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Ten Brooklin models (England), including 1935 Buick Coupe; 1934 Buick Coupe Bellvue; 1941 Chrysler Saratoga; 1953 Packard-Henney; 1947 Cadillac; 1952 Chrysler; 1934 Pierce arrow; 1952 Chrysler Imperial; 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline; and 1955 Thunderbird (E-M b

Eleven Brooklin models, including Ford Sedan Delivery service; V16 Cadillac Coupe; Oldsmobile Fiesta top up; Ford Skyliner; Cadillac Convertible Coupe; mercury Michelin Parade car; Packard light 8 Coupe; Lincoln Continental; Monarch Coupe; Pontiac pick up;

Nine Brooklin collection models, including Pontiac Sedan; Oldsmobile; Chevrolet Belair; Continental Mkii, fender detached; Dodge Wayfarer Coupe; Cadillac Convertible; Ford Sunliner; Continental Mk II; and Packard Patrician (VG-M boxes F-G) (9)

Nine Brooklin collection models, including Studebaker Commander; Edsel Convertible; Oldsmobile Fiesta; Chevrolet Corvette; Nash Ambassador; Pontiac Sedan; Cadillac Dynamic Fast; Ford Thunderbird; and Packard light Coupe (VG-M boxes F-G) (9)

Nine Brooklin collection models, including 'Speed Weeks Set'-2 Models- 1952 Ford Ranger and 1957 For T-Bird; Lincoln Continental; Checker New York Taxi Cab; Cadillac Convertible; Ford Mainline; Ford F-1 Pick-Up; Chrysler New York ER; and Ford Thunderbird (

Police Cars: Group of tinplate toy Police cars, varying sizes and manufacturers. Noted c1960s Japanese Cadillac (50 cm) & Oldsmobile (33 cm) Highway patrol car; English made Highway patrol car with lithograph decoration. (5 items)

English lithographed tinplate toy cars (2) & Caravan (c1950s); Japanese Mettoy Co. clockwork Cadillac. Good condition (4 items)

Meiko (Japan) future car friction powered tinplate, red and cream outer, green headlights, one headlight broken and detached with bubble roof; and Yonezawa friction powered Cadillac, red outer, clear windows and movable windscreen wipers (G-E boxes G) (2)

Michel Aroutcheff limited edition Canardo Cadillac Blanche Ref ARSL01 edition 002/666, flashing decals peeling otherwise mint (E-M box E)

Three great American Dream Machine models, including No. 12 Buick Centurion; No. 2 1954 Corvette Nomad; No. 7 1954 Cadillac El Camino Showcar; and Precision Miniatures No. 13 Hudson Hornet (E-M boxes VG-E) (4)

Six Conquest models, including No. 27 1948 Pontiac Streamliner eight A/F; No. 30B 1947 Cadillac Fleetwood 75; No. 31 1955 Studebaker President Speedster; No. 32M 1962 Cadillac; No. 34 1957 Imperial Crown; and No. 36 1949 Frazer Manhatten A/F (E-M boxes VG-

Six Conquest models, including No. 22R 1956 Buick century Estate wagon; No. 23 1947 Oldsmobile series 76 Dynamic Cruiser; No. 24G 1947 Dodge Custom Convertible; No. 26S 1952 Buick Super Riviera; No. 27 1948 Pontiac Streamlinerv eight; and No. 30G 1947 Cadi

Six Conquest models, including No. 12 1960 Cadillac 60 special; No. 14A 1948 Pontiac Torpedo eight; No. 15 1956 Buick special; No. 17 1954 Pontiac star Chief; No. 18 1958 Cadillac Fleetwood 75; and No. 20BL 1960 Plymouth Fury A/F, both Pontiacs missing sid

Five Cadillac Elegance models, including Cadillac Ambulance; Cadillac Coupe; Cadillac Funeral Car; Cadillac Convertible; Arm Cadillac 7 (E-M boxes F-VG) (5)

