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William Moorcroft, plate, c. 1930, 'Waratah' pattern, decorated with three flower heads against a green and blue ground, signed in blue 'WM', impressed facsimile signature and 'Potter to HM The Queen, diameter 19 cm. Provenance: The Estate of Mary Smart

William Moorcroft, Waratah Vase, c. 1928, painted with three waratah flowers amongst leaves against a mottled green ground, signed in blue 'WM' with impressed facsimile signature and 'Potter to H.M the Queen' and 'Made in England, height 10 cm

Arthur Merric Bloomfield Boyd (1920-1999) (potter) and Neil Douglas (1911-2003) (decorator). A glazed earthenware teapot with decorated with koalas, signed Arthur Merric Boyd, ND 46, 22 cm high

William Ricketts (1898-1993). A glazed earthenware twin spout teapot with moulded koalas, 1940, incised Wishing you Christmas good cheer 1940 Wm Rickett, 20 cm high

Grace Seccombe (1880-1956). A glazed earthenware figure of two koalas on a tree stump, incised Grace Seccombe, 17 cm high

Remued Pottery. A rare green glazed eartherware vase moulded with koalas, incised Remued, Hand Made, C2, 21 cm high

A Moorcroft 'Waratah' vase, circa 1930s, the ovoid vase with tubelined waratah flowers in maroon and cream upon a rich mottled green and teal ground; with inscribed facsimile Moorcroft signature and impressed Royal warrant marks, 'Potter to H.M the Queen'

William Moorcroft jug 'Waratah' pattern signed to base 'Moorcroft', impressed to base 'Potter to H. M. The Queen'' and 'Made in England', with impressed 'W. Moorcroft' signature. Height 24 cm

A Falcon ware 'playtime' childrens bowl decorated with koalas playing cricket, English, first half 20th century, 16 cm diameter

Two Royal Worcester Australian Wildflower series porcelain plates waratah, signed A. Shuck, Myrtle Wattle, signed R. Austin, each on a Quaker grey border with gilt highlights with retail marks for Flavelle Brothers, puce factory marks, 23 cm diameter

A Royal Worcester hand painted plate signed A. Shuck, the centre panel Australian waratah, date code for 1912

A William Moorcroft flambe waratah vase, circa 1930, the compressed baluster body painted with flowering Waratah on a rich red ground, 15 cm high, signed in blue 'W.Moorcroft' impressed facsimile signature and 'Potter to HM The Queen'

Moorcroft pottery 'Koalas' vase, c.2006-2007, by Sian Leeper, limited edition production. with factory stamps. Height 21.5 cm

Merric Boyd 1888-1950 (2), the sage green and pale blue body relief decorated with three koala's nestled in a tree together with a smaller vase, dated 1935 (2) 17 cm high

Seccombe, Grace (1880-1956) two koalas mounted on large leaf dish. Signed: 'Grace Seccombe, Australia,' to base. Height 6 cm diameter 14 cm

William Merric Boyd (1888-1959) Victoria, circa 1924 sculpted as a group of two koalas resting on an ovoid plinth, glazed in a translucent blue, incised designed by M.Boyd 1924', with an applied paper label, the Melbourne book club Distinctive stationary t

Eleven rare Wedgwood Creamware Australian flora plates and a soup bowl, 1882-1885, comprising of native fuschia, Sturt's desert pea, flannel flower, bleeding heart waratah, boronia, lobelia, NSW christmas bush, native rose, bleeding heart, common fringe-li

A group of two Royal Worcester Australian Wildflower series porcelain plates, signed A. Shuck, one titled waratah, the other untitled, retail mark for Flavelle Brothers, circa 1915 and 1917, each of rounded rectangular form, depicting respectively sprays o

Gwen Watson, the group of two earthenware figurative settings each display koalas and gum blossoms set upon a pierced botanical ground, incised and hand painted signatures to verso, the tallest. Height 15.5 cm, signed G.G.

Gwen Watson, the set of five earthenware figurines each depicting koalas costumed as various characters with applied glaze decoration throughout set upon individual bases, incised and hand painted signatures to base, 16 cm, signed G.G.

Gwen Watson, a trio of earthenware figures depicting musical koalas wearing tuxedos, together with a further saxophonist koala, incised signatures to base. Height 14.5 cm signed G.G.

Gwen Watson, a group of earthenware figurines, including four musical koalas, each costumed and playing individually a violin, cello, tambourine and cymbals, incised signature verso. Height 9.5 cm high

Gwen Watson, the cylindrical earthenware vase set within a relief framework of gum branches with a family of koalas cast amongst the foliage with glazed decoration in grey, lilac and blue to a reserve of white, painted signature to base. Height 27 cm signe

Gwen Watson, an ovoid earthenware vase, finely decorated with applied eucalyptus branches, gum nuts and leaves, the exterior applied with a family of Koalas, painted signature. Height 16 cm, signed G.W.

Merric Boyd and Doris Boyd, a pottery landscape fruit bowl with applied koalas and windswept landscape farm scene, incised 'Fired by and coloured by Doris Boyd, Merrick Boyd koala Australian Native bear and gum trees'. Height 17 cm. Width 21 cm

A Guy Boyd waratah plate, with impressed signature 'Guy Boyd Australia' verso. Diameter 24 cm

A pair of Australian pottery bookends with koalas and gum leaves, original paper labels, Bennett pottery Art Adelaide

A Royal Worcester part dessert service painted with Australian wild flowers including the waratah, comprising a compite and six plates

Brownie Downing, New South Wales, eight small porcelain dishes transfer printed with various images including aboriginal children koalas and kangaroos three with a stamped factory mark 10 cm diameter.

J. Barnard Knight (Attributed) Attributed to J. Barnard Knight Victoria circa 1960 Moulded as two koalas in a tree with applied gum nuts and leaves 19 cm high.

A William Moorcroft 'Waratah' vase, circa 1932, of slightly waisted ovoid form, the cobalt blue ground with a band of waratahs in soft tones of red, coral and green, signed in blue, impressed mark. Height 24 cm

Moorcroft rare Australian waratah vase C:1935. Height 20 cm. Signature to base

A green and brown tree trunk with koala's table lamp with period shade marked to base 'O.B. 3/11/48', 24 x 9 cm, accompanied by: b) A green drinking vessel with gumnut and gumleaf decoration, marked to base O.B. 3/11/48. Thought to be a workman's piece gla

Merric Boyd pottery bowl decorated with three applied koalas climbing amongst a tree branch, green and blue glazes, a very sturdy body, incised on the base 'Merric Boyd, 1932', and a NGV Exhibition label

Merric Boyd (attributed) Australian pottery tree trunk vase, flanked with three koalas, on a green ground, 14 cm

Moorcroft 'Waratah' patterned vase of squat baluster form, the body decorated with seven waratahs on a deep blue ground, the reverse with a spray of red anemone like wild flowers

A Moorcroft 'Waratah' dish, circa 1930. Three large flowers in earthy tones of burgandy and sandy brown on a muted, mottled green ground. Backstamped Walter Moorcroft facsimile signature, impressed Moorcroft stamp and further made in England stamp. Height