These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

A pair of terracotta Milton Potteries wall plaques, round with hand painted scenes. Diameter 20.5 cm

A Milton Potteries tile with impressed poppies design, green glaze. Length 15 cm. Width 15 cm

Attributed to Milton Potteries, tall ovoid vase with three shoulder mounted handles, raised on three feet modelled as horse legs, on triangular base, in rich dark majolica glaze (rejoined at legs). 36 cm height

An unmarked square shaped pottery jardiniere, with relief moulded figure decoration and Chinese Tang style glaze. Possibly Milton Potteries. Height 21 cm

Milton Potteries, ewer in mottled tan/green and brown glazes with metal ware by Barninghams of Dunedin. Ref. Gail Henry Pottery in New Zealand p. 2; House and Garden Sept. 2005, 36 cm height