Three Lone Star Roadmasters models, including Cadillac 62 Sedan; Rambler station wagon; and Dodge Dart (VG-E boxes G-E) (3)

Four great American dream machine models, including No. 3 Buick Y-Job; No. 5 1954 Cadillac La Espada Showcar A/F; No. 6 1965 Mako shark II; and No. 7 1954 Cadillac El Camino Showcar (E-M boxes G-VG) (4)

Four great American dream machine models, including No. 17 Batmobile; No. 5 1954 Cadillac La Espada Showcar; No. 8 1951 Chrysler in Unlabelled box; and Lincoln Futura (E-M boxes VG-E) (4)

Two Elegance models (France), including Cadillac Serie 86; and Cadillac Serie 62 (E-M boxes E-M) (2)

Corgi 437 Superior ambulance on Cadillac chassis, red lower and cream upper (G box G-VG)

Two Bandai (Japan) Cadillac 721, one with powder blue with beautiful pink lithographed interior; and one white with beautiful pink lithographed interior (E-M boxes F-G) (2) both 29 cm long

Bandai (Japan) friction tinplate Cadillac Convertible, red with green lithographed interior; and Citroen DS19, cream with black roof and colourful lithographed interior (E-M boxes G-VG) (2) Longest 30 cm

Daito (Japan) friction powered Cadillac with siren, metallic red body, cream roof, blue tinted windows, beautifully subtle lithographed interior; and Daiya Packard, friction tinplate, cream and dark blue Discoloured body (F-E box P-G) (2)

Seven Lonestar Roadmaster models, including Ford Sunliner Convertible, Cadillac Sedan and Chevrolet El Camino (E boxes G) (7)

Bandai tinplate Cadillac Eldorado V8 and Ford Fairlane Convertible, Japan, black Cadillac with cream plastic steering wheel and red and pink lithographed inner; and turquoise Ford Fairlane with orange, cream and yellow lithographed interior, both unboxed (

Bandai '63 Cadillac Special Sedan and One Other, Japan, Gold, Colour Lithographed Inner and Plastic Steering Wheel, Box Lid with Tear and Water Stains to Corners; and Black Cadillac with Colour Lithographed Inner, Metal Steering Wheel, Bubble Wrap Residue

Joustra 300EA remote control Cadillac, French, 'Gama' badged Cadillac with black tinplate body, cream roof, plated parts, colourful lithographed interior, with wired blue remote control unit, in blue, yellow and red illustrated box (E box G) 31 cm long

Rare Cherryca No. 20 Cadillac Special Japanese, circa 1960s, metallic blue, plated detail, white cast hubs, in illustrated red and yellow box (VG-E box G) Literature See: Ralston, Andrew G, Toy cars of Japan and Hong Kong , Schiffer Publishing Ltd., Pa., U

Mercury 28 Cadillac Eldorado Italian, black, grey tonneau, white and red interior, in illustrated blue and red box (E box F)

Two club Dinky France models Cdf 40, Cadillac Limousine, black, silver trim, smooth white tyres; and Cdf 52 Plymouth Belvedere Cabriolet, pink and cream, silver trim, smooth black tyres (E-M boxes G) (2) Provenance Ex lots 500 and 501 from 15 November 2008

Three U.S.A. Models; 1955 Cadillac Convertible, cherry maroon; 1955 Cadillac series 75 Limo, black; and 1958 Cadillac Limo, Midnight blue (M boxes E) (3)

An unboxed Lonestar Chevrolet El Camino pickup, orange (G); together with an unboxed Lonestar Rambler Stationwagon, blue and white (E) and a unboxed Lonestar Cadillac 62 sedan, blue and white (E) and a boxed (E) Lonestar Rolls Royce silver Cloud 2, black a

A Dinky bubble pack (E) #288 Superior Cadillac Ambulance, white (E).

