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German china doll (A.H) with composition body, 60 cm

Six good vintage half dolls together with a pair of German legs, and a bathing beauty powder bowl

A German Gebruder Heubach bisque piano baby, circa 1940s, pattern number 3101. The crawling figure of 'Minty' with natural colouration and intaglio eyes; with sunburst stamp underside and impressed pattern number. Length 17 cm

German Kestner JDK 257 doll with bisque porcelain head and sleep eyes, 50 cm high approx, a/f

A German Schoenau & Hoffmeister doll model 1909 bisque head, original composition ball jointed body, brown paperweight eyes, four front teeth, 8'', original dress

A German Heubach Kopprlsdorf bisque doll head - partial ball jointed body

German Heubach-Koppelsdorf doll 300.7, bisque head and composite body, approx 52 cm long

German all composition baby doll, brown glass stationary eyes, open mouth with top teeth on bent limb composition body, 62 cm

Unmarked German china shoulder plate doll, head only, all painted features with black hair, 15 cm

Unmarked German china shoulder plate doll, all painted features with black hair on rag body with china lower limbs (faults to limbs), 56 cm

Unmarked German china Belton type shoulder plate doll, all painted features, new mohair wig on rag body with china lower limbs, 32 cm

Unmarked German bisque shoulder plate doll, all painted and moulded features, blonde hair on rag body with bisque lower limbs, 60 cm

German bisque doll, blue stationary eyes with Belton type head, closed mouth, new blonde nylon wig on jointed composition body, 40 cm. Marked 46-7

Two German bisque piano dolls, together with a pair of vases (one as inspected)

German bathing beauty scent bottle, together with German half doll,

Antique foot stool spittoon, along with a large oriental bowl, and antique German porcelain and cloth doll

Vintage German Kammer and Reinhardt doll and vintage French clothes to include Baby's christening gowns, French knickers etc (2 boxes)

An early 20th century German straw-filled monkey soft toy, his long plush fur with dark brown tips, stitched felt to his face, ears and paws, articulated limbs. Length approx. 57 cm

A large German William Goebel bisque porcelain headed doll with sleeping eyes and composite body. Impressed marks and B5-11. Length 56 cm

Unmarked felt Dutch girl doll (possibly Chad Valley); and German composite head with soft body Snow white doll (2)

Heubach Koppelsdorf 250 15/09 German 9 inch doll with bisque head, blue sleeping eyes, long hair, open mouth with four upper teeth, composition body, legs & arms (jointed)