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Four Papua New Guinea artifacts comprising a cassowary mounted ceremonial head-dress, a club, a carved figure and a carved ceremonial horn

Headdress, 'Judge's wig', Wahgi Valley, Papua New Guinea Highlands. 68 cm

A woven cane dance head-dress Sepik Region, Papua New Guinea 46 cm

A fabric and cane dance head-dress, Papuan Gulf Region, Papua New Guinea, 57 cm

A woven, Papuan Gulf head-dress 63 cm

Papua New Guinea invitation headdress. Earth pigments on palm spath construction. Height 145 cm

Papua New Guinea headdress hat. Made with hair; original yellow beads. Width 40 cm

A Papuan headdress ornament (kap kap) in the form of a circular dish-shaped shell plaque with a finely carved openwork turtle shell disc attached with fibre and with an old button of European manufacture securing it; an old native repair to the disc sectio

A rare Vokeo Island ceremonial headdress, the wood ancestor mask in classic stylised form, below a tapering woven cane frame with detachable apex decorated with projecting dog tooth ornaments, earth overmold, polychrome pigments, Papua New Guinea, 90 x 44

An Abelam ceremonial headdress, of wood, the ancestor visage in relief to anterior below an openwork apex of a bird of paradise motif, decorated with polychrome pigments, Papua New Guinea, 94 x 28 cm Provenance: from the Dr. David S. Johnson collection of

An Highlands Bridal headdress, the openwork shell embroided woven fibre ornament with shell and seed bead tassels, Papua New Guinea, 23 x 20 cm