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A wooden or brass and iron bed, which has tall posts only at the head, supporting a canopy or curtains, and with short posts or no posts at the foot. The tester or canopy thus covers only the top part of the bed. On brass and iron beds the curtain rails are supported by brackets fitted over the top of the posts and held firm with the threaded brass knob. The canopy may be either a half round hoop or have straight arms usually made from brass rod. The half tester bed was sometimes referred to as an 'Italian canopy bed' though the term does not seem to have survived in general use.
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A huon pine half tester bed, Australian, circa 1860, approx. 264 cm high, 205 cm wide, 163 cm deep

An impressive Colonial kauri & burr totara banded half tester double bed, headboard and footboard, wooden base and mattress, both ends padded and upholstered. Extensive use of turned galleries and finials. Height 235 cm