tail cutlery canteen in a fitted oak case with matching oak barley twist stand. Consisting of entree, dinner, fish and fruit knives & forks. Tea, table, egg, soup and dessert spoons. Fish carvers, nut crackers, ladles and se

Silver plated canteen of cutlery by Mappin & Webb with additional cutlery. Consisting of eight soup spoons, eight dessert spoons, eight entree forks, eight entree knives, twelve main forks, eight main knives, four serving spoons, eight fish knives, eight f

Large silver plated King's pattern flatware service, comprising 16 each, dinner knives and forks, entree knives and forks, dessert spoons, soup spoons, teaspoons, two pairs of salad servers, two serving spoons, two lifters and a sauce ladle