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Parker Furniture, Sideboard, c. 1960, teak, featuring three doors and four short drawers, height 74 cm, width 183 cm, depth 45.5 cm. Provenance: The Estate of Barry Martin, NSW

Schulim Krimper (Australian, 1893-1971), Sideboard, c. 1950, featuring four short drawers flanked by a pair of two door cupboards, two keys available, one key (A/F). Provenance: Private Collection, VIC. Other Notes: Cf. Terence Lane, Krimper, Gryphon, Mel

An Artes Studio Waterfall bookcase, circa 1960, with two open shelves above two sliding glass doors

A Nathan teak sideboard, with three drawers, two cupboards and a drinks cabinet, circa 1960. 84 x 182 x 46 cm

Pair of T.H Brown bar stools, brown vinyl seats, Australia, c 1960s, 92 cm high, 37 cm wide, 38 cm deep

Mid century sideboard, nine drawers, teak, Australia, c 1960s, 61 cm high, 150 cm wide, 46 cm deep

Clemente Meadmore pair of bar stools, original red cord, Australia, c 1950s, 90 cm high, 39 cm deep, 39 wide

Fred Ward sideboard for Myer Heritage, Tasmanian mertyl, Australia, c 1950s, 93 cm high, 154 cm wide, 52 cm deep

An Australian hardwood sideboard, in the style of Schulim Krimper, 20th century, 70 cm high, 200 cm long, 56 cm deep

Summertone Australia, Pedestal Desk, c. 1950, with glass top on cast metal legs, stamped 'Sumertone', with matching file cabinet (2), height 76 cm width 137 cm depth 76 cm. Provenance: From the University of NSW, Sydney

A Parker sideboard. Four drawers, two doors

A Chiswell sideboard, with four doors and three draws. 74 x 183 x 45.5 cm

A 1960s English 'Younger' sideboard, teak with central drawers and cupboard, 80 cm high, 214 cm wide, 46 cm deep

Schulim Krimper (Austro-Hungarian, 1893-1971), sideboard, c. 1955, blackbean wood, featuring three sliding doors, enclosing two drawers, height 91 cm, length 244 cm, depth 52.5 cm. Provenance: Private Collection, Melbourne

Schulim Krimper (Austro-Hungarian, 1893-1971), sideboard, c. 1955, with two sliding doors and four drawers, on four swept-down legs, height 90 cm, width 183 cm, depth 50 cm

Two door display cabinet, c. 1950, with two sliding glass doors enclosing three glass shelves, height 113 cm, width 90 cm, depth 36 cm

A Parker sideboard, four draws three doors. C.1956 cm. 82 cm x 46 cm x 210 cm. (Af)

Rosando Brothers sideboard, Inbuilt speakers and turntable, Comes about in three sections off base, c1960s, Australia

Chiswell sideboard with 2 doors and 3 drawers, 128 cm wide, 43 cm deep, 77 cm high approx

A Memphis style tambour front cabinet, circa 1980, 245cm high, 43cm wide, 48cm deep

Schulim Krimper (1893-1971), Open Bookcase on Chest of Drawers, c. 1955, English oak and teak, the open bookcase resting on a low chest of six drawers, the drawers have turned, tapered and incised knobs, height 128 cm, width 147.5 cm, depth 38 cm. Provenan

Fred Ward (Australian, 1899-1990), Tall Chest of Drawers, with five drawers and iron pulls, bearing decal label 'Cabinet Maker K. Westra Canberra', (A/F), height 120 cm, width 68.5 cm, depth 54 cm

Schulim Krimper (1893-1971), Open Bookcase, c. 1955, possibly Victorian ash and teak, with glass shelves (A/F), height 60.5 cm, width 152cm, depth 24 cm. Provenance: Collection of Janek and Joyce Landau, St. Ives, NSW. Commissioned by the Landaus from Krim

Schulim Krimper (1893-1971), Bookcase, c. 1955, possibly New Guinea walnut and teak, the two door upper section stands on a chest of six drawers, the drawers have horn-like handles, one drawer is signed 's Krimper', raised on tapered legs with copper fitti

A 1960s Parker style open shelf bookcase 176 cm high, 92 cm wide x 45 cm deep

A 1960s Parker style bookcase with two glazed upper doors above an open hutch to two blind doors in base 185 cm high, 92 cm wide x 45 cm deep

A1960s Parker style bar wall unit in excellent condition includes a two door glazed upper unit with adjustable glass shelving, down to a fold down mirrored drinks/bar unit sitting on a two door base. 203 cm high, 90 cm wide x 41 cm deep

A 1960s Parker style bookcase having glazed upper doors above an open hutch and two blind doors to base 204 cm high, 90 cm wide x 40 cm deep

A 1960's Rosando Brothers sideboard with teak parquetry detail 91.5 cm high, 213.5 cm wide, 46 cm deep

An impressive 1960's Rosando sideboard with parquetry inlay 80 cm high, 70 cm wide, 72 cm deep

A fine Schulim Krimper teak buffet Radiogram, and Speaker, circa 1957, privately commissioned by current owner's family, the buffet with three plank doors with framed cabinets below, one with a striking arrangement of framed circles, shaped pull handles an

A limed sideboard by O.Noel Coulson (1905-1993), circa 1958, manufactured by S. Andrewartha, furniture manufacturer, Richmond, the cabinet of sweeping concave form with a series of shallow fitted cutlery drawers above panelled doors, raised upon stylish Eg

A two height 1960's teak china/record cabinet 175 cm high, 77 cm wide, 40 cm deep

A 1960's teak Parker buffet, with four doors and three drawers 78 cm high, 206 cm wide, 44 cm deep

A Rosando Brothers sideboard. C. 1950s. Blondewood with mirrored glass sliding doors. Original turntables and documents (needles). 85 cm high, 176 cm wide, 55 cm deep

An Australian hardwood wall Unit by Rudowski, circa 1960s, with an upper fitted cocktail cabinet with bi-fold doors and anthropomorphic handles and a pull out shelf, flanked by opening shelving and dramatic 'X' form full height external stretchers with boo

A ten piece hardwood dining setting by Rudowski, circa 1960s, An extension table with tapering squared legs and curved spandrels, the chairs with a ladder back arrangement of cross form stretchers to stuffover seats and slightly shaped legs; the six door c