#437, a boxed Corgi (E) Superior Ambulance on Cadillac Chassis, red and cream (E); together with #223, a boxed Corgi (G) Chevrolet state Patrol, black (E).

Dinky 131 Cadillac Eldorado and one other yellow body, grey driver, rose interior and beige ridged hubs, in box with correct colour spot; and Dinky 132 Packard Convertible, light green with red interior and ridged hubs, in box with correct colour spot with

Tinplate friction powered Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado with siren red body, lithographed interior, plastic steering wheel (VG-E boXVG)

Twelve Matchbox Models of Yesteryear including two Y1 Alchin traction engines; two Y2 Renaults; Y3 Benz Limousine; two Y4 Sentinel steam wagons; Y6 'C 'Y' type lorry; Y6 type 35 Bugatti; Y6 1913 Cadillac; Y7 Leyland 4-ton van; and Y8 Sunbeam motor Cycle, a

Two Jo-Han plastic models one 1979 Cadillac, light yellow body, ivory interior, silver detail, spoke wheels, black tyres, in original box ; and one 1974 Eldorado, Antigua blue, ivory roof and interior, silver detail, white wall tyres, in original box (G-E

Bandai friction powered Cadillac Convertible 817 metallic red tinplate body, blue and grey interior and hubs, plated parts, in card box with illustrated lift off lid (E box G) 21 cm long

Dinky 131 Cadillac Tourer, cream body, grey interior and driver, spun hubs, gloss black baseplate, in illustrated pale yellow box

Mercury 28 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible, Italian, yellow, grey tonneau, cream and silver interior, silver detail and hubs

Dinky 178 Plymouth Plaza light blue body with dark blue roof and side flashes, spun hubs, white tyres, black gloss baseplate, in yellow box with correct colour spot ; and Dinky 147 Cadillac 62, metallic green, red interior, spun hubs, in yellow box

Impressive Alps friction powered tinplate Cadillac 'Series Sixty-two', Japanese, circa 1954, red with plated parts, hood ornament, detailed lithographed red interior, registration number '3-1154', white wall tyres (slightly yellowed), plated hubs, in origi

Bandai friction powered Cadillac old Timer 1933, Japanese, white tinplate convertible, black hood, detailed lithographed interior with red seats, plated parts including hubs, in card box with illustrated lid 21 cm long

Matchbox 1-75 series G-5 fire station gift set including MG1 fire station; 29c fire Pumper truck, red with yellow 'Denver' decal to sides, Bpw; 54b Cadillac Ambulance white, Bpw; and 59c Ford Galaxie fire Chief, red, yellow 'Fire Chief' decal to bonnet and

Rare Matchbox 1-75 series 27c Cadillac Sixty special pale metallic green body, cream roof, clear windows, crimson base, Spw, in type C Lesney box

Dinky 302 Emergency Squad gift set including Paramedic truck, red with five yellow oxygen tanks to rear, two plastic figures; and Cadillac Ambulance, white and yellow, in window box illustrated with cut-out templates for burning building

Three Dinky cars all in hard plastic roadway boxes, including 152 Rolls-Royce Phantom V Limousine, very dark blue, cream interior, chauffeur and two passengers; 175 Cadillac Eldorado, purple, black roof, yellow interior; and 1402 Ford Galaxie 500, dark bro

Ten Matchbox Regular wheels, including an unboxed 51c 8 wheel tipper; a 53b Mercedes Benz 220sE Coupe, Gpw; a 54b Cadillac ambulance; a 55c Ford Galaxie police car; a 56b Fiat 1500, green with brown luggage; a 57b Chevrolet Impala, Bpw; a 57c Land Rover fi

Two Dinky 132 Packard convertibles, one turquoise with driver, red interior and ridged hubs; one beige with driver, red interior and ridged hubs, both in correct colour spot boxes; two 131 Cadillac tourers, one pink in correct colour spot box; one yellow u