Learn about Bible Box

A lidded box, often made of oak or walnut with incised carving, designed to hold the family bible with its record of births, deaths and marriages. They were sometimes set on a stand and were popular in the 17th and 18th century, although there are also 19th century examples.

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Antique cut steel & inlay timber stationary box 16 cm wide approx.

Killarney ware stationary box with inlaid three leaf clover decoration, 22 cm x 14 cm, 11 cm high approx.

Victorian mahogany stationary cabinet wedge shaped with hinged top, fitted interior with calendar, pen rest and letter racks enclosed by two panel doors, small drawer to base $300-500

George III mahogany knife box, converted to a stationary box. Height 35 cm

A late Victorian, oak stationery box, with brass mounts. Late 19th century, with fold down front door, interior stationery and letter compartments and upper drawer. Height 25.5 cm. Width 31.5 cm. Depth 22.5 cm

A Tasmanian Colonial mahogany document box with whale ivory escutcheon, 16 x 33 x 44 cm

A Georgian oak campaign document box, 19 x 25 x 20 cm

A Victorian oak grained tin document box, circa 1880, 27 x 36 x 22 cm. Belonging to Rosemary Anne Stilwell

An antique walnut compendium stationary box, two doors emblazoned with English coats of arms & fitted interior. 24 cm high, 25 cm wide, 28 cm deep

A Victorian rosewood, brass bound writing slope, with interesting West Australian Provenance. Late 19th century belonging Sir John Patrick Dwyer K cmG. The box has a fold-out writing slope with green tooled leather writing surface, with internal compartmen

A brass mounted oak document box early 20th century two handles, two stylised brass mounts and crest to centre, 16 x 30 cm

Vintage stationary cabinet, approx 30 cm high, 34 cm wide, 22 cm deep

A Georgian mahogany and brass bound writing slope, c.1800-1820, having tooled leather writing surface, pullout side drawer and interior stationery compartments. Height 16.5 cm, width 50 cm, Depth 25 cm

Fine antique 19th century dome topped rosewood stationary box, with applied two colour metal decoration in the form of water birds and foliage, 16. 5 cm high x 23 cm long

A small cedar document box, Australian, circa 1840, 11 cm high, 34 cm wide, 18.5 cm deep

A carved cedar document box, Australian, circa 1860, 32 cm high, 31 cm wide, 29 cm deep.

Vintage English oak stationary box, approx 26 cm high, 29 cm wide, 15 cm deep

Good Victorian leather writing slope and stationary box. with embossed decoration and gilt metal fittings

Antique coramandel domed top stationary box, approx 7.5 cm high, 24 cm wide, 13 cm deep

A bone inlaid camphor wood document box, 20th century. 16 cm high, 38 cm wide, 25 cm deep

Antique coromandel stationery box, with ornate brass strap work and fitted interior with secret compartment, 19.5 x 10.5 cm, 14.5 cm high

Vintage oak stationary box. Approx 28 cm high, 40 cm wide, 45 cm deep

A New Zealand specimen wood inlaid document box and cover by William Norrie rectangular in form, diamond shaped marquetry panels inlaid to front, 16 point star inlaid to the lid, standing on four feet, 20 x 41 x 23 cm (wood panel borders to lid buckling)

Antique Australian cedar document box, measures 41 cm x 31 cm x 19 cm height

Mahogany stationery box with Waldens Herbalist advertising

Walnut stationary box, brass crest to top, no key, approx 18 cm high, 32 cm wide, 23 cm deep

A Sheraton Revival rosewood and inlay stationery writing box early 20th century. The box has multiple interior stationery compartments pen nib drawers, ink bottle and various writing accoutrements. The front flap folds down with pullout tooled leather writ

A Victorian burr walnut ladies writing slope c.1880. The writing slope has a fold-out tooled leather writing surface, stationery and letter compartments, and mother-of-pearl escutcheon plates. Height 15 cm; width 30 cm; Depth 22 cm

A Victorian mahogany writing slope c.1860. The writing slope has a fold-out writing surface, secret hidden drawer, ink bottle, stationery and letter compartments. Height 17 cm; width 45.5 cm; Depth 27 cm

Victorian Papier-mache stationery box, the outside is painted & inlaid with mother-of-pearl of scenes of ruins, the interior is fitted, 20.3 cm wide approx

Marble stationary box, approx 27.5 cm high, 31 cm wide, 16 cm deep

A 19th century mahogany stationary box with letter shelves, ribbon dispensers, calendar, clock missing, original key. J. Waller, Fleet St. London. Height 35.5 cm. Width 43.5 cm. Depth 28 cm

A fine Victorian burr walnut stationery box, late 19th century, with maker's mark for Joseph temple Ellerbeck, the domed casket with an engraved, shaped and studded brass plaque to the lid in the Gothic manner and a conforming escutcheon, fitted to the int

An Indian rosewood stationery box of geometric form with ivory inlay (some losses) width 23 cm. Together with a domed casket hand painted with love scenes. Width 22 cm (2)

The Steamship brand tin confectionary box with stationary insert, approx 11 cm high, 24 cm wide

A lacquered wood document box, late Ming/early Qing, 17th century, well painted in gold lacquer with figures in a landscape, an inscription on the hinged cover, deep red lacquer background, 7.8 cm high, 34 cm wide and 19 cm deep. Provenance: Private Sydney

Antique wooden stationary box, approx 13 cm high, 26 cm wide (with two keys in Office)

A French lacquered cut brass inlaid document box 19th century some losses to lacquer and brass, 28 cm wide